Past student Tosca Goldberg takes charge with Engineering and Project Management!

We are delighted to share the inspiring story of 2012 graduate Tosca Goldberg.

Some students will always face more obstacles than others during their school years, and Tosca was one such student.  “I have many great memories from Coomera Anglican College and I’m sure at times I drove many of my teachers crazy!”  However Tosca’s potential to succeed was always clear to those teachers and to Dr Sly.  With their encouragement and faith, together with Tosca’s own self-determination, she has certainly achieved great success.

In 2013 Tosca commenced at QUT studying a Bachelor of Engineering majoring in Civil and Construction.  In 2015, she was offered a wonderful opportunity to study abroad on a part scholarship in California.  Throughout her degree, she has worked as a Contracts Administrator, undergraduate Civil Engineer, and alongside property developers.  In December 2016, Tosca proudly graduated and found herself thanking those people who had helped her along the way, “I realised I owed Dr Sly a massive thank you; if he hadn’t seen the potential in me I can’t imagine where I’d be today.”

Tosca’s future goal is to undertake her Masters in Engineering with a focus on Project Management.  She has recently arrived home after a trip to India and, looking ahead, hopes to spend time in the UK furthering her career and taking time to travel.

“I often hear people around me complaining about their day to day life and wishing away the week just for the weekend. I honestly cannot relate, I'm so happy where I have ended up and truly enjoy what I do. That being said, my favourite quote, as cliche as it is, would have to be':

“Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success.
If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.”
- Albert Schweitzer

We look forward to following Tosca’s bright future and continued success in the years ahead.

Tosca Collage