From the Head of Primary - Week 2, Term 3 2018

Parent Information AfternoonDr Judith Locke

I remind parents that on Monday 23 July at 4.45pm in the Ivan Gibbs Cente, Dr Judith Locke will be presenting a session on how to raise confident and resilient children.  Dr Locke is a clinical psychologist and a former teacher who specialises in parenting and child wellbeing. She is the director of a private practice and provides psychological counselling to children, adolescents, parents and families.

Dr Locke uses the latest research together with her own clinical experience to offer positive and effective strategies parents can use to help children become more confident and capable as they grow and develop.  

This offer is free for all Primary parents, and I encourage everyone to come along to this very unique opportunity.  We look forward to seeing all our parents at this session.

Please RSVP via Try booking: Dr Locke Presentation -RSVP

Please note: The Dr Locke presentation at the parent information aftrernoon, is in place of our usual presentation. The informtion usually covered at this event - Semester Two activities, Year level camps/excursions, special events, and academic topics, is available via PASSMARC as well as our weekly emails. 


Independent Schools’ Debating

The Primary debating students from Years 5 and 6 competed in the final round of the Gold Coast Independent School Debating Competition which was hosted at Coomera Anglican College on Wednesday 18 July, 2018.  

Our students debated confidently in their final debates to take out an equal 4th place in the 2018 Ruth Parlett Memorial Debating Competition. The Ruth Parlett Memorial Interschool Debating Competition is named in honour of the late Mrs Ruth Parlett, former Year 7 Teacher and Coordinator of Students. Mrs Parlett passed away June 17 2002.  The Debating competition is one of the memorials to her life.

The members of Debating have worked hard again this year to achieve well, and I thank them for their commitment and dedication.  I thank also Mrs Barbara Wellham (Coordinator), Miss Lisa Shaw and Mrs Taryn Jorgensen.  Congratulations and well done, everyone!


Helping our Children Survive in a World of Modern Technology

Research shows that family holds the key to keeping children protected on-line.  As we move into Term Three it is timely to remind ourselves of the importance of monitoring our children’s digital experiences.  I would ask parents to remain vigilant in their supervision of their children’s use of technology.  The consequences from inappropriate use of social media can often be felt at school where friendships can break down and students can feel isolated and upset.  Regular conversations with your child about the appropriate use of technology can avert any possible concerns or issues.  Please ensure that you have a transparent approach to your child’s social media and their use of technology in general.  Remember that most social networks such as Facebook have a stipulation that students must be 13 years of age before they can use the site.  
Let’s all band together to ensure that our children are guided through the use of technology and social media.


Camp Date Reminders


 Year Level Camp  Venue Date
  Year 3 Sleepover   Ivan Gibbs Centre  Friday 24 August
Year 4 Lake Ainsworth Monday 27 August to Wednesday 29 August
Year 5 Tyalgum Ridge Monday 27 August to Thursday 30 August
Year 6 Noosa North Shore  Monday 10 September to Thursday 13 September


Student Free Day - Year 7 and Preparatory, 2019, Orientation Day - DATE CHANGE


Please be advised that the Term 4 Student Free Day is now Monday 22 October.
2019 Preparatory and 2019 Year 7 Orientation will be on this day - Monday 22 October. Further details will be forwarded later in the term.
This was previously advised as Monday 15 October; please amend your diary accordingly.


School Banking – Get Involved!

kids20money20boy20coinsThe School Banking programme is operated by the Commonwealth Bank and facilitated by the College PAFA school banking team. It provides a fun, interactive and engaging way for young children to learn about money and develop good saving habits. To get your child involved either open a Youthsaver account online, in a branch or they can use their existing one. Upon joining your children will receive a deposit book and Platybank money box. Every Friday is banking day, and students simply bring their deposit book to school and hand it to their class teacher ready for banking.  

As part of the Super Savers theme, rewards are offered to students, keeping them motivated and to demonstrate the value of saving. Various prizes are released throughout the year. A small commision also goes directly to the College PAFA fundraising for their role in facilitation.

We encourage all students to get involved and develop good financial habits. The link below gives you all the information you need.


Congratulations to this week's recipients of the Flourishing Award for displaying the following attributes:


Are actively engaged in learning.
-  Have a sense of accomplishment, setting, working toward and achieving goals.
-  Use a growth mindset to overcome challenges and build resilience.

Enjoy positive relationships.
-  Savour and build upon positive emotions.
-  Demonstrate gratitude for their God-given gifts and talents and respond in loving service.

Find meaning in God, and purpose in giving and receiving God's love through service.

Honouring our bodies with healthy choices, exercise, good sleep and recreation.


Class Name
PH Xavier Moore
PK Kiara West
PM Mylah Bradford
PW Nina Fitch
1B Katie Bennett
1F Savannah Fava
1J Ella Fernandez
1R Sophie Thomas
2B Ria Marsden
2H Annabella Calder
2J Ava Winkworth
2P Alexsey Burov
3B Darcey Smythe
3C Alexis Kenny
3F Shyla Fuller
3P Isabel Crump
4B Nate Sullivan-Francis
4F Riley Meecham
4P Nash Rigby
4S Riley McIlroy
5D Kai Evans
5E Mitchell White
5H Willow Fynney
5P Lucy Coombs
6C Caleb Watson
6D Madeline Delaney
6N Allegra Brant
6R Evie Bloomfield