Year 7 Extension English

Sensory Writing – Year 7 Extension English

This week, in Year 7 Extension English, we have been focusing on descriptive writing. As part of this exploration, we discovered the magic of using senses to describe a setting, in this case, the College Oval and Junior Secondary Quadrangle. The students crafted a creative passage about what they heard, saw, smelled, tasted and felt while enjoying the atmosphere of the environment after a lovely shower of rain. We hope you enjoy some samples of their work.  –Kellie Ayton


I charged out of the classroom, into the lush, green environment, the clear blue skies ahead. As I looked down, the colourful lorikeets singing in my ears, I watched the trees blowing gently in the wind. I felt calm and relaxed. Some bushes were growing up ahead, in the perfect position, just behind the short cut grass. So many unique animals call this place their home, and they share it with everyone and everything. All the charming bugs, crawling around my feet, like a tiny stampede! The gentle sound of the wind, whispering in my ears. This is my happy place.    -  Benjamin Oweis


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As I walked out of the cramped classroom, my eyes met the scene of the plains ahead. Gazing upon the vastness of the green field, the gentle breeze rustles the green meadows. Petite birds scurry over the field, tweeting softly; a wondrous song. The tall standing trees sway, dropping the dry, autumn leaves. Softly the sound of the leaves plopping onto ground is silenced by children; laughing and playing. Behind the plush field, the towering mountains glimpse upon the low-lying ground beneath. The damp grass, curves between my fingers, squishing between my hands. The autumn breeze brushes against my face. I breathed in the clean and prosperous air. Colours of life enrich the sky and wind. A butterfly malleably flutters past, as if caught by the wind. A calmness has reached my deepened soul. I feel as if I belong once more.  – Amelia Coetzee


I stumbled outside, free of the dark enclosure of a classroom. A gush of a tranquil air invited me out. The playground stood looming over me as I took an effort to turn my face upwards. The uncoloured playground was covered in minute children climbing over every nook and cranny. The sun-lit the whole area but was then smothered by ash-coloured, fathomless clouds. It discoloured and dampened my moment of pleasure and gratitude. Nonetheless, the clouds followed the wind and birds sung louder than ever. Taking a deep breath in, I let my eyes wonder and extend. Extend into classrooms and beyond walls. Wondering to places that are usually just looked over by most students and teachers. These wondrous places warmed my heart. I smiled. The green grass shone vividly back.
– Sienna McMahon


I stepped out of the classroom into the empty playground, seeing lush and beautiful plants and trees as tall as the sky. I heard birds chirping with joy. Their noises filled the air with an excited mood. The wind gently stroked my face as I stood there, watching the nature at its finest. The smell of the flowers warmed my heart. I slowly walked back to the classroom.         – Lucius Carlson


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