From the Head of Primary - Week 10, Term 3 2018

Nurturing a Growth in Learning, Knowledge and Independence

Stimulated by a collective desire to achieve and a growing culture of trust and like-mindedness, Term 3, 2018 has proven to be one of great inspiration, which has served to nurture a growth in learning, knowledge and independence.  It would seem that each individual student has grown in character, personal confidence and wellbeing.  Year level camps, Book week, Grandparent’s Day, Dad’s Day, and Music concerts (to name only a few) have all added to the growth and development of our students this term.   

I wish all families a well-earned break from the routine of the College day over the next two weeks and I encourage you all to come back in Term 4 ready again to continue exploring beyond the boundaries of Loving Life together.


Recognising and Honouring Gratitude

This Term has seen our community come out in celebration of the character strength, gratitude.  The focus on 30 Days of Gratitude has brought our community together in a profoundly selfless way and has clarified for us our identity as a close-knit and proudly supportive College community. 

Students have posted notes of gratitude on the Primary Gratitude Wall and in classrooms and together they have celebrate each other’s feelings and beliefs about gratitude. Every student took the opportunity to display proudly his/her own thoughts on gratitude and the response has been overwhelming. 

Recognising and honouring gratitude is in itself a fine human quality and in many ways represents the best of who and what we are.  Thirty days in celebration of this most important, life affirming character strength can never be under-valued.  


Year 6 Science Expo

Year 6 students hosted the 2018 Year 6 Science Expo in the IGC this week.  Over the course of Term 3 the Year 6 students have been researching Micro-organisms and parents, students and teachers were all invited to view the results of their hard work.  The young scientists were amazing as they presented their Year 6 Science Expo. The expo featured all of their research and subsequent learning on micro-organisms and the many colourful and technology driven displays were all well-received by their appreciative audience.  Congratulations, Year 6.  A wonderful outcome!

 Year 6 Science Expo 2018

Year 5 Inland Explorers

On Thursday, the students of Year 5 presented their interactive, technology driven Information Projects on Australia’s Inland Explorers.  Oxley, Eyre, Burke and Wills and Leichhardt are just a few of the explorers that the Year 5 students had studied over the course of this term.  The visiting classes were treated to snippets of information about the many explorers as they visited each stall and we all came away with exciting and interesting facts about Australia’s inland history.  Congratulations, Year 5!


Year 4 Convicts

One could be forgiven for thinking the Coomera Anglican College was harbouring a chain gang of convicts in the Year 4 rooms this week.  The students of Year 4, all dressed in convict outfits, presented their Culminating Activity/Assessment based on early Australian Explorers and the First Fleet.  Each student gave a verbal report about life as a convict, detailing life back in the homeland compared to life as a convict here in the Australian penal colony.  The level of presentation was outstanding.  Congratulations Year 4!


Student Free Day – Monday 22 October

A reminder that Monday 22 October is a student free day – this is Week 4 of Term 4.  On this day we will be holding an orientation day for our new students of 2018.  


Are actively engaged in learning.
-  Have a sense of accomplishment, setting, working toward and achieving goals.
-  Use a growth mindset to overcome challenges and build resilience.

Enjoy positive relationships.
-  Savour and build upon positive emotions.
-  Demonstrate gratitude for their God-given gifts and talents and respond in loving service.

Find meaning in God, and purpose in giving and receiving God's love through service.

Honouring our bodies with healthy choices, exercise, good sleep and recreation.

Congratulations to this week's recipients of the Flourishing Award for displaying the following attributes:

 Flourishing 14 9 18