From the Head of Junior Secondary - Week 8, Term 3 2018

Dear Parents, Staff and Students


Camp Week

As Term three draws to a close, many of our Junior Secondary students are eagerly anticipating the upcoming activities assigned to camp week (and no doubt there will be similar rejoicing on the home front, after the traditional departure wave concludes). School camp is an integral part of our programme as it encourages and promotes many aspects of our ‘hidden curriculum’ and personal development traits that students will require, if they are to function as a citizen in the 21st Century. These include but are not limited to relationship-building, resilience development, overcoming personal challenges, decision-making, service of others, independence, personal appraisal and the privilege of being a ‘guest’. In Junior Secondary, we provide different opportunities for these experiences to occur.


The Year 7 Orientation / Bonding Camp

One of the most important orientation and transition activities for students beginning their Junior Secondary education is the Year 7 Orientation Camp held at Camp Burleigh, Burleigh Heads in the second week of Term 1. Whilst there are many aims of the camp, the most important one is that of creating a sense of community and belonging to the Junior Secondary Campus at Coomera Anglican College.


Year 8 – Camp Kokoda

This outdoor adventure experience embodies the word ‘challenge’. Incorporating journeying and exploration away from the distractions of technology and modern conveniences, Camp Kokoda provides ample opportunities for risk-taking (with safety measures), where students enjoy hiking, canoeing, abseiling, high ropes and group initiative activities. This series of physical and mental activities on offer maximises the group's chances of practising teamwork, problem- solving, perseverance, endurance, leadership skills and all ninety minutes from the hustle and bustle of their everyday lives!


Year 9 – The CAConnectPROjECT

Year 9 students will now have three options for Camp Week. Throughout Week 9 of Term Three, our Year 9 students have completed community service tasks at various locations across the Gold Coast. Known as Make a Difference (MAD) Week, students have developed an understanding of the importance of Service Learning.  Last year we expanded the experience, now known as the CAConnectPROJECt, to include these experiences in the remote Queensland towns of Charleville and Mitchell.


Over the course of the week, students will take part in a range of activities, which may include music performances, classroom support, sporting activities, working with community members on farms, churches, schools, retirement homes and interacting and liaising with members of the community to ensure that relationships are developed and stories shared.


By coming ‘as guest’ into these relationships, the students will be encouraged to work ‘with’ rather than ‘for’ these communities. The reciprocal nature of this engagement with others, will allow the students to learn and self-reflect, while developing an awareness of life outside the College.


We look forward to hearing many of wonderful tales the experiences shared and enjoyed by our returning charges.


Yours sincerely

Greg Golder - Head of Junior Secondary