The Early Learning Centre ethos and values culture

As an Anglican Early Learning Centre our ethos and values culture is a vital aspect of our professional, personal and spiritual development. iLR provides a framework that connects us together and provides us all with a sense of belonging to a family and community.

Last term the Preprep children ventured beyond the Early Leaning Centre up to St Matthew’s Anglican Church.

Throughout the term the children were introduced to all the different aspects of the church; the building and what it looks like, songs, stories and music, special events that take place within the Church and prayer reminding us of who and what we can pray for.

ELC Church 1

They met Reverend Mary-Anne, our College Chaplin and Reverend John Dougherty parish priest for St Matthews. Reverend Mary-Anne supported the children in their understanding of all the key components of the church and parish community. Reverend Mary-Anne introduced the children to some of her favourite songs and stories and the children reciprocated by sharing a couple of the songs and stories we use in the Centre.

With the support of Miss Yvette, a parishioner, the children were welcomed into the community. We are very grateful to everyone who worked with us to provide this enriching experience for the children.

ELC Church 2

On Wednesday 12 July the children along with their families, Prep, Year one and Year two children celebrated their learning with Reverend Mary-Anne at St Matthews. It was a beautiful celebration as Reverend Mary-Anne and the children guided their parents through all that they had learnt last term.

This experience provided the children with the knowledge that community goes beyond their home, their kindy and their school and that these community connections are important. Now when the children drive past St Matthews Church, they know that it is more than a building that stands beside a road. It is a building filled with song, music, activity, fun and people who care.

For the remainder of the year the Preprep children will attend worship in the Ivan Gibbs Centre at 10.00am with the children from Prep and Year One. Parents are very welcome to join us each week for worship.

Not to be left out, the children in the Kindy and Senior Kindy room will continue to work with Mrs Kathy Harrison and the staff in ‘Godly Play’. This play experience provides the children with opportunities to share in stories, songs and prayers that reinforce the message that Christian people love and work together as a community.  We are looking forward to continuing our relationship with Mrs Harrison this term.