Yr 12 Student Imogen Noon has had a busy year taking CACaburra Spirit with her.

After Captaining the FFA Futsal Regional side at state Futsal titles over Easter and placing 3rd overall Imogen was selected for the Queensland state Futsal side to compete at AIS next year as well as the F Series Futsal which tours Adelaide Melbourne and Sydney. She was also part of the starting XI for last 8 games for her Brisbane Roar Football team competing in the Women's (opens) NPL.

Next step for Imogen is to gain selection against the other 4 NTC squads at AIS for outdoor Football late May. Her Brisbane Roar Squad of 33 will be reduced to 18 compete against NTC conference with most valuable players being selected to trial for the Mini Matilda ’s. This is considered the highest level competition in Australia for her age.

Imogen says that her fast feet sessions with Sam Smith are core to her success.