Where are they now? Catching up with Jordan McLennan, our past student and a Junior World Triathlon Champion

Coomera Anglican College was my home for 11 years. I enrolled in Year 2 and graduated in Year 12 in 2013. I loved my time at the College and did not ever overthink my future. As a College Sports Prefect, I loved my sport and trained really hard, even winning a few national medals, worked hard on academic studies, and tried to be on my best behaviour. I figured if I covered those things, life would just fall into place once I graduated. However, after a recent reality check, I realised that there is more to think about.


Through my Senior Secondary years I was particulary keen on competing in triathlons, so for the first few months after graduation I devoted many hours towards selection in the Junior World Championship Triathlon Team. The following year with a great OP in hand I decided to differ University as I was so unsure what the future held. With no employment and a feeling of being lost, I floated around until until an opportunity presented itself to move to the USA and attend College. In August 2015 I headed to Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles.


I approached this opportunity in America with the same mindset I had at Coomera Anglican College. To work hard on what I was doing, and worry about the future later. So once again, I found myself training hard, studying diligently and of course enjoying myself along the way. When I visited home for Christmas, a family member asked what I had planned after graduation. I then relised I had no idea. My major in America was multimedia, not because that is what I wanted to do after graduation, but because it didn't take up too much time and allowed me to focus on my running. Something finally clicked for me, and almost four years after grtaduating from CAC I needed to plan for my future. Too late to change my College major, I made a tough call and headed home.


So here I am, 2018. I have just begun my first year of an Architecture degree at Griffith University, and love it. Architecture is something I have always been interested in and unlike running, I hope for it to support me later in life.  I’ve also returned to training with my old running coach and am rediscovering my motivation to train hard. I am on track for a top ten spot nationally.


However, the big news is that after more than four years, I am back on the College campus after accepting a position to assist with the coaching of students in Cross Country, Athletics and Soccer.
It feels really good to be giving back to the community where I grew up, and it is especially great to see how much it has grown.


My advice to the Senior students is to have a goal in mind and work hard towards it. You can travel, enroll for further studies or even just train. However take advantage of the fantastic support that the College provides in the way of careers advice and also speak to your family who know you best.


For me right now, I am looking forward to continuing with my University degree as well as working with the CAC students to strengthen their sporting goals.


Jordan McLennan


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