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Primary students will love Hairspray


Next week the 2017 College Musical ‘Hairspray’ takes to the stage in the Ivan Gibbs Centre. A few parents have spoken to me about the storyline and its suitability for Primary students.  The storyline itself takes place in 1962 Baltimore. A full-figured teenager, Tracy Turnblad, has a dream to dance on "The Corny Collins Show," a local TV programme. Against all odds, the charismatic, optimistic, talented Tracy wins a role on the show and becomes a celebrity overnight.  She meets a colourful array of characters; including; the resident dreamboat, Link; the ambitious mean girl, Amber, an African American boy she meets in detention, Seaweed, and his mother; Motormouth Maybelle, the owner of a local record store. Tracy's mother is the indomitable Edna, and she eventually encourages Tracy on her campaign to integrate the all-white "Corny Collins Show” and bring happiness to all, regardless of shape, size or colour.


Mrs Kirsty Terry, Musical Director, proclaims that Hairspray is a very upbeat and life-affirming production. It is big, bright, fun and joyous.  The fabulous sets and colourful costumes will appeal to students of all ages. The incredible energy and music will have everyone toe tapping. Mrs Terry also said that the story will send a positive message to our College students, both Primary and Secondary, of tolerance and acceptance of all people regardless of race colour, culture and religion.

Our Primary College Counsellor, Mrs Kerry Lowe, agreed, saying that the messages in the musical were highly valuable. She felt that the most important thing was remembering that the students performing on the stage are fabulous role models for our younger students.  They are extremely fortunate to be able to have such an incredible amount of enthusiasm and positivity put in front of them which can only help in all their future endeavours at the College.


If you would like to purchase a ticket for your Primary student for the Thursday session which begins at 4pm, Primary staff will assemble them, and then walk them to the Ivan Gibbs Centre where they can purchase an early dinner from the market stalls. They will then be shown to their seat and can be collected by parents at 6.30pm.  Even better, you may wish to join your child and enjoy this exciting production!

Bookings can be made by clicking this link: HAIRSPRAY TICKETS

Week 3 HairsprayWeek 3 Hairspray 2


ANZAC Day – Coomera Anglican College Remembers

Far from the shores of Gallipoli and the battlefields of the Western Front, the spirit of ANZAC remains strong.  At the three Coomera Anglican College ANZAC Services held on Monday 24 April, students came together united in respect for our war history.  At each service there was a strong feeling of spiritual and emotional connection with Australia’s fighting heroes.  

Our guest speaker, Mr Dennis Scanlon, captured the spirit of ANZAC through his reciting of poetry and the offering of stories about our ANZAC history.  Mr Scanlon also reminded us about the importance of remembering those who have fought and died for Australia.  At the Pre-prep, Prep and Year 1 service, Mrs Kerry Brown (Year 3 Teacher and Author) read her book entitled “Lest We Forget” to the assembly and this provided a very real insight into the importance of honouring those who have fought for our freedom over the years.  

During the service we also took some time to remember our very own community hero, Trooper David Pearce.  We paid tribute to Trooper David and the sacrifice that he made for us.  David Pearce and his family will remain in our hearts forever.  Lest We Forget.


Coomera Anglican College Primary Mothers’ Day Celebrations

On Friday 5 May, we will be having a special day in the Early Learning Centre and Primary Campus to celebrate all of our mothers The day will begin at 8.30am with classroom visits and then at 9.30am there will be a Morning Tea in the Primary Undercover Area and Early Learning Centre.  So, Mums make sure that you come along and enjoy a day made just for you!


PAFA Mothers' Day Gift Stall – Primary Campus

As you know, PAFA are organising a Mothers' Day gift stall for the students of the Primary campus.   There will be great, quality gifts for the Primary campus students to purchase. These will be ready for collection by the students on Tuesday 2 May.  Students will be assisted in choosing a gift for their mother on this day.   

NAPLAN Testing: Years 3, 5, 7 and 9 – On May 9, 10 and 11 our students in Years 3, 5, 7 and 9 will be involved in the annual NAPLAN Benchmark Testing Programme.  This is a Literacy and Numeracy test designed to provide feedback about student performance to parents and schools.   If you have any questions please speak with your child’s Class Teacher.

Enabling Young Minds to Flourish – Welcome Back!

A key component of a Coomera Anglican College education is fundamentally to enable young minds to flourish in a nurturing environment with rigorous academic demands.  As a contemporary, twenty-first century College, we are required to be many different things to many different people.  Assisting students to develop a flourishing mind is critical in helping students of all abilities to recognise the value of hard work and to become inventive resourceful and imaginative contributors to our world.  


Although Term 1 came to an abrupt end due to the tail end of Cyclone Debbie, our spirits were certainly not dampened!  Our theme, “Flourishing” has added great value to our College community and we can all feel proud of our achievements both individually and collectively.  


I hope that you all felt energised with the time away over the Easter break.  The opportunity to reconnect with family is a wonderful part of Easter. Welcome to Term Two.  I hope everyone is ready to continue exploring beyond the boundaries of “Flourishing”, as we move into this exciting term ahead.

Welcome back!


Festival of Gifts 2017

Festival of Gifts week last term captured the theme of flourishing mind, heart, soul and strength.  This year our festival’s great strength was the ability to provide students with the incentive and the motivation to flourish both as individuals and collectively.  During the week, we flourished with an environmental emphasis as students and teachers worked together planning a future of sustainability using our God given gifts and talents.  


During the event, students worked in the area of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) to find ways to make our world a better and more sustainable place to live. With a challenge to explore and solve many of the environmental issues in our world, the students of the Primary Campus took to computers, science equipment, mathematical formulas and various items of stationery and construction material to create a plan for a better world.   


Students planted sunflower seeds which acted as a symbol of our theme, Flourishing (we look forward to them flourishing as flowers very soon.  Keep watering them!!).  Students also created small clay seeds made in the various House colours and imprinted with the House symbols.  These looked very special and it is our aim to put all these individually made clay seeds into a larger glass pod and display them in “The Pod”.  


On Wednesday, our Year 6 students arranged a very special “Year 6 Fair” where all students from Prep to Year 5 worked together in the Sport Centre with interactive games and activities full of fun and learning.


And finally, we were inspired by one of Australia's great children's authors, Dr Cameron Stelzer.   Cameron is the author of the series of pirate books called "Pie Rat". Young people love his creative style and students of the Primary Campus all got an inside look at some of Dr Cameron's amazing ideas.


The Festival of Gifts week was cut short due to the weather but nothing was lost in the three days that we were able to spend together as a College.  I take this opportunity to thank our Primary campus festival committee (Mrs Shuttlewood, Mr Campbell, Mrs Joanne Pearson and Mrs Kerry Brown).  They all did a wonderful job in preparing and organising the Primary Campus Festival of Gifts.  What a fantastic week!


Words, Words, Words – Year 6 Leading the Way

Word, Words, Words is a Year 6 celebration of literature where students present an interactive book review about a favourite book that they have studied over Term 1.  On Tuesday, students, dressed in book character costume, delighted their audience by presenting activities and displays such as blogs, interactive quizzes, power point presentations, word finds, bookmarks posters, reviews dioramas and much more.  Parents and students from our College community all came to see the amazing efforts of our Primary campus leaders.  The feedback was fantastic!  Everyone, was fully involved in the activities and presentations and there was a real buzz of high spirits and happy learning.  Congratulations, Year 6 students and teachers!

Words 1Words 2



ANZAC Day is especially significant because it gives us the opportunity to remember and reflect upon the contribution Australian and Allied servicemen and women have made for our freedom.
Our ANZAC Day Services will be held on Monday 24 April in The Ivan Gibbs Centre.  These are the details of each service:

8.45am - Years 2 - 6
10.00am - Pre-Preparatory - Year 1
10.50am - Secondary
I also encourage everyone to join the local ANZAC Day March starting from the School of the Arts, Upper Coomera on Tuesday 25 April at 9am.  All College students are invited to participate in the Coomera-Oxenford ANZAC Day march and ceremony held at the Upper Coomera Cenotaph.  

Farewell and Best Wishes, Mrs Vikki Rees

Mrs Vikki Rees left our College at the end of Term 1 to take up a position as Librarian at St Andrew’s Lutheran College on the Gold Coast.
Mrs Rees’ work at the College has been built around a love of stories and the power of language.   She has great compassion for the students she taught and worked hard to nurture the uniqueness in each individual.  During her time at Coomera Anglican College, Mrs Rees has taught with enduring enthusiasm and, like any truly gifted teacher, she had a deep respect and admiration for all her students.  Mrs Rees’ contribution has been significant and she will be missed by us all.


Congratulations Mrs Jackson – It’s A Girl!

Mrs Kirsty Jackson gave birth to a beautiful baby girl on 31 March, 2017.  Both mother and daughter are doing very well!



The 2017 Festival of Gifts – Flourishing!


On Monday 27 March, “Flourishing” will take centre stage in the Primary Campus.  When you arrive at College for our Festival of Gifts next week be ready to experience the celebration of what it means to flourish at Coomera Anglican College.  


The 2017 Festival of Gifts will provide an opportunity for students to celebrate our theme, Flourishing, as together we explore the many ways of protecting, improving and sustaining our natural environment.  Students will be working with the elements of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths) to discover better ways of keeping our environment natural and in good health.  


The Festival of Gifts is a “Celebration of human giftedness, the life of the College and God who makes and creates.” The festival will provide an opportunity for lots of active and creative student participation.  (Refer to the recent email for all the week’s information and details.)


National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence

Last Friday was National Day against Bullying and Violence, and our focus was on working together and caring for each other.  As a College we dared to imagine a community based on harmony and compassion.  This Day provided us with an opportunity to celebrate our culture of friendship.   The students all received a wrist band with the message, “Take a stand together!  Bullying, No Way!”  It was a very positive day and we all agreed that every day should be a day to encourage friendship and the support of one another.


The Parent /Teacher Team

The Primary Parent Teacher Interviews for Term 1 have been completed and the feedback that has been received from both parents and teachers has been very positive.  From the interview registration to the interviews themselves parents and teachers are all far more knowledgeable and insightful about each student in the Primary Campus.
Our students are always our top priority.  Every decision is made with our students’ well-being in mind.  As parents you too are valued.  As a member of the Coomera Anglican College community your thoughts, your suggestions and your concerns are important and they are best met when they are heard.  Issues and concerns that are addressed quickly can be solved quickly.  Our recent interviews were a fine example of this.  


Coomera Parkrun – Saturday mornings at 7am – All Welcome!!!

Who:    All Running Club Students
Time:    7.00am
Where:  Highland Reserve
Wear:    Comfortable running gear

To enter just log on to the website below, register and get your barcode and meet at 7am at Highland Reserve.  See you there!


Cross Country 2017

Year 3 – An Experience Out of This World

This week has been yet another  week packed with exciting and stimulating learning, and classrooms full of enthusiam, inspiration and commitment.  


This week, Arlek the Alien presented to the Year 3 students as the guest Environmental Alien who had come from the planet Zeneth and landed within the grounds of our College.   'Arlek' had come to gain advice from the Year 3 students on environmental sustainability and she had each student fully captivated and magically entranced as she encouraged the students to take a stance on our environment. On the day, students were involved with both local scout leaders and staff from Dreamworld Corroboree, as they sought a better environmental future for our world.  This was education at its best.

Week 8 Collage arlec


Witnessing students experience this type of inquiry based learning, where they become fully involved and captivated by the many aspects of the topic is very special.  Students can only gain a love for learning when they are exposed to state-of-the-art, contemporary education such as this.  Teachers and students become collectively engaged in the learning and the results are simply awe-inspiring.  There is no doubt about Coomera Anglican College’s pedagogical direction.

 IMG 9595


Bullying - No Way!

The National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence is happening today, Friday, 17 March. More than 900,000 students from over 2000 schools will take part in this day. What a tremendous response from schools nationwide. ‘Bullying No Way’ day provides a platform for our College community to continue to build resilience in our students by empowering them with strategies and information related to bullying and violence. We will take this opportunity to remind students of our bystander code and highlight that we ‘take a stand together’. Each student in the Primary campus will be given a wrist band to wear on the day. Please take the opportunity to discuss what the band means to them. For more information visit,


The Parent /Teacher Team

Parent Teacher Interviews – Parents should have received information outlining the procedures for the Term 1 Parent Teacher Interviews.  The interviews are planned for Monday 20 and Tuesday 21 March.  At the interview parents will view the Student Folios containing work from their child over the past term.  Parents are reminded that each interview is 15 minutes, and it is important that parents are on time for their interview.  The interviews are an excellent opportunity for parents and teachers to exchange valuable information about student progress.


Pod Update by Mrs Wellham

With the digging commenced at the front of the Primary campus this week, the exciting reality of The Pod was sewn in the minds of the Primary students. Not only do we have the thoughts of a wonderful new building to ponder, but also a great range of machines to watch.

While the building itself is being constructed, Mr Kirkpatrick and a group of Primary staff, are regularly meeting to ensure The Pod will be utilised in the best possible way from its opening. In these meetings, both the operational and educational implications of the building are being discussed. To have a purpose built space will be of enormous benefit to the learning of our Primary students. This concept is supported by research conducted by associate Professor Dr Wesley Imms from the Melbourne Graduate School of Education at the University of Melbourne, who concluded physical spaces can substantially impact on students’ learning and the quality of teaching. Dr Imms is part of the LEaRn network, which is a multidisciplinary forum bringing together academia and industry to research, imagine and discuss physical learning environments in school, vocational, university, medical and corporate contexts. They contend that the built environment impacts the educational experiences of teachers and learners and that applied research and design of innovative learning environments will bring community benefit.

In the Primary campus we believe The Pod will bring great benefit to our students, staff and community providing an innovative space for a great range of different types and styles of learning to equip our students for the future. We are very excited about having a new, contemporary, future focused, educational learning space.

The Pod digging


STEM/STEAM in the Primary Campus

STEAMimage 01You may have heard or read about the STEM focus in education and how important this area is for ensuring students are equipped with the additional knowledge and skills they will need for their future careers.  In the Primary campus, our teachers and students have been working hard to establish STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) project based learning.


This focus has engaged students in a range of different projects that require them to use technology and their creative thought to solve a number of real world and relevant problems.  The following provides some detail of a few of the projects that students are currently involved in throughout the Primary learning areas.

The Preparatory students are currently exploring how weather has an impact on our lives and these investigations involve observing and recording data and learning to use Science apps on the iPads to demonstrate their understanding.

Year One students have been very busy creatively planning new playground layouts and equipment structures for the Primary play areas.  They have mapped their ideas, justified their decisions and reflected on what changes they would make.  Future town planners in the making!

Throughout this term, the Year Three students have been immersed in identifying ways to create sustainability through a story-thread project.  The students have learned new skills in using a design application and have worked creatively to design a central component of their main communication device.  The components have been 3D printed and the students worked collaboratively to construct a team communication device.

The Year Five students are developing emergency action plans as a strategy of response to natural disasters as part of their Geography and Economics studies.  To develop these plans, the students have been engaged in researching natural disasters, interviewing government representatives, considering financial costs of disasters and collating their data to present a multi-modal summary of their findings.

Later this year, the Years Four, Five and Six students will again participate in a series of lessons presented by guest teachers who will further develop the students’ skills in coding.  All of the students from Preparatory to Year Six are taught a range of coding skills, however, the students in the upper Primary years complete additional learning in this area.

Each of the Primary specialist areas are also engaged in the process of integrating technology into student learning to enhance student knowledge and skill development.  In Drama and Music, student project work will be brought to life by the use of QR codes.  Parents will be able to scan the code and view their child’s work in a movie format.  

Through these and many other projects that are occurring in Primary, the students are acquiring the skills for the future while continuing a focus on strong foundational knowledge and understanding in the traditional areas of English and Mathematics.  Our staff work hard to ensure that all the building blocks for a very strong foundation are provided for each of the Primary students.

Please contact me at any time if you would like more information regarding any of the areas mentioned in this article.


Amanda Shuttlewood - Coordinator of Teaching and Learning P-6

Wednesday, 08 March 2017 23:02

Primary Chess News - Term 1 2017

Twenty two Primary students from Coomera Anglican College took part in the first chess competition of the year at Saint Stephens College on Tuesday 7 March.


Merit ribbons were awarded to James Thompson in the A division and Tom Robertson in the C division. 

Chess Collage Term 1 2017

Well done to all the chess players who took part, it was a great day!

Brigitte Sadler - Primary Chess Coordinator

Flourishing as Individuals

Being a member of Coomera Anglican College shapes us all trough the many experiences it provides.  This week has been full of exciting and exhilarating learning.  Walk into any classroom and learning fuelled by motivation, enthusiasm and dedication is evident.  At Coomera Anglican College the teaching and learning process ensures that every learner’s pathway is tailored to their specific needs.  Learning is individually negotiated and teachers become facilitators of the many learning styles that exist within each classroom.  It is this philosophy that allows students to grow and flourish in an environment enlivened with happiness and confidence.  


Year 6 Hosts Councillor William Owen-Jones

On Wednesday 8 March the Year 6 students played host to guest speaker, Councillor William Owen-Jones.  The Year 6 students are currently learning about government and Councillor Owen-Jones presented a clear insight into the workings of local government and gave students the opportunity to ask ask a question during his presentation.  As teachers, we were all amazed at the maturity and thought that went into some of the questions that students asked on the day.  I am sure Councillor Owen-Jones would agree, our future is in very good hands with this year level of interested and enthusiastic students preparing to be our new generation of leaders.  At the end of his presentation, Councillor Owen-Jones took a photograph of himself with the Year 6 group and the Primary Captains responded by offering a vote of thanks and presenting him with a gift from the College.  We all learnt a great deal from Councillor Owen-Jones.  

Week 7 Collage


Learning Beyond the College Gates

This term, the students of Year 4 are learning about our Indigenous Aboriginal culture.  Each class is participating in a programme involving Aboriginal culture, artefacts, art work, storytelling and customs.   Next week, students will be visiting Burleigh Mountain where they will tour through historical aboriginal sites and relics.  This is a very exciting unit of work.

 Year 4 Paintings


PAFA Trivia Night

Tonight is Trivia night which is being held in the Ivan Gibbs Centre.  This year Trivia Night has a St Patrick’s Day theme and we encourage everyone to come dressed in St Patrick’s Day themed clothing.  Trivia Night is a wonderful evening of fun and enjoyment – a great way to meet other people from our College community!  If you are not booked with a table we still encourage you to come along, pay at the door and we will help to place you on a table.   Doors open at 6pm for a 7pm start.


Festival of Gifts

The Festival of Gifts week will be held in Week 10 of Term 1 (Monday 27 March – Friday 31 March).  This is sure to be a wonderful week of learning and creativity.  This year our theme is “Flourishing”. The Primary Campus will be learning the many and varied ways that we can use our skills, attitudes and talents.  This will involve stepping out of our normal College activities and encouraging each other to strive for our dreams.   Information about Festival of Gifts week will be emailed soon!  Stay tuned!!

Embracing our Learning Future – The Pod

The Pod2The development of our new learning, resource centre, The Pod, will allow us to move in a direction that suits everyone’s individual learning styles and attitudes.  I am currently regularly meeting with a group of staff whose brief is to explore the future of learning within this wonderful new resource, The Pod.  Our current library provides us with a perfect platform to begin this process as it acts very much as a centre of learning and discovery for our students.  We are exploring all the many and varied styles of learning and teaching that The Pod will offer.  It will provide future focused technology, modern learning spaces designed for student inquiry, social and cultural engagement and a resource base that will extend the learning of each individual within the Primary campus. 

As a College we have always stressed the importance of learning through social and cultural engagement and we believe that this is an integral part of learning to flourish in the modern world.  

Although action on the building site has been appeared to be minimal over the past few weeks, there has been considerable planning going on and it won’t be long before we see the foundations of The Pod  emerge from the rich and fertile (albeit dry) grounds of our College.     

Truly a time to embrace our learning future.   

Why The Pod?  A pod is a seed casing designed by mother nature to initiate, nurture and feed the young plant as it grows and develops within its environment.  Our new building, The Pod, will nurture and grow the seeds of learning within our College.  It will feed inspiration and encourage invention.  It will set our students on a pathway of momentous learning and discovery.


Parent/Teacher Interviews

The Term 1 Parent/Teacher Interviews are scheduled for Monday 20 March and Tuesday 21 March, 2017 (Week 9).  Parents are reminded that each interview is 15 minutes, and it is important that parents are on time for their time slot.
Please note: Due to the interview times some before/after College co-curricular activities will be cancelled.  Students/Parents will be informed as to which activities are affected.  (Lunch time activities will continue).


Primary Discos - Let’s Dance!

Time to bring out the bling and the dancing shoes because the Primary Discos are on tonight!  As the excitement in the staff room reaches fever pitch, the students too, can be seen preparing themselves for a Night at the Disco!  

The Primary Campus will be holding the Primary Discos tonight in the Ivan Gibbs Centre.  Everyone is encouraged to come along and have a dance!  Check the details on PASSMARC!  


PAFA Trivia Night

Have you booked your table for the Trivia Night?  The event is being held in the Ivan Gibbs Centre on Friday 10 March.  The Trivia Night this year has a St Patrick’s theme so we are all encouraged to come along in costume.  The Trivia Night is a wonderful evening of fun and enjoyment – come along and meet some great people! If you haven’t signed up yet, jump on the College website for details and get involved in what promises to be a night fit for a Leprechaun!!


Carpark Culture – Patience and Respect

Patience and respect are two of the important qualities that are required in the Primary Carpark.  As you know, this year particularl,y the carpark is a very busy place both in the morning and in the afternoon.  I ask all parents to respect the parking regulations that we have in place.  Here are some important points to note:

  • Parking is not permitted in the “Pick up / drop off” zones (morning and afternoon)

  • Parents must remain in cars when waiting in the “Pick up / Drop off” zones

  • Ensure that you have your printed surname visible when coming through the Prep – Year 2 Pick up area

  • Be patient and respectful at all times

  • Ensure that you always use the crossings to cross the carpark

  • Walk along the concrete paths and islands so as not to walk behind backing cars.

Our children’s lives are precious and we must all take responsibility to ensure that safety is paramount in the College carpark.   I thank everyone for their support in this matter.

Wednesday, 22 February 2017 00:54

From the Head of Primary - Week 5, Term 1 2017

Primary Captain Profiles, 2017


Allie van Peppen

van Peppen AllieAllie joined Coomera Anglican College in Year 1, 2012.  She is now in Year 6 and is our female Primary Captain for 2017.  Allie loves being at Coomera Anglican College and involving herself in all areas of College life.  She is a passionate public speaker and is a member of the debating team at our College.  Writing is Allie’s passion and she loves to display her creativity and imagination through her stories. Her ambition is to one day be an author of children’s novels. Allie enjoys drama, singing and strumming the guitar.  She has a great love and motivation for the game of baseball in which she excels as a pitcher and catcher.  Allie is a wonderful role model for young people and loves to work alongside the younger children encouraging them to be the best that they can be.  “Flourishing” is something that Allie encourages in others and she is a wonderful inspiration for the students of Coomera Anglican College.
Ben Wright

Wright BenjaminBen joined Coomera Anglican College as a Year 2 student in 2013.  He is now in Year 6 and is our male Primary Captain for 2017.  Ben has embraced the College community and is honoured to fulfil a leadership role in the Primary Campus.  Ben enjoys bringing people together as he is very aware that many people working towards a goal are more powerful than one working alone. He enjoys spending time with the younger students to assist with strengthening relationships between all the year levels, whilst helping them to understand the important role they play in the college.  Ben is passionate about the 2017 theme, ‘Flourishing’.  He is a capable public speaker and a member of the Debating Team. Ben plays cricket and club soccer, and enjoys riding his scooter in his spare time.  Ben’s favourite subject is Mathematics and he wants to be an engineer when he is older. Ben makes a conscious effort to live life with purpose while always having fun.


Charlotte Black

Black CharlotteCharlotte started at Coomera Anglican College in The Early Learning Centre in 2007 at the age of two and a half.  She is now in Year 6 and is the Student Representative Council Chairperson for 2017.  Charlotte has strived to achieve in every area of her life, both inside and outside of the College.  Her attitude to life is inspirational and her leadership, determination, encouragement and consideration of others is second to none.  Charlotte is involved in many activities at College, including debating, drama, art, Junior Concert Band, Show Chorus, Drumline, guitar, drums, musical theatre and dancing. Charlotte volunteers at the Anglican Opportunity shop and helps out the wider community on Saturdays. She was also a finalist in the Interschool Public Speaking Competition last year.  Charlotte’s ambition in life is to become an actress or become a speaker in Parliament. Charlotte would love to take care of foster children when she is older to give them a better start to life as everyone deserves to be loved just like everyone else. She is always looking at areas in the College that can be improved. With enthusiasm for our Collage theme, ‘Flourishing’ she is very successful in leading the SRC.  She loves helping at the younger students in their classrooms each morning and getting them settled into class for the day. She is already loving the role of SRC chairperson and encouraging others to flourish in as many areas as they can. Charlotte absolutely loves Coomera Anglican College and looks forward to the future ahead of her.


A Message from the Primary Captains

Each Monday morning the Primary Captains run our Primary Assembly. They do a wonderful job.  Here are Allie, Ben and Charlotte’s messages for this week.

From Allie van Peppen

Flourishing!  What does that word mean to you?  Take some time to think about it……
To me, flourishing means continuing to develop positive character strengths and growing successfully to be the best you can be.  An important way to flourish is by setting goals.  My goals as Primary Captain are to guide the pupils of our College to make GREAT choices, leading to GREAT achievements.  I endeavour to be a role model of kindness, positivity and generosity.  So let’s all set some goals so that we can all become the best that we can be.

From Ben Wright

Today, I would like to talk to you about my goals for this year. Setting ourselves challenging goals helps us all strive to improve our character and to become the best person that we can be. It is important for us all to do this.  In 2017, I want to work together with the Year 6 leaders, to make this year a memorable one.  Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.

To start with I would like to tell you a bit about myself.  I always try to be happy, optimistic, enthusiastic and caring.  I like to include everyone in all activities, to make sure that no one feels left out. I enjoy school and love playing sport, and also like spending time with my family and friends.

My goal for this year, is to make as many new friends as I can. I want to step out of my comfort zone, to try new things, and challenge myself. I even want to improve my grades in Chinese!  I also want to encourage us all to flourish. We all have unique abilities and we all have something that makes us very special. Let’s make the most of our individual talents, and see where it takes us.

Charlotte Black

I am delighted to take on this leadership challenge and help you to have a great year full of success. I will work very closely with all the SRC members and I can’t wait to organise exciting days throughout the College for everyone.
As you all know, I love making our College a bright and happy community where we can all learn and make our collage a fun place to be. I can’t wait to flourish with you this year and assist you with achieving your goals.
But before I go, I would like to share a quote by Walt Disney with you, “if you can dream it you can do it!”  
Thank you and I hope you all get a chance to flourish this year!


Prep, Teddy Bear’s Picnic

All shapes and sizes of Teddy Bear graced the Prep classrooms this morning for the annual Teddy Bear’s Picnic.  Each Prep student was joined by their very special Year 6 Buddy at morning tea today and it was delightful to watch as they shared a picnic around the grounds of our Primary Campus.  I’m not sure who enjoyed it most, Prep or their Year 6 buddies?  A fun day was had by all!

 TB 4


Parent/Teacher Interviews

The Term 1 Parent/Teacher Interviews are scheduled for Week 9 - Monday 20 March and Tuesday 21 March, 2017.  The interviews are an important part of our communication between the home and the College.  Valuable information is exchanged during these interviews and some very positive communication occurs through the interview process.  Information about the interviews will be sent to parents soon.  Please mark these dates in your diary.

Primary Discos

Don’t forget the Primary Campus will be holding the Primary Discos on Friday 3 March.  This is week 6 of Term 1.  Everyone is encouraged to come along and have a dance!  Check the details on PASSMARC!  


Year 12 Mentor Programme

The Year 12 Mentor Programme is a wonderful opportunity for students to provide leadership and role modelling within our Primary classes.  Our Primary Campus class groups each have two Year 12 mentors assigned and these mentors act as a link between the Secondary Campus and the Primary Campus.  The initiative provides leadership opportunity for our Year 12 students and allows our primary students to develop a relationship with our Year 12 students.  This will allow students in the Primary Campus to gain understanding and learn more about the Secondary Campus.  Transition therefore becomes easier for our students as they move through the College.  This programme will begin in week 6 of Term 1.


Raffle Prizes needed

Every year our Parents and Friends' Association (PAFA) uses prizes, vouchers and donations for fundraising.  Often these donations come from our very generous parents and friends of the College.  If you are able to help by providing prizes that can be used as raffle prizes by the Parents and Friends' Association please contact Ms Lynne Tarlinton, the Events Coordinator on 55859976.  Once again, this year our PAFA is looking to raise money for our College and your help in this regard would be very much appreciated.  Donations of all kinds will be welcome.  Let’s all work together to raise funds for our College.

Mathematics in the Primary classroom at Coomera Anglicn College

A strong education in the range of subjects that students learn in Primary is essential to future success as a citizen in our society.  The knowledge, skills and habits, both social and work, that students learn in their Primary education provides students with a solid foundation on which to build their specialised knowledge and skills in secondary.  

One of the most important learning areas is Mathematics.  Research has confirmed that Mathematics is important in life because it is used to perform many different daily tasks, such as telling time, reading an odometer, counting change and to make strategic decisions in one's work life.  Similarly, nearly every profession uses some form of mathematics.

Students begin learning Mathematics from their first day in Prep and this learning continues every College day through their Primary years.  The Coomera Anglican College Primary Mathematics programme follows the Australian Curriculum and students experience learning through explicit teaching, hands-on manipulation, challenge tasks and problem solving.

In the early years, students consolidate their understanding by using concrete materials such as counting blocks, one hundreds charts and various mathematical measurement tools.  As students progress, they develop their mental mathematical thinking skills and they are heavily involved in problem solving activities.  

Primary students from Years 3 to 6 engage in the Junior Elementary Math Mastery programme each week.  This is a structured programme that provides time for consolidation and revision of key mathematical concepts.

Students in Years 2 to 6 also have access to the online mathematics programme, Mathletics.  Teachers use this programme to tailor revision activities to meet each student’s learning needs when revising core concepts.  

This year, Primary students are focusing on incorporating their knowledge of Mathematics into STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) projects.  The inter-disciplinary structure of the projects encourages students to apply their mathematical thinking to be creative and collaborative in solving real life problems. 

Mrs Amanda Shuttlewood - Coordinator of Teaching and Learning Preparatory to Year 6.

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From the Head of Primary - Week 4, Term 1 2017

The Friends We Can Count On16805022 10154982035833965 781563053 o

Term 1 2017, is abuzz with students pushing the boundaries of expectation.  I am proud of our students and the efforts they are making.  We have all made new friends and we are feeling good about the start of the new year.   It is the quality of friendships that provide the strength and confidence to live life well and it is obvious to me that our students, parents and teachers have all found new and inspiring friendships this year.  To be able to flourish in our modern world, trust and support within a community is vital.  I encourage you to continue supporting each other throughout 2017.


APS Swimming Carnival

Congratulations to the team of Primary students who competed with great heart and true College spirit at the APS Swimming Carnival held at Somerset Pool on Thursday.  As the event progressed, it was evident that we were a competitive force within the APS competition.  At the end of the day we achieved a 4th place overall, with some excellent individual and age group successes being recorded.  Our students all presented as well-trained confident athletes.  Congratulations to all our swimmers for doing their very best and achieving many personal bests on the day.  The full set of results can be found in the Sports report.

APS Swimming

Daily Routines

Our Daily Routines are so very important.  Students need structure and routine.  I would ask for parents help in the following areas:

  • Students should not be at College before 8am unless they are in a cocurricular activity or at Before School Care.

  • If arriving at College between 8am and 8.15am students must wait in the undercover area as supervision is provided in this area.  Please do not wait outside the classrooms.

  • When delivering students to their classrooms please ensure that you say goodbye to your child quickly and then leave the classroom.  College classes begin at 8.30am and except for those parents who are rostered on to help, all parents should aim to leave the classrooms by 8.30am.

  • If you are coming into College at the end of the day to collect your child, please do so from the Undercover Area and not from outside the classroom.

  • Please help by ensuring that you do not leave your car if it is in the drop-off or pick-up zone.

Following these simple guidelines will allow our students to more easily settle into their routines and procedures.  I thank you for your support.



16776949 10154982043358965 726071800 oThis morning Bravehearts came to Coomera Anglican College to present an educational stage show for our Years 1 and 2 students.  Keeping children safe is one of the most important things we do as parents, educators or other caring adults.  To do this, we must equip them with the knowledge and skills they need to avoid risky situations, and to give them an understanding of their rights to protect their own body.  The Bravehearts presentation, entitled, Ditto’s Keep Safe Adventure is an educational, fun, safe and non-confronting interactive show that helps to empower children to recognise early warning signs, stay safe and speak out in potentially unsafe situations.  

Segments of Ditto’s Keep Safe Adventure show include:

  • Yes and No feelings

  • Your body’s warning signs

  • Private parts (general discussion, includes the “Private Parts” song)

  • It’s OK to say NO if you don’t feel safe

  • Good and Bad secrets

  • What to do if someone tells you a BAD secret (includes the “Run and Tell Someone You Can Trust” song)
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From the Head of Primary - Week 3, Term 1 2017

Flourishing Through Communication

Our Parent Information sessions this week, have allowed us to share information about the events and activities planned for Semester 1, 2017.    Our College community is one of close connections and common bonds.  This is a College that has a strong community spirit – one that feeds a powerful culture of working together and supporting each other.  Together we grasp the idea of working as a team, and the unconditional trust that is crucial in sustaining a close knit community is a real strength within our College.  


I thank all of our parents who were able to attend the Primary Information Sessions.  The feedback I have received indicates the success and the importance of these events.  I also thank those teachers who prepared and facilitated the evenings.  A significant amount of work goes into these evenings and the information sharing is most valuable.  


Congratulations Year 6 Junior Leaders

The Year 6 students were presented with their Leadership Badges on Monday morning at a special Leadership Presentation Assembly.  Each Year 6 student was introduced to Dr Sly, who presented their Junior Leader badges.  The Year 12 College Captains, Emma Knott and Connor Raggatt, and SRC Chair Isabel Croker, spoke to the Year 6 students about leadership.  They reminded the students of the courage required to become a good leader and that the badge was a symbol of responsibility.  They reminded us that good leaders were people who were prepared to serve others and work hard for the good of the community.  Congratulations, Year 6 Junior Leaders!  We look forward to a wonderful year of leadership ahead.

Year 6 Collage

Keeping in Touch with Your Child’s Future

I encourage parents to keep in regular contact with their children’s teachers.  Doing this will help ensure that your child’s education is on track and that you are well informed.  The email address for staff is first initial and surname then  For example,


Parent Volunteer Induction Sessions

The Parent Volunteer Induction Sessions are designed to assist parents when working with students in the classroom and around the College. Mrs Shuttlewood coordinates these sessions and touches on topics such as confidentiality, classroom etiquette, group strategies, duty of care, child protection and much more.  It is mandatory that all parent volunteers take part in this induction programme prior to assisting at the College.  The next Induction Sessions are on Monday, 13 February at 8.30am and Tuesday, 14 February at 2.30pm in the Primary Staffroom.


Class Coordinators

Thank you to all parents who have offered their services as a Class Coordinator this year.   The Class Coordinator role is one of great responsibility, but it is also a role that fosters friendship and collegiality.  If there are others who would like to join the list of Class Coordinators, please contact Lynne Tarlinton or Primary Reception to put your name forward.  Thank you to those who have already indicated their interest.


Running Club – Breaking New Ground!

The Coomera Anglican College Running Club hit a new high today as over 100 students from Years 4 – 12 turned out for the first of a series of Friday Time Trials.  The time trials are held every three weeks on a Friday morning and students are timed as they run through the cross country course.  At the end of the session a breakfast is put on for the students and this provides an opportunity for coaches to bring the team together to engender some very enthusiastic College spirit and talk tactics.   
Not only were there records set on the course, but having over 100 students attend a Running Club session was also an all-time record.  This of course augers well for this year’s cross country and indeed Coomera Anglican College sport in general.  The fitness levels of our students continue to improve.  Many students are already beating their own personal bests as they train.  
Well done everyone!  There is something very special in the air, here at Coomera Anglican College. 

Running Collage

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From the Head of Primary - Week 2, Term 1 2017

A Flourishing Spirit

This week, Coomera Anglican College spirit has been evident in the busyness of the start of a new year.  the social and emotional support of each other is something that we are all very good at here at Coomera Anglican College.  Parents, teachers and students have all delighted in the opportunity to reconnect with friends and colleagues as, our College returns for a new year.  And our new members (many of whom were probably quite nervous and a little unsure) have also felt the power of College spirit.  They too have responded to the start of the College year with great joy.  

Our theme, 'Flourishing' has inspired us all to feel the significance of the amazing growth of our College.  The theme acts very much as a platform on which both trust and a hope for a bright future has great opportunity to mature.  To flourish, demands a collective and dedicated focus on togetherness and community support.  I encourage you all to continue working in support of each other as this year unfolds.  Work closely with your children’s teachers and ensure that the communication between the home and the College is a priority in your busy life.  Thank you for such a wonderful start to 2017.

Years 4 – 6 Swimming Carnival – Our Flourishing Sporting Achievements!

The Years 4 – 6 Swimming Carnival was held yesterday and it was delightful to see how the enthusiasim of our swimmers.  Everyone swam their best and everyone encouraged their team mates with great enthusiasm.  There was a wonderful feeling of camaraderie within the pool area on the day.  The Commonwealth Games Mascot, Borobi also dropped in on our carnival and taught us all the Australian Borobi Dance. Students, parents and teachers alike all got into the zone and danced with Borobi.   It was a lot of fun.
Thanks must go to Mrs McLauchlan and the HPE staff for their organisation.  Congratulations to the House Captains also for their fantastic job in leading their Houses.  Well done to Smith House for winning the carnival the Duck Trophy (House Spirit) and congratulations to Lane House for winning the 2017 House Swimming Carnival.

Borobi visit CAC newspage


Parent Volunteer Induction Sessions

The Parent Volunteer Induction Sessions are designed to assist parents when working with students in the classroom and around the College. Mrs Shuttlewood coordinates these sessions and touches on topics such as confidentiality, classroom etiquette, group strategies, duty of care, child protection and much more.  It is mandatory that all parent volunteers take part in this induction programme prior to assisting at the College.  The next available sessions are on Tuesday, 7 February at 2.30pm and Thursday 9 February at 8.30am in the Primary Staffroom.

Life Education - 2017

Life Education motivates and empowers young people to make smart life choices for a healthy future.  Over this week and next week we are fortunate to have the Life Education Van at our Primary Campus and students are learning about smart and healthy lifestyle choices.  Teachers will be following up beyond the van’s visit over the next few weeks with activities and lessons focused around the various year level themes. 

Parent Information Evenings, 2017

The Parent Information Evenings will commence next week.

•    Monday 6 February - Prep – Year 3 Parent Information Evening – Ivan Gibbs Centre, 5.30pm

•    Wednesday 8 February     - Years 4 – 6 Parent Information Evening – Ivan Gibbs Centre, 5.30pm

I encourage all parents to come along to meet with our class teaching staff.  The evenings begin at 5.30pm in the Ivan Gibbs Centre where parents will hear general Primary Campus information and will also have an opportunity to meet specialist teachers.  From here we will relocate to the Primary Campus Classrooms where class teachers will speak about the programmes and activities in place for this first semester    Supper will be provided in the Undercover Area at the end of the classroom session.  I encourage all parents to come along to learn more about their children’s class and class activities and enjoy meeting teachers and other parents.

Junior Leader Presentation Ceremony – Monday 6 February

Leadership at Coomera Anglican College is an important part of our holistic College programming.  In the Primary campus, our leadership policy is based on the notion that all of our students need to experience leadership.  The Year 6 students at Coomera Anglican College are about to take up the student leadership positions for the 2017 College year.  

At 8.50am on Monday 6 February, we will hold the Year 6 Junior Leadership Presentation at a full Year 1 to Year 6 Assembly to be held in the Ivan Gibbs Centre.  During this Assembly, our Year 6 students will be presented with their Junior Leader badges and their commission.  We invite our parents and friends of the Year 6 cohort to come and witness this special occasion.

Welcome from the Head of Primary

It is my strong belief that schools are first and foremost places of great fellowship. And while there is always hard work involved in achieving this, the rewards can be sublimely enriching; for teachers, parents and students alike.  We are all privileged to have the opportunity to serve as a member of the Coomera Anglican College community and we do so with collective community pride.  

This year we head into our College’s 21st year of operation and we can all be proud of our history; one of commitment and dedication by all those who, over past years, have chosen this College as the place to educate their children. This year we will be exploring the theme, “Flourishing”.  For those of us who have been here from the early stages, you would know that there has been significant growth and development within our College.  This is a legacy of the work done by not only those who have gone before us but also those who make up our current community.  Together, we have ensured that the spirit and the culture of our College has continued to flourish.  

Last year our 20th Anniversary activities (both formal and otherwise) profoundly demonstrated more than just a sentimental attachment to our College.  Even more significantly, we confirmed our values and aspirations as a community of the like-minded.  Never has the CACaburra spirit been more amply demonstrated, than in the joyous spirit that followed us through our twentieth year.  

It is this culture of flourishing that makes us who we are and yet, for many of those who have not previously been a part of our College (the home of the CACaburra) it would seem a world apart - almost abnormal to find such passion within a College, let alone in an entire community.  For those of you who are new to us this year, I welcome you all and ask you to prepare yourselves to be a part of such a culture.  

So, as 2017 commences let us all begin with a focus on “Flourishing”.  And what better way to start than the celebrating of friendship and community spirit that is so very evident within our College community.


~ 2017 - “Flourishing” ~


Year 6 Junior Leader Presentation Ceremony – Monday 6 February

The Year 6 students at Coomera Anglican College are about to take on the student leadership positions for 2017.  Dr Sly will be present the Year 6 students with their formal Junior Leader badge at a special Junior Leader Presentation Ceremony.  This ceremony is scheduled for Monday 6 February at 9am in the Ivan Gibbs Centre.  Parents are invited to attend the ceremony and details will be sent to parents soon.


Information Evenings 2017

Week 3 will see the first of a series of Parent Information Evenings.

•    Monday, 6 February - Prep – Year 3 Parent Information Evening – Ivan Gibbs Centre, 5.30pm
•    Wednesday, 8 February     - Years 4 – 6 Parent Information Evening – Ivan Gibbs Centre, 5.30pm

I encourage all parents to come along to meet with our class teaching staff.  The evenings begin at 5.30pm and are held in the Ivan Gibbs Centre. There, parents will hear about our directions and priorities for 2017.  We will move to the Primary campus classrooms where class teachers will speak about the programmes and activities in place for the first semester.    Parents will also receive a digital copy of the Year level handbook at this time.  Supper will be provided in the Undercover Area at the end of the classroom session.  

A letter will be sent to parents outlining the details of these evenings.  I encourage all parents to come along to learn more about their children’s class and class activities, and enjoy meeting teachers and other parents.  


Healthy Habits, Healthy Outcomes – Fruit Break fruit

The munching and crunching of fruit during the daily fruit break, establishes for our students positive healthy habits.  Fruit Break in the Primary Campus is a daily event that allows all students to have a piece of fresh fruit and water.  I ask parents to please ensure that as much as possible students have fresh fruit and water for their Fruit Break.   There are some wonderful gains that our students display from the regular Fruit break – increased concentration, added energy for classroom activities and healthier lifestyles.  Let’s all promote healthy lifestyles through our daily Fruit Break.

Life EdLife Education - 2017

Life Education motivates and empowers young people to make smart life choices for a healthy future.  Next week we are fortunate to have the Life Education Van in our Primary campus and students are learning about smart and healthy lifestyle choices.  Teachers will follow up over the next few weeks foloowing the visit, with activities and lessons focused around the various year level themes.  

Car Park

Thank you for your patience with the before College and after College carpark pick up.  
Please note the following information:
Unless you are parking in one of the marked carparks and coming into the Primary campus parents are asked to remain in their cars when driving through the “Pickup/Drop off” zones.  The “Pickup/Drop off” Zones are a NO PARKING ZONE.  Please do not leave your car if you are in these areas.  This applies to both morning and afternoon.

In the afternoon students will wait in the pickup zones from 3.10pm where they are encouraged to move straight to their car when it arrives.    Staff will assist your child in the collection process.

 Start of Day

The beginning and end of each day is a wonderful time for our College community.  It provides a time for parents to meet and talk and it is also a time for parents to catch up informally with teachers.  This is a most valuable part of each day and a time that I encourage.

At the beginning and end of each day our teachers work hard to ensure that all of their students are safe and well supervised.  In the morning parents are asked to ensure that their children wait in the Undercover Area and H Block (Year 6).  Supervision is provided in this area between 8.00am and 8.15am.  At 8.15am students are asked to move to classrooms.  If parents are also waiting in the mornings I ask that they too wait with their children in the Undercover Area – NOT OUTSIDE THE CLASSROOMS.  

End of Day

In the afternoon, teachers will bring their class to the Undercover Area.  This involves moving out of the classroom, collecting bags and other belongings and walking as a class group to the undercover area.  I ask parents who have come to the College, to collect their children from the Undercovered Area and not from the classroom door.  This allows our teachers the opportunity of a more ordered, safe and structured afternoon dismissal.


Don’t Forget:

•    Please help by ensuring that all books are kept neat and tidy always.
•    Please ensure that the diary is signed in receipt of homework being completed.  Any written communication to teachers can be entered in the diary.
•    Students are asked to ensure that they are at College on time (8.30am start) each day.  
•    Please help by encouraging your child(ren) to keep shoes polished and uniform and grooming in line with College expectations.

Get involved in the School Banking programme

Coomera Anglican College is excited to offer the Commonwealth Bank School Banking programme   to all students again in 2017.

School Banking is a fun, interactive and engaging way for young Australians to learn about money and develop good savings habits. Children who deposit money into their Youthsaver account through School Banking earn Dollarmites tokens, which they can save up and redeem for exciting rewards.

The rewards available during 2017 are: Banking Rewards

  • Cyber Handball
  • Colour Change Markers
  • 3D ChalkSet
  • Tablet Case
  • Smiley Emoji Keyring
  • Volt Handball
  • Pencil + Tech Case
  • Epic Earphones

School Banking is also a great fundraiser for the College. We receive $5 when a student makes their first ever School Banking deposit and 5% on every deposit made through the College (to a maximum of $10 per individual deposit).

Getting involved in School Banking is easy!

All you need to get involved in the School Banking program is a Commonwealth Bank Youthsaver account. You can open an account for your child in one of two ways:

  1. Online

Visit and click on the link to open a Youthsaver account.

  1. Inbranch

Visit a Commonwealth Bank branch with identification for yourself and your child, like a driver’s licence and birth certificate.

Account Opening Session

We will also be holding the following Account Opening session at the College:

Time:   8:00am         
Date:   Wednesday 8 March 2017       
Location:   Primary Undercover Area

If you are interested in opening a Commonwealth Bank Youthsaver account for your child at this session, please bring along your current driver’s licence or another form of photographic identification.


School Banking Day

School Banking day is every Friday, commencing Friday 3 February 2017.

Each week you need hand in your deposit and completed deposit slip to your class teacher.

If your child has an existing Commonwealth Bank Youthsaver account they can start banking straight away. They just need to bring their deposit in every Friday using their Dollarmites deposit wallet.

If you would like to know more about School Banking, please ask for a 2017 School Banking programme information pack from the Primary school office or visit

The Primary teachers and I welcome the 2017 academic year in Primary with excitement and anticipation in the area of teaching and learning of the Preparatory to Year 6 students.  I would like to take this opportunity to provide an update about what has been happening in Primary Teaching and Learning and provide an overview of the focus areas for 2017.

Last year, a number of Primary teachers participated in action research projects focused on improving teacher practice and identifying effective strategies to enhance student learning.  These projects were conducted in conjunction with Independent Schools Queensland (ISQ) and helped to engage our teachers in professional development investigating the latest research and teaching methodologies.  

One of the projects involved Mrs Brigitte Sadler and Mrs Isla Fuller working with the Year 4 teaching team to explore effective differentiation strategies within the teaching of Mathematics. Another project involved Mrs Reeves working with the Years 5 and 6 teachers to refine teacher practice with a focus on teaching Mathematics.  In Year 2, Mrs Jacqueline Pearson extended her participation in a coaching project, working with teachers in Years 2, 3, 4 and 5 to enhance student reading competency and comprehension skills through guided reading activities.

Another important project extended beyond our College and involved building an assessment community among private schools on the Gold Coast.  Mrs Shuttlewood coordinated a series of moderation workshops involving curriculum leaders and teaching teams from the majority of Gold Coast private schools.  This project was completed together with ISQ and provided teachers with the opportunity to discuss and make judgements about assessment decisions on sample pieces of student work.

2017 will continue to be a very productive year for our Primary teachers.  Many of the projects mentioned above will continue with the Gold Coast assessment community of private schools growing in size.  

This year will also see our students and teachers engaging in a range of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) projects.  The projects will consist of a number of investigations and will be conducted throughout the academic year.  In addition, the students will be able to engage in new cocurricular activities throughout the year.  These activities will also include a STEM focus through a ‘Maker Space’ environment.  

The Primary teachers will be encouraging their students to use their Habits of Mind and be responsible risk takers with their learning as they engage in aspects of inquiry based learning to enhance their thinking, problem solving and creativity.
2017 will certainly be another busy, challenging and engaging year of learning for our students and our teachers.

Mrs Amanda Shuttlewood - Coordinator of Teaching and Learning Preparatory to Year 6.

Farewell to Those Who Have Served with Distinction

At the end of this year we farewell a number of staff from the Primary Campus.  Mr Peter Cooper, Ms Sharee Grant, Mrs Kristy Middleton and Mrs Jodie Gaven will all sadly be leaving our College. 

Mrs Sharee Grant, Mrs Jodie Gaven and Mrs Kirsty Middleton have all contributed significantly to the education and welfare of our students at Coomera Anglican College.  During their time here they have left their mark on the success of our College and they have made an outstanding contribution to maintaining the ethos of Coomera Anglican College.  We wish them well in the future!    

We also farewell Mr Peter Cooper who is retiring after 40 years of distinguished service to education, the last 12 years at Coomera Anglican College.  

Mr Cooper has been a vibrant and spirited presence not only within our community but also within the lives of those individuals who have been privileged to have been touched by his enduring passion for teaching and his natural ability to connect with young people.  We are grateful for Mr Cooper’s energetic leadership, his good humour, kindness and deep humanity. We thank Mr Cooper for all that he has offered the College during his 12 years of service.  Coomera Anglican College is a better place for his great work with students and staff. Best wishes and thank you, Peter Cooper!  

Primary Class Teachers 2017

Thanks to Our Year 6 Student Leaders of 2016

As our Year 6 Junior Leaders moved through 2016 and considered the challenges that arose from their day to day activities they never lost sight of what lay at the heart of our theme, “Celebrating Growth”.  The 2016 Year 6 student leaders have embraced the future with strength and stamina and the very notion of “Celebrating Growth” has allowed them to build a future with a desire to be stronger and wiser.

I take this opportunity to thank our Primary Captains, House Captains and all the Junior Leaders.  We have been fortunate to have had such a wonderful student leadership team led by Mikayla Maudsley, Bailey Summerland and Lataya Owiess.  Together they have been excellent role models within our College community and I thank them, the House Captains and the entire Year 6 cohort of 2016 for their great work and support over the course of the year.  Well done Year 6 and best wishes for the future.

Year 6 Crossing the Bridge Ceremony

On Thursday 1 December 2016 the Year 6 students will be attending The Crossing the Bridge Ceremony.  This event allows our Year 6 students to formally move across to the Junior Secondary Campus.  This will begin at 12.30pm in the Primary Undercover Area and once the Year 6 students have formally Crossed the Bridge there will be a Welcome Worship/Assembly in the Secondary Campus with the Secondary students and teachers at approximately 2.00pm.  Parents/guardians and friends of our current Year 6 students are encouraged to join us for this special occasion. 

“Session UP” – Meeting our New Friends

On Tuesday 29 November, Prep – Year 6 students will be involved in the “Session Up” Transition Programme which allows each student to spend a short session with their 2017 class and, if possible, their 2017 teacher.  Students will locate their classroom and meet the students who will accompany them in their class for the year.  This should be an exciting moment for the students of the Primary Campus and it will certainly assist them in the preparation for the year ahead. 

Parents are asked to remain supportive of the class placements.  Teachers have spent many hours of thoughtful consideration to ensure that each student is placed carefully into their new class. 

Wednesday, 23 November 2016 23:28

Final Primary Chess News for 2016

At the last chess cocurricular for 2016 this week the final round of the Term 4 chess tournament was played and the following awards were presented:

Bronze – James Thompson
Silver – Lucy Robertson
Gold – Kaitlin van Houten

Coaches awards – Lucy Robertson, Owen Boorer, Abbie Brims

Brigitte Sadler - Primary Chess Coordinator

Wednesday, 16 November 2016 00:48

From the Head of Primary - Week 7, Term 4 2016

Developing the “Soft Skills”

This week, the Senior Secondary Celebration Evening highlighted for us all the importance of a consistent, robust, values-based education where students are continually exposed to the same positive messages from the many guiding adult influences that exist in their lives.  The Primary Campus has an important role to play in all this, by providing a platform on which a culture of strong discipline, cooperative teamwork, respect for rules and respect for others is launched.  In these early years of schooling life, friendships are formed, knowledge is acquired, skills are imparted and attitudes are shaped. All this places great responsibility on both the home and the College to develop and nurture this unique community.   

In his address, Dr Sly clearly articulated the importance of developing in our students the “soft skills” such as relationships, empathy, communication and perseverance.  He indicated that, as a College, we need to ensure that what students take away with them are thoughts, feelings and modes of conduct that will deliver good global citizens.  To achieve this Coomera Anglican College needs to remain true to our values and our Purpose, and not get swept along with every fad and technological advancement for its own sake.


Farewell to Year 12 students

On Friday 18 November our College will farewell the Year 12 students of 2016.  The Years 6 – 11 students will attend the Year 12 Valedictory Assembly in The Ivan Gibbs Centre.  The assembly will be followed by a Guard of Honour which will include all students from the Early Learning Centre to Year 11.  Our Year 12 students of 2016 will pass through the Guard of Honour as they leave the College for the last time.   
The staff and students of the Primary Campus take this opportunity to wish all our Year 12 students the very best for the future. We will miss their friendship, their support and their leadership.

Year 12 2016


“Session UP” – Meeting our New Friends

On Tuesday 29 November, Prep – Year 6 students will be involved in a short “Session Up” Transition Programme which allows each student to spend some time with their 2017 class and, if possible, their 2017 teacher.  During the Session Up, students will have the opportunity to meet their 2017 teacher (if possible), will locate their 2017 classroom and will meet the students who will accompany them in their class for the year.  This is an exciting moment for the students of the Primary Campus and it will assist them in the preparation for the year ahead.  

Parents are asked to remain supportive of the 2017 class placement.  Teachers have spent many hours of thoughtful consideration to ensure that each student is placed carefully into their new class.


Year 6 Crossing the Bridge Ceremony

On Thursday 1 December the Year 6 students of 2016 will participate in the annual Crossing the Bridge Ceremony.  This ceremony is a long standing tradition which formally farewells the Year 6 cohort from the Primary Campus as they are welcomed into the Junior Secondary Campus.  The Ceremony will begin at 12.30pm in the Primary Undercover Area.  Parents and friends of our current Year 6 students are welcome to join us for this special occasion.  Details will be forwarded soon.

Arrangements for Celebration evenings

The Celebration Evenings are designed to be a celebration of all students and the year past.  Every student will go onto the stage so that we can congratulate them for their wonderful efforts throughout 2016.  

Years 3 / 4    Monday 28 November, commencing at 6.00pm
Years 5 / 6    Tuesday 29 November, commencing at 6.30pm

Wednesday, 09 November 2016 02:11

From the Head of Primary - Week 6, Term 4 2016

Celebration Events - Memorable and Significant

The Prep, Year 1 and Year 2 Celebration Events this week were a celebration of the year past and new beginnings with a focus on each and every student as they celebrate the work and achievements of their individual year. There were captivating musical numbers presented by each class in a range of styles, well composed sound and visuals highlighting the life in the Primary Campus in the year past, as well as the traditional presentations of awards and enthusiastic singing from all in attendance.  I think that we would all agree that there was spectacle and sentiment, all in equal proportion.  

I take this opportunity to congratulate the students of Prep, Year 1 and Year 2.  We can all feel proud of the way they presented and conducted themselves during their Celebration Events.

Celebration 2016  


Primary Student Leadership - 2017

Congratulations to all students in Year 5 who nominated for a leadership position in 2017.  Today we announced a shortlist of students who will present their Primary Student Leadership speech next week in preparation for choosing our Primary Captains and SRC Captain for 2017.  These speeches will be held in the Ivan Gibbs Centre on Monday 14 November.  Good luck to all students involved.  


A Musical Extravaganza

On Thursday 10 November, we were witness to the annual strings concert entitled, A Space Odyssey.  This was presented by “Scotty” of the Star Ship Enterprise (Mr Setiawan) and the very able crew of the Enterprise (The College Music Staff).  The string students of Coomera Anglican College did us all very proud.   Seeing the bright, sparkling faces of our students on the stage of the Ivan Gibbs Centre was delightful.  Each and every student obviously adored their stage experience and gained tremendously from it.  Over 15 performances from more than 100 students provided an eclectic array of musical items with the assistance of a very slick and able backstage crew.

The musical talents of our Primary students consistently amaze.  Their dedication, motivation and sheer love of music is always evident.

music 4


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