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Wednesday, 13 September 2017 03:09

From the Head of Primary - Week 10, Term 3 2017


An Action Packed Term 3

As Term 3 comes to a close, I take this opportunity to acknowledge the many members of our community who have been contributors to our successes.  It would seem that each individual student has grown in character, personal confidence and wellbeing.  

Over the course of Term 3 our theme, Flourishing has enabled us all to reflect on where we have come from and understand more about who we are and the directions that we will take in the future.  Stimulated by a collective desire to achieve and a growing culture of trust and like-mindedness, Term 3, 2017 has proven to be one of great inspiration which has served to nurture a growth in learning, knowledge and independence.  Years 4 and 5 camps, Book week, Grandparent’s Day, Dad’s Day, and Music concerts (to name only a few) have all added to the growth and development of our students this term.


Staff News

Congratulations to Mr Tom Batty and Ms Theresa Russ on their recent engagement to each other and to Ms Kayla Kuhnemann for her recent engagement to Troy Ruston.  On behalf of the College community I extend best wishes to both couples.


CACaburras in Space - Athletics

An early light shower could not dampen the spirits of our young CACaburras as they took flight yesterday morning to compete in the Prep – Year 2 Athletics Carnival.   The athletes, all proudly wearing their House colours, won the hearts of the many spectators who were fortunate enough to witness this highly energetic and spirited carnival.  Teachers and parents alike were all inspired by the spirit and excitement of the young CACaburras and everyone left feeling that they were a part of an inclusive and close-knit community.   

Thank you to the Year 6 Leaders who assisted on the day.  As a group, they showed great leadership as they nurtured their younger colleagues through the many activities.  Thanks also to Mrs McLauchlan and the PE staff.  The organisation on the day was second to none!  

Well done, to all the CACaburras who competed on the day!!

Athletic Carnival


Year 6 Science Expo

Year 6 students hosted the 2017 Year 6 Science Expo in the IGC this week.  Over the course of Term 3 the Year 6 students have been researching Micro-organisms and parents, students and teachers were all invited to view the results of their hard work.  The young scientists were amazing as they presented their Year 6 Science Expo. The expo featured all of their research and subsequent learning on micro-organisms and the many colourful and technology driven displays were all well received by their appreciative audience.

Congratulations, Year 6.  A wonderful outcome!

Science Expo Collage


Year 4 Convicts

One could be forgiven for thinking the Coomera Anglican College was harbouring a chain gang of convicts in the Year 4 rooms this week.  The students of Year 4, all dressed in convict outfits, presented their Culminating Activity/Assessment based on early Australian Explorers and the First Fleet.  Each student gave a verbal report about life as a convict, detailing life back in their homeland compared to life as a convict here in the Australian penal colony.  The level of presentation was outstanding.  Congratulations Year 4!


CACaburras – Netball

Congratulations to all the Netball coaches, managers, players and parents who, last Saturday evening, attended the annual CACaburra’s Netball Presentation Evening.  It was a wonderful evening with all students gaining awards for their efforts in Netball, 2017.  Special congratulations to the netball teams that made the grand finals and those that won.   Well done, netball players!  Thanks must go to Head Coach, Ms Anna Young, Mr Mark Jordan and the Netball Committee.


Student Free Day – Monday 16 October

A reminder that Monday 16 October is a student free day – this is Week 3 of Term 4.  On this day we will be holding an orientation day for our new students of 2017.  

I wish all families a well-earned break from the routine of the College day over the next two weeks and I encourage you all to come back in Term 4 ready again to continue exploring beyond the boundaries of Flourishing.



Wednesday, 13 September 2017 02:23

Gold Coast North Inter-school Chess Tournament

Twenty-one students took part in the Gold Coast North Inter-school Chess Tournament.  It was held for the first time at the spectacular Coomera Indoor Stadium.  Nicholas Schneider and Owen Boorer were awarded merit ribbons.  Congratulations especially to Owen as this was his first chess tournament.


Wk 10 Chess

Monday, 04 September 2017 23:57

From the Head of Primary - Week 9, Term 3 2017

#cacgratitude – Recognising and Honouring Gratitude

Gratitude Week was the culmination of 30 Days of Gratitude and the event offered our College community a chance to celebrate Gratitude. The focus on gratitude provided us with an opportunity to say thank you and enabled us to realise how supportive we are of one another.    

Every Primary student posted notes of gratitude on the Primary Gratitude Wall located outside the Primary Administration, highlighting each other’s feelings and beliefs about gratitude. Their colourful drawings depict their own personal thoughts and thanks.  

Recognising and honouring gratitude is in itself a fine human quality and in many ways represents the best of who and what we are.  A week acknowledging and appreciating this important life affecting character strength can not be under-valued.


Gratitude Collage Newsletter



A Music Night Sets the Tone

The annual Primary Music Concert was held on Thursday evening, and featured 24 performances involving three hundred and twelve students.  The students performed an eclectic array of musical items to the absolute delight of the very appreciative audience.  The concert performances could not be accomplished without the many hours of practice and the commitment of music tutors and teachers. Student performances ranged from the classical Edelweiss to the energy driven drum line. At the end of the evening, the audience responded with deserved acclamation.

Thanks must go to Mrs Shelley Bissett for her role in coordinating the acts throughout the evening.  

Well done, Primary musicians!


Music Concert Collage


A Special Day with Dad

Dads’ Day at Coomera Anglican College is one of those affirming and inspiring moments we experience every year. Having our dads on campus confirms the powerful essence of family.  

Our dads enjoyed a bacon and snag basher burger, coffee and an opportunity to mingle with each other and celebrate Dads' Day.  This year saw record numbers of dads sharing time and engaging in activities with their children, as the Primary classrooms swelled to accommodate our extra-large visitors. Everyone had a great time and the stories that have followed have been embellished with some raucous humour and exaggerated truths.  Thank you dads, for making our day!


Dads Day Collage Newsletter


Farewell and Best Wishes

At the end of this term, we farewelled two staff from the Primary Campus.  We thank Mrs Jorgensen, (Learning Support) and Mrs Watson (Library and Infinity), who have both given tirelessly of their skill and passion as educators.  They will be missed and we wish them well for the future!    


CACaburra Club Netballers and Basketballers

This Saturday night the CACaburra Netballers and Basketballers will have their end of season Presentation.  The students who played throughout the season will be recognised for their wonderful efforts this year. 
Well done to all teams and congratulations to the players, and to their coaches and managers for such a wonderfully successful netball/basketball season.  Go CACaburras!!!


Communication through Parent Teacher Interviews

The strength of any community relies on the relationships that exist between the many individuals in that community. At Coomera Anglican College we are fortunate to have a College based on positive relationships.  Over many years in our community hase established a wonderful culture of trust, cooperation and respect.  We are all witness to examples of a community working together for the common good as students, teachers and parents constantly work together to strive the best possible outcomes for our students.  

In line with this positive communication, we recently held the Term 3 Parent Teacher Interviews. With their child's teacher, parents had the opportunity to view their child’s Student Portfolio.   Teachers and parents gained significantly from these interviews and I know that our students will also benefit from the conversations that have taken place over the past few days.  This is communication at its best and communication is something that we celebrate and encourage here at our College.


White Balloon Day

Today is White Balloon Day, which is the culmination of Child Protection Week.  It is also an opportunity for us to celebrate how grateful we are for the safety that our students enjoy at Coomera Anglican College. Child protection is of paramount importance and IT IS EVERYONE'S BUSINESS.



Expanding the Horizons of Learning – Years 4 and 5 Camp

During our College camps, students are challenged to make decisions in areas that are new and, at times, quite challenging personally.  There is a feeling of excitement and achievement as students complete activities they once believed they could not do.  This forms the basis of a growth mindset and ultimately allows students to continue challenging themselves as their lives develop.

The Years 4 and 5 Camps were a wonderful experience for our students.  Not only did the students gain educationally from the camp, but they were also able to further develop self-confidence, social skills and emotional strength, as they spent time away from their families.  Behaviour was exemplary, and the efforts and attitudes of all involved were full of positivity and enthusiasm.  Hearty congratulations to our students and sincere thanks to the staff who attended these camps.  The role of our camp staff is significant.  It is a day and night commitment and their support and endeavour have been exceptional.  Well done, everyone!

 Yr 4 2017

Yr 5 2017



Coomera Anglican College Public Speaking Competition Winners

I am pleased to announce the winners of our 2017 Coomera Anglican College Public Speaking Competition. 

The winners are:

Year 4 – Ruby McVey
Year 5 – Tahlia Hanley
Year 6 – Jasmin Mallard

2017 Public Speaking Competition

Congratulations to each of these students!


Fathers' Day Gift Stall – Thursday 31 August

PAFA will be holding a Fathers' Day Stall on Thursday 31 August in the Primary Campus.  Some wonderful gifts are being prepared for students to select from, some students may even like to select a gift for Granddad.

Please note the following important changes to the Fathers’ Day Gift Stall:

  • All gifts are $7.00 each
  • No pre-ordering required; gifts may be purchased on the day with cash payment only
  • Correct money is required, please place in a small zip lock sandwich bag with your order form (click this link)
  • Please do not send in any cash until the day of the Stall on Thursday 31 August 


Fathers' Day Celebration – Friday 8 September

The Fathers' Day celebration this year is on the morning of Friday 8 September.  Invitations and details of the morning are available on Passmarc.


Carpark Suggestions and Tips

Recently we had the Police visit our Primary car park, because they were concerned by the number of cars queuing on the road during the afternoon pick up. This problem is caused by parents arriving too early in the afternoon. At the moment many cars are queuing from around 2.30pm and this creates a backlog of cars waiting for students.  By 3.10pm the queue is usually back around the corner on Williamson Road.  The College day concludes at 3.10pm and students don’t get to their car park pick up zones until just after 3.10pm.  Therefore, arriving between 3.10pm and 3.40pm would relieve the queuing issue and allow for a much easier and faster student collection.  Please consider coming at this later time to ease the congestion.  Students are fully supervised until they are collected.  


Other Carpark Tips  


  • Always use the crossings when crossing the car park
  • Never have students walk behind other cars to get to their car
  • Be careful that your car park conversations don’t distract you from the real issue – safety
  • Never leave your car unattended while in the Pickup/Drop off areas
  • Drive very slowly through the car park
  • Use the pickup / Drop off zones only when students are entering cars.


Thanks for your support here!

Grandparents’ Day

It would seem that the coming together of the generations on Grandparents’ Day ignites a passion of real camaraderie now rarely seen.  The Coomera Anglican College grandparents added great wisdom to the Book Week theme, “Escape to Everywhere” as they enjoyed time at the book character parade, in the classrooms and at the book fair.  Our grandparents are a perpetual reminder of the opportunities and optimism that education provides. But, undoubtedly their influence goes even deeper than this.  The imagery of the old school days produces a compelling nostalgia and today it was delightful for us all to hear the many inspiring and, in some cases, amusing stories of the old school days recounted fondly by many of our special guests.  Without doubt, Grandparents’ Day is one of our most enjoyable days of the year.  Thank you to all of our grandparents and special friends. 

I thank Mrs Wellham, Mrs Watson and Mrs Spinks for their wonderful organisation of the week.   

The Book Fair raised close to $4000.00 from book sales in the Primary Library.  Well done, everyone!

Here are some lovely photos from today’s parade!

Primary Book week parade


A Will to Grow and Develop Stimulates a Culture of Success

Our many recent successes have added fuel to the culture of success that is building within the boundaries of Coomera Anglican College!  As we move further ahead and consider the challenges that arise from our day to day activities, it is important not to lose sight of what lies at the heart of this powerful culture of success.  Having a culture of success provides the nutrients for healthy growth.  It broadens our vision and sharpens our sense of who we are and what we stand for.  Its foundation is at the heart of what it means to be progressive and this provides a natural stimulant for positive growth and success.


Celebrating a Sporting Culture of Success: APS Junior Athletics – 3rd Place

On the back of our Secondary Athletics Percentage Trophy win and overall fifth placing on Wednesday of this week, our Primary Athletics Team took to the track on Thursday and came home having placed third in the Junior Schools’ APS Athletics Carnival. This is a wonderful result and once again demonstrates the level of confidence and strength that Coomera Anglican College has gained over the years.  

At the Athletics Carnival, our students were both resolute and focused on their competition.  College spirit and pride plays an extremely important role in the success of any event and the determination, confidence and collective grit displayed was second to none.  

I am very grateful #cacgratitude to Mrs Stephen and her team of coaches for their work with our Athletics team.  Their organisation and attention to detail have been significant.  We continue to go from strength to strength!!! 

NOTE: Full details of the individual and team successes will be published soon!






Celebrating a Public Speaking Culture of Success

This week, we had the privilege of witnessing the finals of the Years 4 – 6 Ruth Parlett Public Speaking Competition.  Each student spoke with articulation, poise and confidence.  Again, I am prompted to say how proud I am of the efforts of our young children.  Learning to be a public speaker takes great courage and significant practice.  

The winners of our Ruth Parlett Public Speaking Competition for 2017 will be announced next week.


A Culture of Success Building a Culture of Resilience – Year 3 Sleep Over

Tonight the Year 3 students will be setting up camp in the Ivan Gibbs Centre for the annual Year 3 Sleepover.  We always look forward to this exciting time of the year when the Year 3 students spend a night away from home in the company of their friends and teachers.  Students gain significant independence from this activity and come away with a real sense of achievement.  It is wonderful preparation for the camps in years ahead when students are away for a number of days and nights. 
Have a great time, Year 3!


End of year Celebration Events

Preparatory Friday 10 November   9am to 10am
Year 1 Friday 10 November   11am to 12midday
Year 2 Friday 10 November  1pm to 2pm
Years 3-4 Monday 27 November   6pm to 7.30pm
Years 5-6 Tuesday 28 November 6.30pm to 8pm




Tuesday, 01 August 2017 22:35


The College is pleased to announce that we are the first APS school to join the Headsmart Concussion Programme. The College will be assisted with the delivery of this leading programme by UC Physio, who will conduct the testing as part of the programme.

We believe that this is a positive programme, in line with initiatives in major sporting codes, and will be a valuable tool to assist our families in the event of a head injury.

More details will be available soon with how families can get involved. We will be encouraging everyone involved in sport to sign up for the annual base line testing.

Stay tuned!

For more information visit the Headsmart website:


NAPLAN – A Part of Queensland’s Top Performing Schools

This week the Years 3/5/7/9 NAPLAN results were received by the College.  In analysing our performance across the wider community it is apparent that Coomera Anglican College sits within the top performing schools in the state of Queensland.  We can all feel proud and celebrate together the growth of our students and their successes over the years.  While our students continue to perform well in the academic realm they can also celebrate significant success in the areas of culture, music, sport, empathy, integrity, respect and personal happiness.  Ultimately it is this balance that will inspire students to flourish – to grow and develop with skills and attitudes that will give them the expertise and strength of character to face the world beyond.  Parents will receive student results later this term.


I have listed here the percentage of students at or above the National Minimum Standards (NMS):



Reading Writing Spelling Grammar/Punctuation Numeracy
100%  100%  100%  100%  100% 



Reading Writing Spelling Grammar/Punctuation Numeracy
99%  99%  98%  97%  100% 


  Year 7 NAPLAN

Reading Writing Spelling Grammar/Punctuation Numeracy
99%  99%  100%  97%  100% 



Reading Writing Spelling Grammar/Punctuation Numeracy
98%  95%  98%  99%  100% 


Public Speaking Competition

The Primary Public Speaking Competition is one way in which our students are able to gain the skills required to speak confidently in public.  This activity is extremely worthwhile and parents have also had an opportunity to become involved in the preparation.  We heard the Prep to Year 3 speeches at assembly on Tuesday and they were fantastic!!  We were all amazed by the level of confidence, vocabulary and content that the students displayed.  We will be witness to the finals of the Years 4 – 6 on Monday 7 August in the Principal’s Assembly at 8.45am.  Come along and see our finalists perform!


Ready to Welcome our Grandparents

14060125 10154389839473965 655747242 oThe students of the Early Learning Centre and the Primary Campus are ready to welcome Grandparents to the College on Friday 18 August.  Grandparents’ Day is always one of our most enjoyable days at the College and we all look forward to hosting our College grandparents as we prepare for the annual Book Week, Book Character Parade.  
Please note that if your child does not have a grandparent who can attend, the invitation is also extended to a special friend to be an honorary grandparent for the day.  



Primary Discos

Last Friday night saw the Primary students looking their very best as they danced with style on the IGC dance floor.  From flashing shoes and brightly coloured shirts to the many varieties of onesies, everyone had a wonderful time.  Thanks to Mrs Bissett and the team of teachers who organised the event and who assisted on the night.  Thanks also to the parent and student helpers who gave their time on the BBQ and in the canteen.  


Disco 4



End of year Celebration Events

Preparatory Friday 10 November   9am to 10am
Year 1 Friday 10 November   11am to 12midday
Year 2 Friday 10 November  1pm to 2pm
Years 3-4 Monday 27 November   6pm to 7.30pm
Years 5-6 Tuesday 28 November 6.30pm to 8pm


Before College

Students arriving at College before 8am (who are not involved in co-curricular activity) must go to OSHC.  If students arrive between 8am and 8.15am they should go to the undercover area (Prep – Year 5) or Year 5/6 Block (Year 6) where they can wait with supervision from College staff.   Students should not be waiting outside classrooms during this time.  At 8.15am students may then move to the classrooms.  


Some Reminders

Punctuality - Students are asked to ensure that they are at school on time each day.  
Uniform and Grooming  – Please help by encouraging your child(ren) to keep shoes polished and uniform and grooming within the guidelines of the College expectations.



New and Exciting Outdoor Play Spaces

Change and tradition, and how to marry both requires careful consideration.  Since none of us see the world and our College from the same perspective, critiques and feedback are a part of the process and the basis for meaningful growth.  
Recently we asked our Primary students what they thought about their playground.  Students were given an opportunity to provide feedback and suggestions about what they liked about the existing playground and what they would like to see included in the new playground.  
With the building of the Pod, the Primary campus will acquire new and exciting outdoor play spaces, designed to extend learning through play.  The removal of our temporary buildings, currently housing the Staffroom, Learning Support, Chinese and Art, will create more play space.  Planning for this area has begun and the inclusion of our students in this process is particularly important. We all look forward to these new and exciting changes.




Annual Public Speaking Competition

The Public Speaking Competition for Prep – Year 6 is well underway and every student has the opportunity to give a speech.  This has been a part of the College academic programme for many years and I am always amazed at the level of confidence and skill displayed by our students.  Good luck everyone!


Public Speaking Term 3


Years Prep - 6 Parent Information Afternoon

Thanks to all parents who came to the Prep – Yaer 6 Information Afternoon last Monday.  The feedback I have received from parents and teachers has been very positive.  All parents should have received the Year level information via Passmarc.  This information outlines the priorities for Semester 2.  If you have any questions or concerns please ask.


Worship – Flourishing: Habits of Heart

In 2017 our theme, is Flourishing, and Habits of Heart has played a focal part of our Primary Worship.  During Worship, Reverend Mary-Anne has been actively encouraging us to gain an appreciation for our own spirituality and this has given us a deeper sense of who we are.  During the term we have been fortunate to hear from a number of guest speakers in our Worship time. They have helped us to gain a deep knowledge and understanding of the importance of the Habits of Heart, through stories, friendships and family in our lives.  In doing this we challenge ourselves to become bigger, stronger and wiser in our lives.


We have also been prompted to reflect on how very fortunate we are to be a part of a Christian community, bound together by values founded on inclusivity and diversity, which enable our students to embark upon their personal quest to be respectful, compassionate and reflective young people.


Habits of Heart

The Pod –Recognising Growth Mindsets and Shared Learning 

Our new undertaking, the Pod, will emphasise and recognise the integration between the curriculum and all those aspects of life and growth that make up our world.  In other words the four principles of human growth which direct our educational practice - Flourishing Hearts, Flourishing Minds, Flourishing Souls and Flourishing Strengths – will be at the core of our learning within the Pod.

Primary Students at CAC

As we watch the growth of the building on a daily basis it is easy to get caught up in the excitement of something so new and so potentially influential in our lives.  The opportunities offered by the Pod will be diverse.  If the look of this future focused resource is a bit different, not so the Coomera Anglican College heart that beats behind it.  Our College has long sought to deliver to its students the truth that education lies in recognising growth mindsets and shared learning experiences, all of which result in flourishing individuals.  The Pod is an accurate measure of the way Coomera Anglican College adds new dimensions to its vision for what constitutes a great Australian school, not just for now but in the future as well.         


A Spirit of Positivity – A Message from the Primary Captains

On assembly this week our Primary Captains spoke about the spirit of Coomera Anglican College.  Throughout their message, the Primary captains reminded us all that the Coomera Anglican College community has its own special bond that enables us all to feel supported and encouraged.  They spoke both confidently and articulately, pointing out that as a College, we grasp the idea of common pursuit and the importance of trust within our group and that as a College community we must all aim to strengthen the connections that bind us all together.

Parent Information Afternoon

I remind parents that the Semester 2, Parent Information Afternoon is scheduled for Monday 24 July 2017.  The sessions will include academic expectations for Semester 2, as well as providing information on camps, special days, child protection and other year level specific information.  The Year Level Information Booklet will be available on passmarc.

The format will be as follows: 

  • 3.15-3.45pm - Preparatory-Year 3 formal classroom sessions 
  • 3.45-4.15pm - Years 4-6 formal classroom sessions 
  • 3.20pm - Tea/coffee available in Primary Undercover Area 


The Semester 2 Parent Information Afternoon gives parents the opportunity to meet with their child’s class teacher and hear important information about routines, procedures and curriculum issues.  Please note that supervision will be provided for students whose parents are involved in the information session, as follows:


Preparatory-Year 1

Primary Library

Years 2-3

Primary LOTE room

Years 4-6                              

Primary Art Room


Parents are asked to collect students from these rooms at the conclusion of the Information Sessions.

CAC Public Speaking Competition

Building confidence and self-esteem are of paramount importance.  At Coomera Anglican College we work hard to ensure students are given every opportunity to build confidence and self-esteem.  The CAC Public Speaking Competition is one way in which our students are able to gain the skills required to speak confidently in public. 

This activity is extremely worthwhile and parents have also had an opportunity to become involved in the preparation.  Here are some details about the primary Campus Public Speaking Event:

Class speeches

Currently underway

Speech Finals

-          Tuesday August 1 at 8:45am in the Ivan Gibbs Centre (Prep-Year 1)

-          Tuesday August 1 at 9:10am in the Ivan Gibbs Centre (Years 2 & 3)

-          Monday August 7 at 8:45am in the IGC (Years 4-6)


Speaking Times

Prep                     30 seconds

Year 1 and 2         1 minute

Year 3 and 4         2 minutes

Year 5                  4 minutes

Year 6                  5 minutes


Primary students banking

School Banking – Get Involved!

School banking occurs every Friday morning. It is a great programme that teaches children good money saving habits. The program is operated by the Commonwealth Bank. The easiest way to get your child involved is to either open an account online or in a branch. Upon joining your children will receive a deposit book and Platybank money box. Each Friday they simply bring their deposit book to school and give it to their teacher for banking. 

The bank also offers rewards for students who bank regularly.  In addition, the College earns money for College resources.  The College receives the following benefits;

-          $5 for every account activated in the program.

-          5% of every deposit made as commission to a maximum of $10.

Last year the College received over $1500.  Please encourage your child to get involved and support the College at the same time. The link below gives you all the information you need.


Welcome Back

As we return from three weeks away, once again we find ourselves presented with the opportunity to reconnect with friends and colleagues.  I hope that you had a relaxing and adventure filled break.  Time away often enriches a deeper spirit of connection and affirms the strength of our relationships.  This is certainly true of us. We are a community with a common bond which supports an education focused on common values infused with energy and purpose, ensuring that our children are given every opportunity to grow, develop and learn.  Our first week has been a delightful reuniting of the Coomera Anglican College spirit of friendship!  Welcome back, everyone!


Week1 T3 1

Building Gratitude in our Community

Our theme this year, Flourishing, has invigorated the notion of gratitude – an enduring and timeless character strength that underpins our College values.  Through the positive emotion of gratitude the virtues of behaving decently and honourably towards others are instilled.  Gratitude is at the core of our prevailing values education and it continues to feed both the heart and soul of our College.  

This term our SRC students will be encouraging us to find gratitude for the things we have and the people in our lives.  Gratitude enables students to confidently and personally Flourish.  For what is a school if it’s principal purpose, reaching beyond even the transmission and pursuit of knowledge, is not to provide the motivation to feel gratitude towards others.    


Parent Information Afternoon

Coomera Anglican College encourages an environment where parents feel included, valued, fully informed and knowledgeable about the College and the progress of their children.  In line with this the Semester 2 Parent Information Afternoon scheduled for Monday 24 July.  The afternoon will allow parents and guardians to gain information from the Prep – Year 6 class teachers.  We consider this information afternoon very important and recommend that at least one parent/guardian from each family attend the sessions that are applicable.  
Teachers will speak about the Semester 2 Parent Information Booklet.  This will include academic expectations for Semester 2 as well as providing information on camps, special days and other year level specific information.  
Please note: A fully supervised homework room will be provided for students waiting for parents attending the information afternoon.


Grandparents' Day - 2017

Invitations for Grandparents’ Day, 2017 will be sent home early in Term 3.  Grandparents’ Day will be celebrated in the Early Learning Centre and Primary campus on Friday 18 August.  The morning promises to be very enjoyable for both young and old   If your child does not have a grandparent who can attend, the invitation is also extended to a special friend to be an honorary grandparent for the day.

The staff and students of the College are looking forward to sharing a wonderful morning with the Coomera Anglican College grandparents.


Primary Student Portfolios

Parents are reminded to return the Student Portfolio which was sent home with the Semester One Report at the end of last term.  Portfolios should be returned to your child’s class teacher.


Week1 T3 2

The Gold Coast North Chess Championship was held on Tuesday 13 June. 

Merit ribbons were awarded to Robert Skurr in B division and Petra Dennett in C division.


Chess 1 censored


Congratulations to all the entire Primary Chess team, who represented the College so proudly.



Inspired to Flourish

As the second term comes to an end, we take great pride in our students’ ability to create a resilience which enables them to confidently explore and create new and exciting futures. This term our students have all flourished as they have worked with one another celebrating successes and achievements.  Being able to work and connect with others is fundamental to the attainment of success and achievement and during this first semester the students of the Primary Campus have acted with composure, self-assurance and aptitude.  There is no doubt that our theme, “Flourishing”, has inspired us all!

Wk 9 1

Wk 9 2

Wk 9 3


I wish all families a well-earned break from the routine of the College day over the next three weeks and I look forward to welcoming everyone back in Term 3 ready to continue exploring new ways of Flourishing.


 Wk 9 4



College Camp Programme – Beginning the preparation now!

Information about the Years 3 – 5 camps will be sent home early in Term 3.  The Year 6 camp will be held in Term 4.  There will be an opportunity to talk with your children’s class teachers about the camps at the Semester Two Parent Information Afternoon, which is being held in Week 3 of Term 3.  The venues and dates of our Years 3–6 College Camps are listed below.  


Year 3 - Sleepover – (Coomera Anglican College) Friday 11 August 2017

Year 4 – (Lake Ainsworth) Wednesday 23 – Friday 25 August 2017

Year 5 – (Tyalgum Ridge) Tuesday 22 – Friday 25 August 2017

Year 6 – (Noosa North Shore) Tuesday 31 October – Friday 3 November 2017


Long Service Leave

Mrs Anne Senden (Year 1 Teacher Assistant) and Mrs Chui McDonald (Chinese Teacher) will both take long service leave during Term 3.  We wish them well!


Farewell and Best Wishes, Mr Alex Bennett19198152 10155359083008965 228255746 n

Mr Alex Bennett leaves the College at the end of Term 1 to move to Sydney with his family. Mr Bennett has been an energetic member of our community and has demonstrated good humour, kindness and deep humanity. During his time at Coomera Anglican College he has shown great compassion for hisstudents, has nurtured the individuality and uniqueness in all those who have been fortunate to be in his class.  Mr Bennett has taught with enduring enthusiasm and like any truly gifted teacher, he has a deep respect and admiration for all of his students.  Mr Bennett’s contribution to Coomera Anglican College has been significant and he will be missed by us all.    


Beginning of Term 3

Parents are reminded that the start of Term 3 is on Tuesday 11 July.




Instrumental Musical Concerts

The Term 2 Instrumental Music Concerts have been a wonderful occasion from both performers and spectators.  Over the course of 2 weeks instrumental students have had an opportunity to perform in front of very appreciative audiences.  Our young musicians performed with an aboundance of confidence, and the quality of the entertainment provided by these young and very talented musicians highlighted once again, the amazing composure, self-assurance and aptitude of our students. Anyone who has attendede would agree that our musical future is in very good hands.
I thank all the students who performed and the many various instrumental tutors who coordinated the concerts.  Well done, everyone!

 Music concerts


Primary Campus Start Smart Programme – Financial Literacy

This week, students from Years 1 – 6 took part in the Financial Literacy Programme presented by staff from the Commonwealth Bank.  Research suggests it is never too early to learn money management skills. Start Smart teaches students about financial literacy, empowering them to make wise financial decisions for themselves.
The programme consists of workshops and lessons that allow students to gain skills in financial decision making. The workshops are engaging as well as educational, and feature characters such as Captain SuperCents and Coach Cash, who all represent the temptations to spend money needlessly.
The Primary Start Smart Financial Literacy Programme includes topics such as:

  • The History of Money

  • Electronic Money/Transactions

  • Needs & Wants

  • Goods & Services

  • Comparative Shopping

  • Personal Budgets

  • Saving & Compound Interest




Congratulations to our Rugby and Netball players who competed in the DNK Cup (an interschool sporting competition) on Thursday of this week.  All teams played to the very best of their abilities and achieved some wonderful results.


  • Year 4 Netball 4th
  • Year 5 Netball 1st
  • Year 6 Netball 3rd



  • Year 5 Rugby 4th
  • Year 6 Rugby 3rd

Well done, students and coaches!


A Visit from the Far North – Townsville Grammar Sport Tour

On Friday 16 June, the Townsville Grammar Junior School Rugby and Netball teams will visit Coomera Anglican College to play against our Year 6 Rugby and Netball teams.  The games are scheduled between 9.30am and 10.30am and will be followed by a Presentation Assembly and Morning Tea for the students and staff involved. The students playing in the games will be sent further information.  All Year 6 students who are not involved in playing Rugby or Netball will be involved as spectators during this time.  This is yet another opportunity for our students to further enhance the culture of respect, friendship and success through playing of sport within the Queensland Independent School group.


“Flourishing Day” – Inspired by others!

The students of the Primary campus will provide great inspiration for us all on Friday, next week as they come to College dressed ready to celebrate “Flourishing Day”.  Students will be asked to come as someone they aspire to be in the future.  Here are some ideas for how you might ‘Flourish to Be’ to help you imagine your costume:

  • You might like to extend/flourish your creativity, so you could dress as an artist or have crayons or paintbrushes hanging off your clothes!

  • You might aspire to be a doctor or a builder, so you could dress as someone in this occupation would dress

  • You might like to flourish at Mathematics and pin mathematical signs on your clothes

  • Someone who would like to flourish to be more musical could wear musical notes

  • You might aspire to be involved in the environment and could dress as an endangered animal or as a scientist or even an habitat 

Please remember to wear sun-safe clothing and closed in shoes and bring your hat


Embracing our Learning Future – The Pod

If you have a vision of school libraries as forbidding dark rooms with book shelves that stretch out of sight, packed closely with stark, upright, wooden study tables where not a chair risks being away from under the table edge; where hapless students, thumb silently and cautiously through dusty, ancient books; where a grim and taciturn Mrs Squelch (bun in hair) invigilates the comings and goings of morose children, then think again!  This mythical portrait of school libraries really is light years away from The Pod.  

The development of The Pod, is well under way.  The shape has become more obvious over the past week and a look through the inside provides a view to the future of learning in the Primary Campus.  The Pod will allow us to move in a direction that suits everyone’s individual learning styles and needs.  It will provide state of the art technology, modern learning spaces designed for student inquiry, social and cultural engagement and a resource base that will extend the learning of each individual within the Primary campus.


 The Pod


Getting Your Techno Power Back

Schools are often involved in resolving issues associated with communication through social media. Communication using modern technology is increasingly becoming a part of life.  On occasions however, the content of a message can inappropriate, rude or even slanderous, and this has an enormous effect on student relationships, student learning and student well-being.  
By being proactive in the home and having an understanding of the possible dangers that exist in the cyber world, we can strive to avert these situations.


Below is a link to a useful article regarding technology in the home.  Setting digital boundaries in the home is essential for children and this article will give you some tips and strategies that you could use.  There is also a great poster that you could use in your home…

 Please click this link to see Getting Your Techno Power Back


Technology Poster 2


Human Relations Education

This week Year 5 and 6 sudents participated in the Human Relations Education programme conducted by Life Education, Queensland.   The programme is designed to assist young people develop a positive attitude towards their own gender development and provide them with information on personal hygiene and self-confidence during this stage of their development.


The Year 5 students focused on how to conduct healthy relationships, specifically friendships.


The Year 6 students focused on the physical, social and emotional changes experienced during puberty, and included information on individuals identity. The programme aims to help students understand and cope with this important phase of their development.  


The students were accompanied by their teachers and gained significantly from the programmes. 

Thank you Mr Campbell for your organisation.


Independent Schools’ Debating – Champions for 2017!

Debating students from Years 5 and 6 competed in the final round of the Gold Coast Independent School Debating Competition which was hosted at Coomera Anglican College on Wednesday 31 May.


With the three top schools in the competition separated by only half a point as we entered the final round, our students debated confidently to narrowly take out 1st place in the 2017 Ruth Parlett Memorial Debating CompetitionThe Ruth Parlett Memorial Interschool Debating Competition was named in honour of the late Mrs Ruth Parlett, a former Year 7 Teacher and Coordinator of Students. Mrs Parlett passed away June 17 2002 and the competition is a memorial to her life.


All students involved in the debating competition contributed to this success, having worked hard throughout the season to achieve this honour. I thank them for their commitment and dedication to their debating teams.  I also thank Coordinator, Mrs Barbara Wellham and Head Coach, Mrs Amanda Shuttlewood.
Congratulations and well done, everyone!


 Debating Image for Newstletter


Relationships - the Key to Transformational Learning

As we move deeper into 2017 and consider the challenges that confront us all, it is important not to lose sight of what lies at the heart of a successful education.  Above all, it is supportive, constructive and professional relationships that allow all learners to open themselves up to the possibility of effective learning and a positive growth mindset.  Without this foundation of mutually respectful, open and honest relationships the nature of learning that takes place will, in all likelihood, be superficial rather than deep and transformation.  

The success of our recent activities such as Under 8s' day, da Vinci Decathlon, Show Us Your Talent Spectacular, NAPLAN testing and the APS Cross Country is fundamentally founded on supportive and constructive relationships.  It is these relationships with teachers, parents and friends that provide the drive for deep and transformational learning.


Week 6 Term 2


Under 8s' Day

Today, Under 8s' Day was held at Coomera Anglican College.  Our Prep to Year 3 students were treated to some very exciting Under '8' Activities and everyone (both the Under 8s' and the 'Under 8s' at heart') had a fantastic time. Students from the Early Learning Centre joined the Prep - Year 3 students to celebrate this special day.  The theme was 'Children are Playing, Country to Coast' and it was evident from the colour and animation of the day that children’s play was the order of the day.  Well done to all our Under 8s'!

I thank our Year 6 buddies who were there to assist on various stalls.  Together they showed tremendous leadership, direction and thoughtful guidance.  Congratulations and thank you to Mr Mal Foki and Mr Michael Henderson for their fine organisation of the day.


Under 8 Collage 2


Human Relations Education

Next week the students of Year 5 and 6 will be engaged in the annual Human Relations Education programme conducted by Life Education, Queensland.   The programme is designed to assist young people to develop a positive attitude towards their own gender development and provide them with information on personal hygiene and self-confidence during this stage of their lives.

The Year 5 students will focus on healthy relationships and friendships.

The Year 6 students will focus on the physical, social and emotional changes experienced during puberty.  

The students will be accompanied by their teachers as they explore this very important phase of human development.  Thank you, Mr Campbell for your organisation.


The Queensland da Vinci Decathlon – Third Place for Code Breaking

This week a group of our students from both Secondary and Primary were invited to the Queensland da Vinci Decathlon held on the Gold Coast.  The Queensland da Vinci Decathlon is an academic interschool gala competition operated in the spirit of an Olympic Decathlon, with ten varied events of an academic nature.  Students compete in the following disciplines: mathematics, chess, code breaking, engineering challenge, philosophy, creative producers, art, poetry, cartography and general knowledge.

It was encouraging to see all of the students involved respond so well as they attempted the various tasks and problem solving challenges put to them on the day.  All of our College teams performed well competing against the other 1300 students in the competition.  The Primary team was awarded 3rd place in the Queensland State Championships for the category of Code Breaking.  This is an excellent result within a very tough competition.

Congratulations to our College teams and thanks to Mrs Amanda Shuttlewood and Mrs Katie Watson for their organisation.


18721088 10155290987383965 933181515 o



Next week is the final of our debating rounds.  I take this opportunity to congratulate the students who are involved in this year’s debating competition.  I am always amazed at the level of excellence that our students show in presenting their debates.  They are confident, articulate and extremely convincing.  Congratulations and keep up the great work, Debaters!  Good luck next Wednesday!



At the end of this term parents will receive their child’s Semester One Academic Report and Portfolio.  The report and portfolio at Coomera Anglican College are very detailed and comprehensive documents.  Together they provide details of the student’s performance over the course of one semester.
Teachers spend many hours collating student assessment and writing the written report.  This process is well under way and will continue to unfold over the next few weeks until the end of Term 2.


CongratulationsBest Wishes Ms Ramsay!

Finally on behalf of the entire Primary community, I would like to wish the Head of Junior Secondary, Anita Ramsay and her fiance Darren, best wishes for their wedding day tomorrow. 
May it be the most perfect day and you both live 'Happily Ever After'

APS Cross Country – 2nd Place!

Congratulations to the Primary APS Cross Country team who competed at the 2017 APS Cross Country Carnival.  This year our College theme, 'Flourishing' inspired the team to train hard and prepare well for this  event and the results speak for themselves.  Coomera Anglican College Primary Campus achieved their best ever result of 2nd place.   We can all feel very proud of the dedication and College spirit that our students have displayed.   The CACaburra Spirit was dominant throughout the day! 





Show Us Your Talents – Primary Music Concert

This week the Primary Campus hosted another superb 'Show Us Your Talent Spectacular' concert.  Over 20 performances from more than 40 Primary students provided an eclectic array of musical items, all of which were performed with the assistance of a very slick and able backstage crew.

The evening’s programme ranged from classical dance through to some very clever hip hop.  The musical talents of our Primary students continue to develop and their dedication, motivation and sheer love of music is always evident.  With only a short rehearsal during the hours before the concert their music was indeed outstanding.

Congratulations to our two comperes for the evening, Lindsey White and Ethan Brims.  They confidently introduced the various performers while still performing a number of items themselves.  I would also like to thank Mrs Shelley Bissett, Ms Rachel Maine, Mrs Kathryn Bartlett, Mrs Sue Rust, Mrs Denise Balson and Mr Andy Griffiths (sound and lighting) for their precision management of the concert and their encouragement of our young musicians.




Year 1 Farm Brunch

As a culmination to the Year I Farm Unit, the students and teachers of Year 1 celebrated today with a farm brunch.  Students had a taste of the many different kinds of farm foods that they have been learning about over the past few weeks.  It was a wonderful morning and I take this opportunity to thank all of our Year 1 parent helpers who cooked and prepared the farm food for the students.  Well done, everyone!


 Farmers Breakfast 2


Farmers Breakfast 1



Under 8s' Day

Under 8’ 'Day is almost here!  On Friday 26 May all of our Under 8s will gather in and around the Primary Campus and Early Learning Centre to celebrate the joys of being under 8.  This year’s theme is 'Children are Playing, Country to Coast'.  Students from Junior Kindy, Senior Kindy and Pre-Prep will come together to celebrate with Prep-Year 3 students.  The day promises to be a wonderful experience with many activities and events planned.  The Under 8s' Day activities begin at 11am on the small oval, in and around the Early Learning Centre and Prep – Year 2 Classrooms.  The activities will conclude at 12.45pm.  Come along and celebrate with us.


Birthday Food - A Healthy Approach

While it is not an expectation, some parents like to send in some food on their child's birthday.  When providing student birthday celebration cakes/food for your child’s birthday, please consider the following:


  • Please provide individual serves of the food.  For example, if you provide a cake, please send it already cut (approximately 30 small pieces)

  • Please ensure that serves are small

  • Please consider the sugar and additive content when choosing foods.  Suggested foods include homemade fruit platters, small cupcakes, pikelets, muffins or ice blocks.

  • All food must be nut-free

Please remember that there are potentially up to 30 birthday celebrations per year.  That is good reason to ensure a healthy approach when providing classes with birthday celebration food.



Next week is the final of our debating rounds.  I take this opportunity to congratulate the students who are involved in this year’s debating competition.  I am always amazed at the level of excellence that our students present in their debates.  They are confident, articulate and extremely convincing.  Congratulations and keep up the great work, Debaters!  Good luck next Wednesday!  Thanks to Mrs Wellham and Mrs Shuttlewood for their wonderful coordination of Debating.



At the end of this term parents will receive their child’s Semester One Academic Report and Portfolio.  The report and portfolio are very detailed and comprehensive documents.  Together they provide details of the student’s performance over the course of one semester.
Teachers spend many hours collating student assessment and writing the written report.  This process is well under way and will continue over the next few weeks until the end of Term 2.




Mothers’ Day

“It is never easy being a mother.
If it were easy, fathers would do it.”

flower graeme

Happy Mothers’ Day!!


Hairspray – A Musical for our Whole Community


Hairspray 3


Last weekend the students of our Secondary campus staged an energetic, colourful and entertaining production of Hairspray.  The performers took to the stage with confidence, and presented a contemporary version of the American musical with jazzed up music, fun, humour and a huge dose of Coomera Anglican College talent.  Directed by the remarkable Mrs Kirsty Terry, the cast of more than 80 performers and musicians was simply amazing in both their musical interpretation of Hairspray’s toe tapping score, and the almost uncanny recognition and recreation of the style and mood of the 1960s.  

From the wonderfully animated performances of the many dancers and chorus performers, to the amazing talent and tuneful voices of the lead actors, the 2017 Coomera Anglican College production of Hairspray proved to be a hit with our whole community.  

Hairspray 1

Hairspray 2


Putting NAPLAN in Perspective…

Students in Years 3, 5, 7 and 9 sat the 2017, NAPLAN tests this week.  This was an exciting time for these students as they all spent significant time carefully preparing themselves for this milestone event.  

While benchmark testing such as NAPLAN has a place in the education of children, it is the strong bonds of collegiality, supportive relationships and shared learning that have the greatest impact on young minds.  NAPLAN at Coomera Anglican College will always remain an important part of our academic programme but it is important to understand that the real success that our College can rightly celebrate is the attainment of educational balance.  Our students are not only developing skills within the areas of academics, culture, music and sport, they are also developing attitudes for compassion, integrity, respect, personal happiness and a general love for life and learning.


GRIP Student Leadership Conference Report - Primary Leaders – Allie van Peppen, Ben Wright and Charlotte Black

On Friday 5 May, the Primary Captains and House Captains of Coomera Anglican College were involved in a GRIP Leadership Conference at Twin Towns RSL.  Good leadership is based on four important concepts.  They are: generosity, respect, integrity and people (GRIP).  At the conference, together with many other student leaders from different schools, we learnt what good leadership is and the skills, values and attitudes that are required to make a difference.   We were exposed to a wide range of leadership skills and values, and we worked in groups, individually and in front of the whole audience.  As Primary Leaders we now have a better grasp of leadership and what it takes to be a good leader - it takes four important actions; generosity, respect, integrity and people (GRIP).   Thanks to Mr Dean and Mr Campbell for their coordination of this event.


APS Cross Country!

Congratulations to all the students who have been selected to run in the APS Cross Country Carnival on Tuesday 16 May.  This year we have been training hard and our attitude for success is absolute!  We are very proud of the dedication and College spirit that our students have displayed in their preparation and training for these events.  Please get behind the students as they prepare to run with the Blue and Green on their backs at the APS Cross Country Carnival on Tuesday next week.   


Under 8s' Day

Under 8s' Day is being held at Coomera Anglican College on Friday 26 May.  This year’s theme is “Children are Playing, Country to Coast – Inspiring Learning in the Early Years through Play.”  Students from the Early Learning Centre will come together to celebrate with Prep-Year 3 students.  The day promises to be a wonderful experience with many activities and events planned.  The Under 8s' Day activities begin at 11.00am on the small oval and in and around the Prep – Year 2 Classrooms.  The day will conclude at 1pm.  All parents and friends are encouraged to come along and enjoy the day.  A flyer listing the planned activities has been distributed to the families of students from Early Learning through to Year 3.  Any questions should be directed to the Primary Campus or Early Learning Centre.


Show Us Your Talents Spectacular

On Tuesday 16 May, Coomera Anglican College Primary students will showcase their unique talents at the Show Us Your Talent Spectacular.  Over 20 performances from more than 50 Primary students will provide an eclectic array of musical items.

The musical talents of our Primary students consistently amaze.  Their dedication, motivation and sheer love of music is always evident.  Come along and enjoy what is sure to be a wonderful evening of music and performance.


A Celebration of our College Mothers

On Friday 5 May, in the Early Learning Centre and Primary Campus, we had a very special day to celebrate all of our mothers.  The celebrations began with classroom visits at 8.30am and then at 9.30am we shared a morning tea in the Primary Undercover Area and Early Learning Centre.  A great morning was had by all!  Happy Mothers’ Day to all our mums!

Thanks must go to all the wonderful Dads and Mums who helped with the morning tea and preparation on the day.  We appreciate your time and effort.

Mothers day dads

The wonderful helping hands of our CAC Dads


Community Spirit Required – The Donnelly Family

Please keep the Donnelly family in your thoughts and prayers at this time.  Justin Donnelley was a parent of Coomera Anglican College until recently when he moved to Dubai to work in the area of soldier training.  Very recently, Justin had a serious motor bike accident leaving him in hospital in a critical medical state.  His children (Jordan and Jade) have moved back to Australia while his wife, Deborah remains by Justin’s side as he begins the long road to recovery.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Donnelly family.



Primary students will love Hairspray


Next week the 2017 College Musical ‘Hairspray’ takes to the stage in the Ivan Gibbs Centre. A few parents have spoken to me about the storyline and its suitability for Primary students.  The storyline itself takes place in 1962 Baltimore. A full-figured teenager, Tracy Turnblad, has a dream to dance on "The Corny Collins Show," a local TV programme. Against all odds, the charismatic, optimistic, talented Tracy wins a role on the show and becomes a celebrity overnight.  She meets a colourful array of characters; including; the resident dreamboat, Link; the ambitious mean girl, Amber, an African American boy she meets in detention, Seaweed, and his mother; Motormouth Maybelle, the owner of a local record store. Tracy's mother is the indomitable Edna, and she eventually encourages Tracy on her campaign to integrate the all-white "Corny Collins Show” and bring happiness to all, regardless of shape, size or colour.


Mrs Kirsty Terry, Musical Director, proclaims that Hairspray is a very upbeat and life-affirming production. It is big, bright, fun and joyous.  The fabulous sets and colourful costumes will appeal to students of all ages. The incredible energy and music will have everyone toe tapping. Mrs Terry also said that the story will send a positive message to our College students, both Primary and Secondary, of tolerance and acceptance of all people regardless of race colour, culture and religion.

Our Primary College Counsellor, Mrs Kerry Lowe, agreed, saying that the messages in the musical were highly valuable. She felt that the most important thing was remembering that the students performing on the stage are fabulous role models for our younger students.  They are extremely fortunate to be able to have such an incredible amount of enthusiasm and positivity put in front of them which can only help in all their future endeavours at the College.


If you would like to purchase a ticket for your Primary student for the Thursday session which begins at 4pm, Primary staff will assemble them, and then walk them to the Ivan Gibbs Centre where they can purchase an early dinner from the market stalls. They will then be shown to their seat and can be collected by parents at 6.30pm.  Even better, you may wish to join your child and enjoy this exciting production!

Bookings can be made by clicking this link: HAIRSPRAY TICKETS

Week 3 HairsprayWeek 3 Hairspray 2


ANZAC Day – Coomera Anglican College Remembers

Far from the shores of Gallipoli and the battlefields of the Western Front, the spirit of ANZAC remains strong.  At the three Coomera Anglican College ANZAC Services held on Monday 24 April, students came together united in respect for our war history.  At each service there was a strong feeling of spiritual and emotional connection with Australia’s fighting heroes.  

Our guest speaker, Mr Dennis Scanlon, captured the spirit of ANZAC through his reciting of poetry and the offering of stories about our ANZAC history.  Mr Scanlon also reminded us about the importance of remembering those who have fought and died for Australia.  At the Pre-prep, Prep and Year 1 service, Mrs Kerry Brown (Year 3 Teacher and Author) read her book entitled “Lest We Forget” to the assembly and this provided a very real insight into the importance of honouring those who have fought for our freedom over the years.  

During the service we also took some time to remember our very own community hero, Trooper David Pearce.  We paid tribute to Trooper David and the sacrifice that he made for us.  David Pearce and his family will remain in our hearts forever.  Lest We Forget.


Coomera Anglican College Primary Mothers’ Day Celebrations

On Friday 5 May, we will be having a special day in the Early Learning Centre and Primary Campus to celebrate all of our mothers The day will begin at 8.30am with classroom visits and then at 9.30am there will be a Morning Tea in the Primary Undercover Area and Early Learning Centre.  So, Mums make sure that you come along and enjoy a day made just for you!


PAFA Mothers' Day Gift Stall – Primary Campus

As you know, PAFA are organising a Mothers' Day gift stall for the students of the Primary campus.   There will be great, quality gifts for the Primary campus students to purchase. These will be ready for collection by the students on Tuesday 2 May.  Students will be assisted in choosing a gift for their mother on this day.   

NAPLAN Testing: Years 3, 5, 7 and 9 – On May 9, 10 and 11 our students in Years 3, 5, 7 and 9 will be involved in the annual NAPLAN Benchmark Testing Programme.  This is a Literacy and Numeracy test designed to provide feedback about student performance to parents and schools.   If you have any questions please speak with your child’s Class Teacher.

Enabling Young Minds to Flourish – Welcome Back!

A key component of a Coomera Anglican College education is fundamentally to enable young minds to flourish in a nurturing environment with rigorous academic demands.  As a contemporary, twenty-first century College, we are required to be many different things to many different people.  Assisting students to develop a flourishing mind is critical in helping students of all abilities to recognise the value of hard work and to become inventive resourceful and imaginative contributors to our world.  


Although Term 1 came to an abrupt end due to the tail end of Cyclone Debbie, our spirits were certainly not dampened!  Our theme, “Flourishing” has added great value to our College community and we can all feel proud of our achievements both individually and collectively.  


I hope that you all felt energised with the time away over the Easter break.  The opportunity to reconnect with family is a wonderful part of Easter. Welcome to Term Two.  I hope everyone is ready to continue exploring beyond the boundaries of “Flourishing”, as we move into this exciting term ahead.

Welcome back!


Festival of Gifts 2017

Festival of Gifts week last term captured the theme of flourishing mind, heart, soul and strength.  This year our festival’s great strength was the ability to provide students with the incentive and the motivation to flourish both as individuals and collectively.  During the week, we flourished with an environmental emphasis as students and teachers worked together planning a future of sustainability using our God given gifts and talents.  


During the event, students worked in the area of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) to find ways to make our world a better and more sustainable place to live. With a challenge to explore and solve many of the environmental issues in our world, the students of the Primary Campus took to computers, science equipment, mathematical formulas and various items of stationery and construction material to create a plan for a better world.   


Students planted sunflower seeds which acted as a symbol of our theme, Flourishing (we look forward to them flourishing as flowers very soon.  Keep watering them!!).  Students also created small clay seeds made in the various House colours and imprinted with the House symbols.  These looked very special and it is our aim to put all these individually made clay seeds into a larger glass pod and display them in “The Pod”.  


On Wednesday, our Year 6 students arranged a very special “Year 6 Fair” where all students from Prep to Year 5 worked together in the Sport Centre with interactive games and activities full of fun and learning.


And finally, we were inspired by one of Australia's great children's authors, Dr Cameron Stelzer.   Cameron is the author of the series of pirate books called "Pie Rat". Young people love his creative style and students of the Primary Campus all got an inside look at some of Dr Cameron's amazing ideas.


The Festival of Gifts week was cut short due to the weather but nothing was lost in the three days that we were able to spend together as a College.  I take this opportunity to thank our Primary campus festival committee (Mrs Shuttlewood, Mr Campbell, Mrs Joanne Pearson and Mrs Kerry Brown).  They all did a wonderful job in preparing and organising the Primary Campus Festival of Gifts.  What a fantastic week!


Words, Words, Words – Year 6 Leading the Way

Word, Words, Words is a Year 6 celebration of literature where students present an interactive book review about a favourite book that they have studied over Term 1.  On Tuesday, students, dressed in book character costume, delighted their audience by presenting activities and displays such as blogs, interactive quizzes, power point presentations, word finds, bookmarks posters, reviews dioramas and much more.  Parents and students from our College community all came to see the amazing efforts of our Primary campus leaders.  The feedback was fantastic!  Everyone, was fully involved in the activities and presentations and there was a real buzz of high spirits and happy learning.  Congratulations, Year 6 students and teachers!

Words 1Words 2



ANZAC Day is especially significant because it gives us the opportunity to remember and reflect upon the contribution Australian and Allied servicemen and women have made for our freedom.
Our ANZAC Day Services will be held on Monday 24 April in The Ivan Gibbs Centre.  These are the details of each service:

8.45am - Years 2 - 6
10.00am - Pre-Preparatory - Year 1
10.50am - Secondary
I also encourage everyone to join the local ANZAC Day March starting from the School of the Arts, Upper Coomera on Tuesday 25 April at 9am.  All College students are invited to participate in the Coomera-Oxenford ANZAC Day march and ceremony held at the Upper Coomera Cenotaph.  

Farewell and Best Wishes, Mrs Vikki Rees

Mrs Vikki Rees left our College at the end of Term 1 to take up a position as Librarian at St Andrew’s Lutheran College on the Gold Coast.
Mrs Rees’ work at the College has been built around a love of stories and the power of language.   She has great compassion for the students she taught and worked hard to nurture the uniqueness in each individual.  During her time at Coomera Anglican College, Mrs Rees has taught with enduring enthusiasm and, like any truly gifted teacher, she had a deep respect and admiration for all her students.  Mrs Rees’ contribution has been significant and she will be missed by us all.


Congratulations Mrs Jackson – It’s A Girl!

Mrs Kirsty Jackson gave birth to a beautiful baby girl on 31 March, 2017.  Both mother and daughter are doing very well!


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