From the Head of Primary - Week 7, Term 4 2018

A Celebration of Both the Past and the Future

This week’s Senior Secondary Celebration Evening and today’s Year 12 Valedictory Assembly mark significant milestones for our Senior students.


The message throughout all of our end of year events is consistent and clear. It highlights the importance of a consistent, robust, values-based education where students are continually exposed to the same positive messages each year from the many guiding adult influences in our College.


While all events are different in their style of presentation, the message is consistent. There is a clear focus on strong discipline, cooperative teamwork, respect for rules and respect for others. Each student presents with self-assurance and confidence as they celebrate the work and achievements of their year.


The staff and students of the Primary Campus take this opportunity to wish all our Year 12 students the very best for the future. We will miss their friendship, their support and their leadership.

 Class of 2018 Cohort


Diabetes Awareness Day – Sweet Success!

On Wednesday of this week we celebrated World Diabetes Day, and as a community, we were able to show our collective support for all those who live with diabetes - those who have diabetes and those who support a person with diabetes. Our guest speaker, Dr Henri Coombs spoke to the assembly about what diabetes is and how we can all help. Braxton, one of our young diabetic boys in Prep, then cut the blue ribbon to signify the opening of Diabetes Awareness Day. Throughout the day all of the Primary students posted their hand-made blue flowers on our Diabetes Awareness Wall outside the administration. The day was full of cheer for the way our community supports those who live with diabetes. Well done everyone!

Diabetes Awareness Day


'Session Up' – Meeting our New Friends

On Tuesday 27 November, Prep – Year 6 students will be involved in the “Session Up” Transition Programme which will allow each student to spend some time with their 2019 class and, where possible, their 2019 teacher. During the Session Up, students will also have the opportunity to locate their classroom and meet the students who will accompany them in their class during 2019. This is an exciting moment for the students of the Primary Campus and it will assist them in the preparation for the year ahead.


Parents are asked to remain supportive of next year’s class placement. Teachers have spent many hours of thoughtful consideration meeting with other staff to ensure that each student is placed carefully into their new class.


Year 6 Crossing the Bridge Ceremony

On Thursday 29 November the Year 6 students will participate in the annual Crossing the Bridge Ceremony. This ceremony is a long-standing tradition which formally farewells the Year 6 cohort from the Primary Campus as they are welcomed into the Junior Secondary Campus. Parents and friends of our current Year 6 students are welcome to join us for this special occasion. Details of this event will be forwarded soon.


Arrangements for Celebration evenings

The Celebration Evenings are designed to be a celebration of all students and the year past. Every student will go onto the stage so that we can all congratulate them for their wonderful efforts throughout 2018.

  • Years 3 / 4 Monday 26 November, commencing at 6.00pm
  • Years 5 / 6 Tuesday 27 November, commencing at 6.00pm


Primary Drama Club

by Christa Crewdson

Friendships can change fast in primary schooling, but what if you had the power to change them back? When Casey's friend Lisa decides to start sixth grade by hanging out with the popular kids, Casey uses her smarts as an inventor to build the "Opposite Machine Gadget," which changes things to their opposite. If the cafeteria can turn into a five-star restaurant and basketball practice can turn into sitting around eating junk food, Lisa will turn back to the way she was . . . Won't she?
Come along and watch this energetic comedy about friendship and the ups and downs of figuring out who you are.

Monday 19th November
5pm - Ivan Gibbs Centre
Free Entry!



Are actively engaged in learning.
-  Have a sense of accomplishment, setting, working toward and achieving goals.
-  Use a growth mindset to overcome challenges and build resilience.

Enjoy positive relationships.
-  Savour and build upon positive emotions.
-  Demonstrate gratitude for their God-given gifts and talents and respond in loving service.

Find meaning in God, and purpose in giving and receiving God's love through service.

Honouring our bodies with healthy choices, exercise, good sleep and recreation.

Congratulations to this week's recipients of the Flourishing Award for displaying the following attributes:


Flourishing Award Term 4 2018