Year 12 Student Fraser Smith Training with a World Champion

Hi, my name is Fraser Smith, I am in Year 12 and I love Martial Arts. I do Karate and MMA outside of school and I love the passion of martial arts. I am a silver medalist in the Australian Karate Federation and words cannot even describe how very lucky I am to be a part of the QKA (Queensland Karate Association). 

Over the Easter break, I had the opportunity to go over to Belgium where I was training under a world champion called Junior Leferve. Before I went to Belgium, I had been watching his videos on Youtube, and his videos show how he trains world champions and how to create world champions. When I got to Belgium, I went to his dojo (training gym) and when I saw him there for the first time in person, it was mind blowing, to see Junior right in front of me and shaking my hand. It was amazing to see him and say hello to him. 

 Fraser Smith3

He is on e of my idols in Marital Arts and he is very influential in the way he progresses Karate. He is a 1x World Champion, Silver medallist at world level and he is a multiple time European Champion. To me he is a true example of a martial artist. When I got to train with him, it was amazing to see a world champion training me, it was a dream come true. I only had had three days to train with him but that was better than no days at all. I am committed to applying everything that I have learned, and will continue to strive to be the best that I can be.
It was an incredible experience for me to travel to Europe and train with a world champion and my idol. When I got back to Australia, I had an opportunity to apply some of the things that I had learned at the Australian Open for Karate in Sydney. This was my first Australian Open ever. My results were two Bronze Medals. I feel extremely proud of myself that I earned two bronze medals. 
Belgium was an incredible experience for me and I would definitely go back there and train for more than three days. I will keep training hard for my future as a Martial Artist.

Fraser Smith

Fraser trains with Sensei Dhanesh Walatara at the Japan Karate Do Hakuakai Australia Club based at Maudsland. Fraser has also recently been selected for the Queensland State Team (QKA) to represent Queensland at the upcoming Australian Karate Federation National Titles in August.