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Sunday, 18 March 2018 21:50


With Mr K carrying the baton high and leading the Games Officials into the Ivan Gibbs Centre, PAFA’s 2018 Trivia Night was off and running last Friday.  Thank you to all participants for going to so much effort with your fabulous costumes and team names.  Congratulations to the 2018 winners of the Best Dressed Team award, ‘The Diamonds’.


After six entertaining quiz rounds, ‘The Golden Girls’ team won the night and took home the gold.  A hotly contested tie-breaker for 2nd and 3rd place saw the ‘Dexy’s Midnight Runners’ team pip the ‘Solid Gold Podium Dancers’ team for the podium finish. Next To Last placed team was ‘Simple Minds’.  Other winners on the night included Angie Noar from ‘The Diamonds’ team with the closest guess in the Barrel of Balls, champion hula-hooper Fiona Catanese, as well as Rob Goodwin and Clive Noar in the Go For Gold toss.  Our lucky raffle winners were:


Red A63 - Maria 
Black E62 - Kirsty
Orange E45 – Krystle   
Red A64 - Nadine
Red A48 – Fiona     
Red A77- Steve
Red A69 – Tony    
Blue E24 – Melissa
Red A46 – Amanda  
Blue E94 and Orange E82


Congratulations to all prize winners, successful auction bidders, and to our fearless hula-hooping contestants!  


We would like to gratefully acknowledge the many prize donors who generously supported PAFA’s Trivia Night 2018:


Adjust Coomera

Bamboo Nails

Begin Bright

BWS Pimpama Junction

Café Tahbella Oxenford

Chempro Chemists Upper Coomera

Coles Coomera Village

Commonwealth Bank Coomera

Coomera Tavern

Coomera Waters Pharmacy

Cre8tive Nails Pimpama Junction

Dan Murphy’s Coomera City

Days Road Pool Shop

Egans Group

Elite Supplements

Erem Kebab & Grill

Etairos Accounting

Eyes On You Optical

Exotic Wok & Grill

Fins At The Junction

Hair Rocks Pimpama

Ideas of Coomera

James Courtney

Metro Carvery

My Foot Dr Hope Island

One Little Tree Café Pimpama Junction

Papier & Co Hope Island

Pharma Save Pimpama

Pimpama Dental

Pizza Temptations Upper Coomera

RB Studio Hope Island

Rose Marshall Hair Studio

Salon Le Artist

Springbok Foods Oxenford

Super Saver Variety Coomera

Sushi Break

The Press Café Coomera Waters

Tiger’s Asian Wok

Villa Italia Pimpama Junction

Village Roadshow Theme Parks

Woolworths Coomera West

Zarraffas Upper Coomera

Zaza Kebabs Pimpama Junction


A big thank you also to our Trivia host, the wonderful Terry ‘Tappa’ Teece, and to our Trivia Night volunteer team who not only score and host games on the night, but also spend many hours planning this event and sourcing prize donations to assist our fundraising efforts each year.  Heartfelt thanks to Amanda, Amber, Fiona J, Fiona M, Maria, Nadine, Paula, Suzi, Tammie, Tanya and Tracey for all your support.


Thank you also to Mark Heaney and Graeme Kirkpatrick for their assistance on the night, and to Andy Griffiths for his technical support.


Finally, our grateful thanks to all the teams for participating and supporting Trivia Night, and for helping us put the ‘fun’ in fundraising.


We have a few cases of Chickenpox reported within our College Community.  Chickenpox is an infection caused by the varicella virus. It cannot be treated with antibiotics. Treatment is usually to relieve the symptoms, which are commonly fever and a rash.  Chickenpox is easily spread by direct contact with a person who has chickenpox, or by fluid droplets in the air when they cough or sneeze. A person with chickenpox is infectious to others from one to two days before the rash first appears until the last blisters have dried up.  In rare cases, children can develop serious complications as a result of chickenpox. A chickenpox vaccination is given to children aged 18 months as part of their normal schedule of vaccinations. It is very effective, has few side effects and is free in Australia.


Signs and symptoms of chickenpox

    If your child has chickenpox, they may:

  • Have a mild fever

  • Feel tired and irritable

  • Be itchy

  • Have a rash.

The rash usually appears 10 to 21 days after first being exposed to someone who has chickenpox. The time between exposure and getting the rash is called the incubation period. The rash usually first appears on the chest, back or face.  It can then move to other areas of the body, including inside the mouth. At first, the rash looks like small pimples. These later become blisters full of fluid. Most children with chickenpox are unwell for about five to seven days.

CP Image


You should take your child to see a GP if:

  • They get large, sore, red areas around the rash, which may indicate a secondary bacterial infection
  • They become increasingly unwell, are very drowsy, have a high fever or are not drinking
  • You are concerned for any reason.


Children and adults can get chickenpox, but it is more common in children. Chickenpox is highly contagious, which means it is very easy to catch. It can be spread by having direct contact with the person who has chickenpox, especially by touching the liquid from the blisters. Chickenpox is also spread by the fluids that are coughed or sneezed into the air.

If your child has chickenpox, they are infectious to others from one to two days before the rash first appears up until the last blisters have dried up. Some members of the family may need to stay away from the child during this infectious stage.

Children with chickenpox should be kept home from the College until the last blister has dried. A dry blister scab is not infectious. Please let me know if your child gets chickenpox, you can email me


Key points to remember

  • Chickenpox is very easy to catch, and is infectious for one to two days before the rash starts up until the last blister has dried.
  • The rash usually starts between 10 to 21 days after the first exposure to chickenpox.
  • Antibiotics will not cure chickenpox.
  • A chickenpox vaccination is given to children aged 18 months as part of their normal schedule of vaccinations.

College Nurse - Rosmary Brown


Dear Parents, Staff and StudentsMark Sly1


This week we conducted a Critical Incident Drill with our staff. We created a fictitious scenario involving the collapse and death of a student on campus, and set about responding to this situation. The Senior Leadership Team met at 7am on Monday and planned our response, then gathered the staff at 8am to inform them of the scenario, and take them through what they would need to do in the case of a real critical incident. While we hope we never have to deal with any critical incident, it would be foolish to believe that it might not happen one day. As a College, we rehearse evacuation and lock down procedures several times a year, so that staff and students would know what to do in such a situation. To date (touch wood) we have not had to implement either of these emergency procedures, but we must still be prepared and have our students well trained to respond immediately should such a situation arise. While we did not involve the students in our critical incident drill this week, it was important to take this first step with our staff. By conducting this drill, we tested our policy and learnt a few things as a result. This will not be the last time we undertake a critical incident drill. It is sensible to be well prepared should any critical incident ever arise.


This week we also held our Preparatory Information Evening for 2019 and beyond. It is always a great joy to speak to parents about to join us as they embark on the exciting journey of their child’s education at our College. As I welcomed the parents, I was reminded of an article I read in The Weekend Australian on Saturday about a ‘Rock-star psychologist’ Jordan Peterson who tours the world speaking to people about what is important in life. While I am sure many of you read the article I want to summarise his 12 Rules for Life as I think they resonate with much of what we are trying to achieve at Coomera Anglican College.


Rule 1 – Stand up straight with your shoulders back.

Rule 2 – Treat yourself like you would someone you are responsible for helping.

Rule 3 – Make friends with people who want the best for you.

Rule 4 – Compare yourself with who you were yesterday, not with who someone else is today.

Rule 5 – Do not let your children do anything that makes you dislike them.

Rule 6 – Set your house in perfect order before you criticise the world.

Rule 7 – Pursue what is meaningful (not what is expedient).

Rule 8 – Tell the truth – or at least don’t lie.

Rule 9 – Assume that the person you are listening to might know something you don’t.

Rule 10 – Be precise in your speech.

Rule 11 – Do not bother children when they are skate-boarding.

Rule 12 – Pat a cat when you encounter one on the street.


This set of rules comes from Peterson’s book 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos, and was reported in the article written by Caroline Overington, Associate Editor in The Inquirer section of The Weekend Australian, March 10-11, 2018.
While I’m not sure about Rules 11 and 12, the others are in tune with what we would promote within our community. You might like to follow up this article with one of Peterson’s many youtube lectures.


SRC Chair, Deenie Mansfield pinning and orange ribbon.Tomorrow is National Day of Action Against Bullying. Our College will be celebrating this important day with the distribution of orange ribbons thanks to the Student Representative Council. This provides a constant reminder to students about the need to follow our College guidelines in the way we interact with each other. The language of our values culture –imagine, listen, respect lies at the heart of caring for each other appropriately. Our students know that bullying is not tolerated in our community and they are to speak up if they see it happening. We can only eradicate bullying if it is brought to our attention if and when it occurs.
SRC Chair, Deenie Mansfield pinning Dr Sly's Lapel with the National Day of Action Against Bullying Orange Ribbon.


Thank you for your continued support.


Yours sincerely

Mark Sly - Principal

Friday 2 March at 6.30am, 25 eager CAC Drama students, chaperoned by Mrs Terry, Ms Hallewell and Mr Goodman, arrived at the Gold Coast Airport to embark on a flight to spend the weekend in Sydney for the biennial Drama Tour. The cheerful bunch caught two separate mini-buses to a Youth Hostel, blasting tunes and jamming out along the way.  We quickly dumped our bags and took to the streets in an epic walk to the train station.




The train took us to the Belvoir Theatre – once a tomato factory before going on the market and being bought by the arts community in Sydney. Before the fascinating tour both on and backstage of the set for Belvoir’s current live theatre performance, we actively participated in a Devising Workshop (featuring lots of Physical Theatre) where we engaged in several different activities and ‘shelved’ them so that they could be put together in a dynamic physical piece at the end of the two hours. One of these activities was called ‘waterfall’, where you had to imagine that there was a thin waterfall above your head and you were trying to get the water to every part of your body in the most creative way possible. It was highly experimental, unique and relevant to our various units of work studied at school.  After attending Belvoir Theatre, we took a train to witness an outdoor performance of one of Shakespeare’s plays, Two Gentlemen of Verona, in the park at Cronulla, with delicious pizza in hand!


On the second day of the tour, we travelled to The National Institute of Dramatic Arts (NIDA) and took part in an Acting Workshop with our facilitator, Jack, who was studying and is now teaching at NIDA. We learned how to make interesting shapes with our bodies, work together to communicate a context, adopt a range of characters, develop role and relationship within an improvisation, and the crowd favourite- we played a dramatic game which was a mixture of Chinese whispers and charades. Everyone then walked across the road to the University of NSW for a 3 hour Improvisation Workshop with Lyn Pierse, who taught us how to establish and then develop a small scene out of still pictures we had made in dynamic freeze frames. Following this, we dined like kings and queens at a delicious Vietnamese restaurant before attending the ‘Short and Sweet Festival’, (a 10 minute play festival) which consisted of many short and funny plays.  We all enjoyed the ‘colourful characters’ that walked the streets that night too!




On the last day of the tour, we wandered around Circular Quay and absorbed the wonderful landmarks (e.g. Opera House, Harbour Bridge) and enjoyed each other’s company before attending the amazing Mamma Mia, a definite highlight of the trip!!  This inspiring performance had us dancing and singing in our seats!


Sydney Harbour


All in all, this fantastic Drama Tour was super fun and a wonderful opportunity to experience and learn from many creative people in the heart of Sydney.  Lastly, a big thank you to Ms Hallewell, Mr Goodman and of course, the woman who made all the magic happen, Mrs Terry!


Bree Gulyas - Year 12- Cultural Prefect


Favourite memories from other tour participants:


“The three workshops are going to be extremely helpful for my assessment task this term, and… Mamma Mia gave me constant goose bumps!” – Lucy Stokes (Year 11)

“Loved every moment of it- from watching Mamma Mia and participating in NIDA workshops to watching April fall down the Opera House steps” – Mackenzie Brown (Year 11)

“I absolutely loved all three of the workshops however the one at NIDA would have to be my favourite.  I loved touring the Opera House.  The thing I loved the most though was seeing Mamma Mia.  It was the best show I have ever seen!  Thank you Mr Goodman and Ms Hallewell for coming and thank you, Mrs Terry, for organising the trip.  A fantastic adventure!” – Abbey Harris (Year 10)

“I am lucky enough for this to be my second Drama Tour.  What an experience it was to make my final year at school so much more exciting!  From the workshops to shows to sightseeing, it was all such a blast.  A weekend of memories to cherish forever.” – Amy Ackerman (Year 12)

“It was an absolute blast!” – Mason Vujcich (Year 12)

“I loved the workshops, I enjoyed the shows and I loved the friendships I made on the trip.  Thank you, Mrs Terry, for an amazing trip that I’ll never forget.” – Hunter Corbett (Year 11)

“My favourite was Mamma Mia!  I knew every single word and sang along the whole time.  Thank you for an amazing weekend!” – Maddison Patrick (Year 10)

Coomera Anglican College was my home for 11 years. I enrolled in Year 2 and graduated in Year 12 in 2013. I loved my time at the College and did not ever overthink my future. As a College Sports Prefect, I loved my sport and trained really hard, even winning a few national medals, worked hard on academic studies, and tried to be on my best behaviour. I figured if I covered those things, life would just fall into place once I graduated. However, after a recent reality check, I realised that there is more to think about.


Through my Senior Secondary years I was particulary keen on competing in triathlons, so for the first few months after graduation I devoted many hours towards selection in the Junior World Championship Triathlon Team. The following year with a great OP in hand I decided to differ University as I was so unsure what the future held. With no employment and a feeling of being lost, I floated around until until an opportunity presented itself to move to the USA and attend College. In August 2015 I headed to Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles.


I approached this opportunity in America with the same mindset I had at Coomera Anglican College. To work hard on what I was doing, and worry about the future later. So once again, I found myself training hard, studying diligently and of course enjoying myself along the way. When I visited home for Christmas, a family member asked what I had planned after graduation. I then relised I had no idea. My major in America was multimedia, not because that is what I wanted to do after graduation, but because it didn't take up too much time and allowed me to focus on my running. Something finally clicked for me, and almost four years after grtaduating from CAC I needed to plan for my future. Too late to change my College major, I made a tough call and headed home.


So here I am, 2018. I have just begun my first year of an Architecture degree at Griffith University, and love it. Architecture is something I have always been interested in and unlike running, I hope for it to support me later in life.  I’ve also returned to training with my old running coach and am rediscovering my motivation to train hard. I am on track for a top ten spot nationally.


However, the big news is that after more than four years, I am back on the College campus after accepting a position to assist with the coaching of students in Cross Country, Athletics and Soccer.
It feels really good to be giving back to the community where I grew up, and it is especially great to see how much it has grown.


My advice to the Senior students is to have a goal in mind and work hard towards it. You can travel, enroll for further studies or even just train. However take advantage of the fantastic support that the College provides in the way of careers advice and also speak to your family who know you best.


For me right now, I am looking forward to continuing with my University degree as well as working with the CAC students to strengthen their sporting goals.


Jordan McLennan


Jm 6

Thursday, 08 March 2018 00:41

Sport Representation Congratulations!

Congratulations to these students who have been selected in the following teams:


Connor McNally – South Coast Open Boys Hockey Team


Joshua Richards - South Coast Open Boys Hockey Team


Jaime Evans - South Coast U/12 Boys Hockey Team


Kane Hurley – Queensland Secondary Schools U/19 Cricket team

Congratulations to Year 9 student Sophia Lines, new to Triathlons this season, Sophia competed in the recent Queensland Tri-Series held at Raby Bay. She placed 3rd in the U'16 women's Enticer and 2nd in the U'16 women's Tri-Series 2017/18 – An outstanding achievement for Sophia!


News page Sophia



We would also like to congratulate Year 11 student Kane Hurley, who has just been selected in the Queensland Schools U/19 Cricket side following an impressive performance for South Coast at the State Titles over the weekend. The QLD State U 19 Schoolboys Cricket Team will play NSW at a carnival in September. Well done, Kane!


News Page Kane

Monday, 26 February 2018 01:10

Student Sporting Achievements

Congratulations to these students who have been selected in the following teams:


Mackenzie Jordan – Hinterland Open Girls Netball Team

Madeline Hall - Hinterland Open Girls Netball Team

Chloe Geyer - Hinterland Open Girls Netball Team

Natalia Niumata - Hinterland U/15 Girls Netball Team

Baylie McLauchlan - Hinterland U/15 Girls Netball Team

Brooklyn Lowe - Hinterland U/15 Girls Netball Team

Lily Golby - Hinterland U/15 Girls Netball Team

Aireena Mansfield - Hinterland U/15 Girls Netball Team

Mathew Collins - Hinterland U/15 Boys AFL Team

Lachlan Sheppard - Hinterland U/15 Boys AFL Team

James Creighton - Hinterland U/15 Boys AFL Team

Kayla Parkinson - Hinterland U/15 Girls AFL Team

Connor McNally - Hinterland Open Boys Hockey Team

Joshua Richards - Hinterland Open Boys Hockey Team

Amy Stirling - Hinterland Open Girls Hockey Team

Monique Charlton - Hinterland Open Girls Hockey Team

Ava Van der Kwast - Hinterland Open Girls Hockey Team

Oliver Watson - Queensland Country Oztag U/14 Mavericks team, and will now compete at the upcoming Tri Series Tournament to be held on 15th – 17th June 2018.  This event will be attended by 78 teams from Queensland and New South Wales.

Monday, 26 February 2018 00:58

Student Swimming Achievements

Congratulations to the following students who have been selected in the Hinterland District Swimming team to compete at the Regional Carnival this week:


Primary Team

Emerson Jones

Georga Templeton

Caitlin Brown

Haylee Reid

Georgia Lea’aetoa

Kyla Dodd

Kade Stasiaskowski

Bailey Garnham

Max Templeton

Lani Stasiaskowski

Daniel Prinsloo

Ned Raynor


Secondary Team

Eden Rieck

Mia Feltham

Scarlett Young

Indiana Templeton

Taylor Butler

Josiah Glasson

Kyle Bartlett

Dylan Cole

Brittany Young

Imogen Napier

Ethan Raynor

Renae Wieser



Monday, 26 February 2018 00:31

2018 APS Swimming Carnival Results

2018 has been another successful year for CAC in the APS Swimming carnivals. Following on from last year success, the Primary team placed 5th in the Aggregate trophy and 6th in the Percentage trophy.
The Secondary APS team placed 7th place in the Aggregate trophy and 3rd in the Percentage trophy.

The major highlights for both teams include:


  • Georgia Lea’aetoa - 11 Years Girls Age Champion

  • Max Templeton - 2nd place 12 Years Boys Age Champion

  • Taylor Butler - 2nd place 15 Years Girls Age Champion

  • Eden Rieck - 2nd place 13 Girls Age Champion

  • Emerson Jones - 3rd place 10 Years Girls Age Champion

  • Lani Stasiaskowski - 3rd place 12 Years Girls Age Champion

  • 4th Overall in Primary Girls Aggregate

  • 10 Years Girls - 2nd place overall

  • 12 Years Girls - 3rd place overall

  • 13 Years Girls - 2nd place overall

  • 15 Years Girls - 3rd place overall

  • 11 Years Girls - 5th place overall

  • 15 Years Boys - 5th place overall

  • 16 Years Boys - 5th place overall

IMG 2734



Congratulations to the entire CAC Swimming Team who represented the College.
Special thanks to John Robinson and his coaching team from Rackley’s swimming for their coaching expertise and guidance throughout the season.


Anthony Hall - Head of Sport


Dear Parents, Staff and StudentsMark Sly1



Today we enter March and the start of autumn. With one month to go before the start of the Commonwealth Games, we are gearing up for the impact that will possibly have on us at the College. I understand that Mrs Jenny Rees has already communicated with parents of the Early Learning Centre regarding collection of children, especially over the vacation period when the Games are in full swing. Parents wishing to access Vacation Care will also need to be aware of the traffic issues, and have an alternative ready, if the traffic is going to present a difficulty. Staff will not be extending the hours of care during this time.


Our College is located near a busy precinct. Events will be held at the Coomera Sports Centre and at Movie World in Oxenford. There will be a bus depot located nearby with many buses travelling along Days Road to events. Last week we had a visit from a GOLDOC delegate who outlined some of the potential difficulties with traffic in the lead up, during the Games and afterwards. A summary follows.


GetSetForTheGames Lockup Dates Light Alt2Commonwealth Games – Are you prepared?

See the site where there is a lot of information and you can also sign up for updates.


Games organisers expect impacts, including traffic delays, to commence from Weeks 8, 9 and 10 of Term 1 and extend through the school holidays into Week 1 of Term 2. During this time more than 6,600 athletes and team officials, as well as media, extra law enforcement, military and spectators arrive in the Gold Coast region, and then depart soon after the Games.


The Gold Coast area will be much busier than usual as we welcome thousands of spectators to our City.  


It is anticipated that getting to and from Coomera Anglican College will be more difficult than usual due to this increase in road usage around the Gold Coast.  We have been asked to avoid making non-essential journeys by road if possible.


We have been asked to consider using an alternative form of travel - walking and cycling for shorter journeys could be a great option and car-pooling with others is recommended.


Fortunately, the worst will occur over the holidays, when most of you won’t be coming to the College.


The M1 Motorway

The M1 Motorway is expected to be significantly busier than usual with long delays during the busiest periods. If you must travel on the M1 Motorway during the busy times, you should be prepared for long delays, so allow plenty of extra time for your journey.


Please be aware there will be operational changes to the M1 Motorway from today (1 March 2018). This includes speed limit reductions and ramp management. These changes will help the overall flow of traffic but may add time to your journey. There will also be an enhanced incident response service in place to minimise delays.


Some of the busiest sections of the M1 Motorway are expected to be:

Beenleigh to Coomera
The M1 in both directions from Exit 34 (Beenleigh) to Exit 54 (Coomera) is expected to be busier than usual in both directions from 6am to midnight.

Coomera and Oxenford
The M1 in both directions around Exits 54 (Coomera) and 57 (Oxenford) is expected to be busier than usual in both directions from 6am to midnight.

Exits 54 (Coomera) and 57 (Oxenford) are expected to be significantly busier than usual from 8am to 6pm.

Exit 62 (Helensvale South) is expected to be busier than usual all day.

The M1 in both directions around Exit 62 (Helensvale South) is expected to be significantly busier from 6am to 9am and 4pm to midnight.


Obviously, the message given here by GOLDOC is to prepare us for the worst-case scenario. The good news is that the worst of the traffic delays will be during competition, which is over the holidays, when people are trying to get to and from events. However, it would be foolish to ignore the warnings in the lead up to the Games as athletes, officials, security and media personnel will arrive, and deliveries of food and supplies to venues will intensify.


It will be very exciting to have the Commonwealth Games in our city, but it is important to be prepared for the consequences of hosting such a large event.


I encourage you all to start planning alternate routes or ways of getting students to and from the College in the final weeks of this term and the start of the next.



Thank you for your continued support.


Yours sincerely

Mark Sly - Principal

Thursday, 22 February 2018 02:17

Keeping It Local


Our 2018 Family Business Directory is now available on the College App, as well as the College website by clicking the below link:


The Directory is a great way to know what products and services are available within our own College community.  Whether you are looking for an accountant, lawyer, real estate agent, physiotherapist, first aid training, luxury car hire or pet care, you will find contact details for these and many more family-owned businesses in the Directory.  We encourage you to support these businesses and in doing so, you will be supporting our local community, economy and skills base.


Please keep an eye on this space for our Business of the Week!


If you would like to include your family-owned business in the 2018 Directory, please contact me on 5585 9976 or


Dear Parents, Staff and StudentsMark Sly1


For a couple of years now we have been speaking about how to best prepare our students for 2030. We have been working on our 2030 project, which involves reviewing our teaching and learning to become more inquiry focused in order to more actively engage students in their own learning. Our 2030 graduates are now in Preparatory, so 2030 is not some far off time about which we are simply dreaming. I have mentioned many times about the need for us to prepare students for the world they will encounter once they leave our College; a world that is rapidly changing, and will require different skills and attributes as the world of work continues to change. It is of great interest, therefore, to note that the OECD has just released a report entitled “The Future of Education and Skills: Education 2030”. This report suggests, that to navigate through the uncertainty of using technology that is still evolving, to solve problems not yet anticipated, “students will need to develop curiosity, imagination, resilience and self-regulation; they will need to respect and appreciate the ideas, perspectives and values of others; and they will need to cope with failure and rejection, and to move forward in the face of adversity” (OECD, 2018). This would all sound very familiar to our staff and students.


The OECD Report suggests, “In the face of an increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world, education can make the difference as to whether people embrace the challenges they are confronted with or whether they are defeated by them” (p.3). It further identifies three challenges we are facing in society:


  1. Environmental – climate change and the depletion of natural resources.
  2. Economic – it is time to create new economic, social and institutional models that pursue better lives for all.
  3. Social – increasing global population, migration, urbanisation and increasing social and cultural diversity are reshaping countries and communities.


Education has a vital role to play in developing the knowledge, skills, attitudes and values that enable people to contribute to and benefit from an inclusive and sustainable future. To this end, OECD has developed a Learning Framework 2030 that it considers to be a work in progress. The important elements of this framework are knowledge, skills, attitudes and values, which develop competencies that enable students to create new values, take responsibility and reconcile tensions and dilemmas on the way to enhancing individual and societal well-being.


The good news about all of this is that it confirms that we have been on the right track with our 2030 approach to teaching and learning. The OECD paper summarises a global effort for educational change and has now articulated the importance of what we have been doing in recent years. How reassuring! I would encourage you to read the full OECD Report that you can find at this link


Congratulations to Year 12 students and families involved in the Formal last Friday evening. The students looked immaculate and certainly enjoyed the evening at Arundel Hills Country Club. The arrival of the students was very efficient and well planned. Once again, the crowd of well-wishers consisted of friends and family as well as past and future Year 12 students, with the younger ones eager to get some fashion ideas for their pending formals in the years to come. The hundreds of photos available to students is a testament to how beautiful they looked and how much they enjoyed the experience. Thank you to Mr Bishop for his superb organisation and to the staff who attended to support the students. Occasions like this make us very proud of our students.


Congratulations and thank you, to all families who attended the Gibbs House Worship and BBQ on Tuesday evening. In a busy term, it was great to see so many families supporting their House in this way. Thank you to Gibbs House Coordinator Ms Tomaskovic, the Gibbs House Captains from Years 6, 9 and 12 and to all House staff who attended. Special thanks to Rev Mary-Anne who arranged the service and to the worship band who performed so well under Mrs Materne’s direction.
The House Worships for Smith, Morris and Lane will take place in Terms 2, 3 and 4 respectively.


Please keep the St Stephen’s College community in your thoughts and prayers today as they deal with the unfortunate situation that occurred yesterday with some of their students. We pray for the students involved and their wellbeing. I have offered our support to the St Stephen’s College community in whatever way we can assist at this time. No school is immune to these potential incidents.
It is very important for all parents to speak to their children about safe internet use and the dangers of drugs of any sort. There is no such thing as a safe recreational drug.


Thank you for your continued support.


Yours sincerely

Mark Sly - Principal

Thursday, 15 February 2018 01:38

Mobile Dental Van Information

Gold Coast Oral Health Services are offering free dental check-ups and treatment to all eligible children (see below for eligibility requirements).

This service will be provided on-site by Mobile Dental Clinic 120A.
The van is currently located at Upper Coomera State College (until April 23rd) in the staff car park near gate 4. Hours of operation for this clinic are Monday – Friday 8.00am – 4.30 pm



To arrange an appointment for your child telephone:

The Oral Health Client Service Centre
1300 300 850
Monday – Friday 8.00 am – 4.30 pm (Excluding Public Holidays)


For children to be eligible for free public oral health services they must:

•    Be Queensland residents or attend a Queensland school; and,
•    Be eligible for Medicare*; and,
•    Meet at least one of the following criteria:
o    be aged four years or older and have not completed Year 10; or,
o    be eligible for the Medicare Child Dental Benefits Schedule; or,
o    hold, or be listed as a dependent on, a valid Centrelink concession card

*Eligibility for Medicare includes holders of green or blue Medicare cards but excludes yellow Medicare cards which are issued to visitors from countries with reciprocal health card agreements

Further information on public funded oral health services can be accessed via URL:


Mobile Dental clinic 1

Wednesday, 14 February 2018 21:50

From the Principal's Desk - Week 4, Term 1 2018


Dear Parents, Staff and StudentsMark Sly1


We have had a very hot week this late in summer, which has been a little unusual. We are fortunate to have all classrooms and work spaces air conditioned these days, unlike the early days of the College. Although some areas may struggle when it is very hot for long periods, we have cool classrooms available that staff and students can access. We commenced this cooling process by air conditioning new buildings as they were constructed and then over time have completed air conditioning all classrooms. For a few years, PAFA contributed some funds to this cooling project, which has also been appreciated. Nevertheless, the hot weather doesn’t seem to deter the young children from running around at lunch time. It would be nice to have that same energy level once again.


I hope by now that all families have been contacted by your child’s class teacher. Many of you will have met the teacher personally during the series of information evenings, and others have probably received an email or phone call. It is important that all parents know their child’s teacher, as communication is the key to success in any relationship.


Those who were not bothered by the warmer weather this week have been our APS swimmers. The Secondary carnival took place yesterday and the Primary carnival was held today. The Secondary team finished 3rd in the percentage trophy, which is a reflection of the total points for the school population. I do not have the Primary results at the time of writing this article. Congratulations to all swimmers who represented our College so well in these teams.


Ash Wednesday was celebrated on both Tuesday (for Secondary) and Wednesday (for Primary) this week. Ash Wednesday was a day of fasting and occurs seven weeks prior to Easter and marks the start of Lent in western Christianity. Lent is a 40-day period (plus 6 Sundays) in the lead up to Easter. According to the Gospels, Jesus spent 40 days fasting in the desert prior to commencing his public ministry, and Lent originated as mirroring this period where many Christians undergo fasting or giving up certain things to replicate Jesus’ sacrifice and preparation. The ashes used during Ash Wednesday services traditionally come from the burnt palm crosses used at the previous year’s Palm Sunday, and remind us that we are dust and to dust we will return. The wording we used with the students was more appropriate for them “God loves you, and Jesus is your friend”. It was great to see all students and staff involved in this important service.


This week also brings the excitement of the Year 12 Formal. Students have been looking forward to this Friday night for some time. The weather looks like being warm with a low chance of rain, so that should make it more pleasant for the arrival of students at Arundel Hills Country Club. I imagine a large crowd will gather to watch the highly anticipated arrival of the beautifully dressed Year 12 students in their fancy cars. We believe it is important to have this event at this time to enable the cohort to bond well together for their final year. It also allows the students to fully focus on their studies for the remainder of their secondary schooling, without the distraction that such an event can create. I look forward to this enjoyable evening.


Thank you - I would like to take this opportunity to thank and farewell Ms Renee Creswick. Renee has been Assistant Coordinator of Outside School Hours Care since 2009 and has done a fabulous job caring for children before and after school and during the vacations. Renee is moving to Canada, where I am sure she will enjoy some cooler weather. We wish Renee well and thank her most sincerely for her great service to the College. Many children will no doubt miss her.


Thank you for your continued support.


Yours sincerely

Mark Sly - Principal

Thursday, 08 February 2018 23:36

Literary Competition

If your child loves to write, please encourage him or her to enter the highly-regarded IEU Literary Competition.  Students from Years 7-12 can enter by composing an original poem, a short story or non-fiction prose to win cash prizes of up to $300.  Students can collect an Entry Form from Student Services in Secondary.  Entries are to be submitted in hard copy to Ms Hallewell by Friday 13 July 2018 for forwarding to the competition organisers.  Visit for more information.

Cathy Hallewell - Head of English

Wednesday, 07 February 2018 02:09

From the Principal's Desk - Week 3, Term 1 2018


Dear Parents, Staff and StudentsMark Sly1


The beautiful rain last weekend has done wonders for our ovals. The grass is looking green again and far more attractive than in the previous month. The rain has also brought cooler temperatures and that has been welcomed by us all.


This morning I saw a Headline “Will Robots Replace Teachers?” That is a very interesting and plausible question to ask as we head towards the end of the second decade of the twenty-first century. Students who have commenced using The Pod during the last week have seen the wonders of technology and how we can bring the outside world into the ‘classroom’. They have climbed mountains, visited rainforests and even travelled to Mars in the Imaginarium, in a fully immersive experience. If all that is possible in one space, could robots really be used to replace teachers? There is no doubt that robots are beginning to interact with humans. Some hotels in Japan are using robots as check-in clerks to book people into their accommodation. Robots can certainly undertake many manual tasks, and complete them far more efficiently and accurately than humans. ATMs dispense cash once done in a bank by a Teller. Cars can even drive and park themselves and countries like Singapore are using ‘robot’ controlled taxis. Can we extrapolate the amazing things that robots can do to assume that they could replace teachers? Robots can mark tests, they can calculate grades, they can monitor who is in a classroom, they can tell children when it is time to start and end each lesson, and they can even teach mathematical concepts. However, is this all we want from our teachers?


Teaching is a service industry. Our role as teachers is to serve the needs of our students. The needs of our students encompass academic, social, emotional, physical, cultural and spiritual elements. Robots may be able to serve some aspects of these needs but obviously not all. Good teaching requires human interaction and an understanding of emotion and individual needs. One day is different from the next. One lesson can be different from the next, as we are dealing with living, breathing beings who will have different needs at any one time. Not everyone learns at the same rate, in the same way. Good teachers understand that and cater for the individuals in their care. What works with one class might not work with another class of similar aged and motivated students. Even the combination of individuals in any given class can alter the required approach.


We are extremely fortunate that our teachers at Coomera Anglican College are not robots. They are highly motivated, engaged professionals who are committed to making a positive difference in the lives of their students. So while the age of the robot is coming and they can perform many tasks of increasing complexity, it is easy to answer the question “Will robots replace teachers?” with a resounding no! I would go so far as to suggest that any school that is worried about the rise of the robots does not have the quality of teachers that we do at our College.


We are nearing the end of our Parent Information Sessions for this term. These important events enable parents to hear about both general and specific information concerning their children. The partnership we have with parents is most important, so we can work together to support our students in the most appropriate way. We have reinforced issues of Cyber Safety at each of these events, and I have sent the link on Monday to access the cyber safety videos for parents. Given that Tuesday 6 February was Safer Internet Day, we have been working with our students all week about their online behaviour and safety. We need the support of parents with this at home too.


Thank you for your continued support.


Yours sincerely

Mark Sly - Principal

Tuesday, 06 February 2018 00:43

Safer Internet Day - 2018


Tuesday 6 February 2018 is Safer Internet Day, a day that is extremely important to our College as well as our College community. Safer Internet Day is run by the INSAFE network and is recognised every year around the world. As an eSMART College, our students and staff promote the positive use of being online as well as supporting each other to develop skills to stay safe.


In Australia, Safer Internet Day is coordinated by the Office of the eSafety Commissioner 

The 2018 theme is:

'Create, connect and share respect: A better internet starts with you'


Students will be involved in a range of activities or information sessions run throughout the College to celebrate the many positives of the internet. These activities help to raise awareness of the issues that children and young people face while they are online.

Primary students will be discussing positive behaviours with their teachers and fellow students, while Secondary students will have an opportunity to view materials to assist them in making positive choices online.

We believe that internet safety education is a crucial element of our College curriculum and an essential part of a young person's development. These activities are designed to strengthen and reinforce the safety messages that your children receive at College as well as in your home environment.  

Please feel free to discuss these activities with your children and promote the positive use of digital technology and the importance of remaining safe online.


Useful websites

Safer Internet logo

Many good websites can assist with being cyber smart.


Please feel free to email our eLearning Manager Mr Warren McMahon with any questions or concerns you may have

Warren McMahon - eLearning Manager -

Monday, 05 February 2018 23:50

Student Sporting Achievements

Congratulations to these students who have been selected in the following teams:


Jasmine Warpenius – Hinterland Open Girls Softball Team

Kane Hurley – South Coast U/19 Cricket Team

Caitlin Brown – South Coast Schools Aquathon Team

Edward Williams - South Coast Schools Triathlon Team

Lani Stasiakowski - South Coast Schools Aquathon Team

Jordan Rieck - South Coast Schools Triathlon Team

Daniel Prinsloo - South Coast Schools Aquathon Team

Jaime Evans – Hinterland U/12 Boys Hockey Team

Daniel Evans – Hinterland U/12 Boys Hockey Team

Monday, 05 February 2018 22:12

2018 House Swimming Carnivals - Results

2018 House Swimming Carnivals

The Year 4 to 6, Junior Secondary and Senior Secondary House Swimming carnivals held last week were very successful events. The House spirit and participation rates were fantastic and the competition for age champions keenly contested. Once again, the final results were extremley close. There were 15 new records set in all Carnivals which is a positive sign for the upcoming APS Swimming Carnivals. Congratulations to all competitors and to the parents who offered to help as officials on each of the days.

Specific results from each carnival were:


Primary Junior Secondary Senior Secondary
House Champion House Champion House Champion
1st- Lane - 939 points 1st - Lane - 1083.5 points 1st - Smith - 845 points
2nd - Morris - 784.5 points 2nd Smith 809 - points 2nd Lane - 673 points
3rd - Gibbs - 770.5 points 3rd - Gibbs - 749 points 3rd - Gibbs - 638 points
4th - Smith - 590 points 4th - Morris - 695.5 points 4th - Morris - 547 points
Primary Age Champions Junior Secondary Age Champions Senior Secondary Age Champions
U9 Girls U 12 Girls U 15 Girls
1st – Elizabeth Bemrose 1st – Caitlin Brown and Lani Stasiakowski 1st – Imogen Napier
2nd – Emily Tyerman 3rd – Marlie Crummer  2nd – Elisha Hurley 
3rd – Tanaka Nyambiya 3rd – Breanna Fowler and Elyshia Fowler 
U9 Boys U 12 Boys U 15 Boys
1st – Kobe Cross 1st – Ned Raynor  1st – Thomas Buenano-Thompson 
2nd – Nate Sullivan-Francis 2nd – Jayden Knight  2nd – Jack Baxter 
3rd – Jesse Edwards and Alexander Hogg
3rd – Charles Jewaskiewitz  3rd – Adam Baxter
U 10 Girls U 13 Girls U 16 Girls
1st – Emerson Jones 1st – Eden Rieck and Scarlett Young  1st – Aqua Cunningham 
2nd – Georga Templeton 3rd – Mia Feltham  2nd – Monique Charlton
3rd – Maddison Cooke 3rd – Ilana Price 
U 10 Boys U 13 Boys U 16 Boys
1st – Kade Stasiakowski  1st – Josiah Glasson  1st – Ethan Raynor 
2nd – Connor Hopgood 2nd – Dylan Devine  2nd – Edward Williams
3rd - Kai Evans 3rd – Mackenzie Hall  3rd – Ben Garner and Max Brown 
U 11 Girls U 14 Girls Open Girls
1st – Georgia Lea’aetoa 1st – Indiana Templeton  1st -  Jasmine Ruck 
2nd – Madelynn Bemrose  2nd – Renae Wieser  2nd – Kelly Heylen 
3rd – Teaghan Powell  3rd – Lily Golby  3rd – Zoe Ayres 
U 11 Boys U 14 Boys Open Boys
1st – Daniel Prinsloo  1st – Ryan Schirmacher  1st - Kyle Bartlett and Jackson Templeton
2nd – Flynn Hancock  2nd – Edan Tighe  3rd - Benjamin Wieser 
3rd – Banjo Baldwin  3rd – Max Chisholm 
U 12 Girls U 15 Girls
1st – Haylee Reid  1st – Taylor Butler 
2nd – Kyla Dodd 2nd – Brittany Young 
3rd – Isabella White  3rd – Baylie McLauchlan 
U 12 Boys U 15 Boys 
1st – Max Templeton  1st – Dylan Cole
2nd – Bailey Garnham  2nd – Jordan Rieck 
3rd – Hayden Jones  3rd – Jaspa Baldwin 

Primary House Carnival

Junior Secondary Swimming Carnival


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