Secondary Public Speaking Success

Congratulations to our Secondary student public speakers who competed in the finals rounds of the 2016 AB Paterson Public Speaking Competition on Wednesday and Thursday evenings this week, with particular congratulations to Grand Finalists, Shaye Bardsley (Year 7 Grand Final competitor) and Genaya Bardsley (Year 9 Grand Final 2nd place winner).

Our finalists were:

• Year 7 – Shaye Bardsley and Eli Beckton
• Year 8 – Cambria Hunt, Kyrra Wilks and Christina van Aswegen
• Year 9 – Claire Wilson, Parker Newlan and Genaya Bardsley
• Year 11 – James Robins and Connor Raggatt
• Year 12 – Megan Callaghan and Anja van Aswegen

Of these finalists, Shaye Bardsley from Year 7 and her sister, Genaya Bardsley from Year 9, were selected to progress into the grand final rounds. Shaye’s topic was ‘Whatever happened to a life without technology?’, which explored the simplicity of life before technology consumed us, while Genaya delivered a speech on the topic ‘Speaking Frankly’, contending that technology is reaching epidemic proportions, ruining human relationships, disconnecting us from the real world and destroying our ability to communicate face-to-face. Both students delivered their speeches with great composure and passion and it was a privilege to be in the room to observe their fine performances. Special congratulations to Genaya, who was awarded Grand Final runner-up in the Year 9 division.
Ms Catherine Hallewell - Head of English