From the Head of Primary - Week 9, Term 3 2018


#cacgratitude – Celebrating 30 Days of Gratitude


Recognising and honouring gratitude is in itself a fine human quality, and in many ways represents the best of who and what we are.  The 30 Days of Gratitude has seen our community come out in celebration of this character strength.  This focus has brought our College population closer together and has clarified for us our identity as a close-knit and proudly supportive College community.  

Students are currently posting notes of gratitude on the Primary Gratitude Wall (set up outside the Primary Administration), and together they celebrate each other’s feelings and beliefs about gratitude.

The Celebration of this most important, life-affecting character strength can never be under-valued.  



A Night of Performance Sets a Musical Tone

Last Tuesday evening, the Primary students conducted yet another superb September Ensembles’ Music Concert.  Twenty-five performances and three hundred and seventy students were involved in an eclectic array of musical items over two hours; all accomplished through the work of a committed band of teachers and a slick and able backstage crew.

Those in attendance were entertained by performances that ranged from the classical sounds of strings to the raucous energy of beating drums.  There was a palpable sense of both pride and admiration, and at the end of the evening, the audience responded with grateful appreciation - a very Coomera Anglican College moment in its acceptance of those who dare to share their creative talents.

The efforts of the staff involved in getting the huge number of students on and off stage without issue was simply remarkable and throughout the evening, one was conscious of the exemplary fashion by which the students both appeared and then disappeared from the stage.  This was certainly a significant event in the life of our College.  My thanks to the many students involved, their music tutors and Mrs Shelley Bissett who, without a hitch, masterfully and expertly coordinated the spreadsheet of student movement as the evening progressed.  Well done, everyone!


It’s Great to be a CAC Dad!

Once again, this year saw record numbers of dads sharing time with their children as the Primary campus swelled to accommodate these extra-large visitors.  A “D.D.B.” (Dads’ Day Burger), coffee and an opportunity to mingle with other dads was a great way to celebrate Dads' Day this year.   The classroom visit with dad was a definite highlight of the day as our young hosts settled back with their dads in celebration of their “best dad ever”.

Dads’ Day at Coomera Anglican College is one of those affirming and inspiring moments in the year that enriches a deep spirit of community relationship.  The day brought with it a real sense of positivity and encouragement for our future and for this, I pay tribute to the excellent group of men who can quite proudly call themselves CAC Dads!

Thank you dads, for making our day!

Dads Breakfast

Dads Breakfast 2


Thank you to our parent helpers who prepared our delicious D.D.B (Dads' day burgers) enjoyed by everyone!



National Child Protection Week

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This week has been National Child Protection Week. Every year, our Year 1 and 2 students meet Ditto, the bear from Bravehearts who engages the students in a very informative and developmentally appropriate Personal Safety Education Program called “Ditto’s Safe Adventure”.  The show includes specially written songs about keeping children safe, ‘yes’ and ‘no’ feelings, the body’s warning signals, private parts, secrets and what to do if you feel unsafe or unsure.  The show is delivered in a fun, non-confronting and interactive way while simultaneously giving the children ‘tools’ to effectively manage any potentially harmful situations.

From Preparatory to Year 6, teachers are involved in delivering lessons from the Daniel Morcombe Foundation Child Safety Curriculum.  These lessons are scripted for the teachers and include child safety issues like identifying warning signals in our bodies, what to do if a stranger approaches and cyber-safety.

Today, during Child Protection Week, we celebrated White Balloon Day which acknowledges the importance of keeping students safe and the responsibility that we adults have in this role. 41039211 222345131966935 4512446736014245888 n


Communication through Parent Teacher Interviews

The strength of any community depends heavily on the kinds of relationships that exist between the many individuals who make up that community. Students, teachers and parents are constantly working together to ensure the best possible outcomes in whatever they are doing.  

In line with this culture positive communication, we have recently been involved in the Term 3 Parent Teacher Interviews where parents have an opportunity to view their child’s updated Student Portfolio.   Teachers and parents have gained significantly from these interviews and I know that our students will also benefit from the conversations that have taken place over the past few days.  This is communication at its best and this positive communication is something that we celebrate and encourage here at Coomera Anglican College.


Year 12 Leadership, 2019

The 2018 Year 11 students had their Leadership Camp this week.  I was extremely impressed by their focus and their enthusiasm as they prepare to lead our College next year.  Many of these students will be a part of the very successful Primary Mentor Programme where students from Year 12 are linked to a class group as mentors of our younger Primary students.  With a group such as this moving into Year 12 in 2019 our College is in good hands.
Well done and keep up the great work, Class of 2019!


Staff Leave

At the end of this term, Mrs McCourt will be taking maternity leave as she prepares to give birth to her second child.  We wish her and her husband, Lee all the very best.  We also farewell Mr Foki who will take Long Service Leave during Term 4. We look forward to his return in Term 1, 2019.


Are actively engaged in learning.
-  Have a sense of accomplishment, setting, working toward and achieving goals.
-  Use a growth mindset to overcome challenges and build resilience.

Enjoy positive relationships.
-  Savour and build upon positive emotions.
-  Demonstrate gratitude for their God-given gifts and talents and respond in loving service.

Find meaning in God, and purpose in giving and receiving God's love through service.

Honouring our bodies with healthy choices, exercise, good sleep and recreation.

Congratulations to this week's recipients of the Flourishing Award for displaying the following attributes:


 Flourishing Week 9