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Thursday, 26 April 2018 01:08

Sporting Achievements

Congratulations to these students who have been selected in the following teams:


  • Mia Banks - Hinterland U/12 Girls Football Team

  • Aysia Whinwray - Hinterland U/12 Girls Football Team

  • Riley Johnson – South Coast U/12 Boys AFL Team

  • George Dean – South Coast U/12 Boys AFL Team

  • Jack Roach - Hinterland U/15 Boys Football Team

  • Jack Pearse - Hinterland U/15 Boys Football Team

  • Lachlan Pinto - Hinterland U/15 Boys Football Team

  • Adam Baxter - Hinterland U/15 Boys Football Team
Thursday, 29 March 2018 01:56

Student Sporting Achievements

Swimming  - Eden Rieck

Congratulations to Eden Rieck (Yr. 8) for her recent swimming achievements at  the Queensland School Sport 13-19 years State Swimming Championships.

For the 13 years girls she achieved finals and top ten finishes in all her events:

1st place 400IM
6th 400m Free
6th 200m Free
8th 100m Fly
9th 100m Free

Well done Eden!

Eden Rick



Rowing – Jack Bowser

Congratulations to Jack Bowser (Yr. 12) who recently competed at the National Rowing Championships. Jack placed 5th in the final of the Quad and then he came 12th overall in the School Boys single scull. Because of his strong performance for Qld he has been selected to represent Qld at the Nationals Selection trials to select an Australian team for World Championships later in the Year. Well done Jack!

Jack Bowser


Dear Parents, Staff and StudentsMark Sly1


 How can we be half way through the term already? It seems that perhaps the planet is spinning faster or something to make the time pass so quickly.

I am currently in Melbourne and it is cold. It is amazing how different the temperature can be just two hours flight south. The people in the city streets are dressed in warm coats and jackets with big boots and scarves. The West Australians and the Queenslanders at my meeting are certainly struggling with the weather while the Tasmanians are smiling to get some slightly warmer temperatures. I now remember why we live in Queensland. Having said that, there is something about feeling the cold air on your face and adding layers of clothing to adjust to the conditions. The locals wear beautiful winter clothing which is much heavier quality than we seem to have up north. My intention in writing this article, however, was not to give a weather report, but rather to remind us of how easily we take things for granted. It is very easy to become complacent when things are consistent. So while we take our Gold Coast sunshine for granted, it is important that we do not take our families and friends for granted.

Wellbeing and mental health of young people, in particular, is enhanced significantly by positive relationships. Lots of research supports this claim. Statistically, one in seven young people will undergo some form of mental health issue in their lifetime. So while we need to be aware of these statistics, we do not need to be overwhelmed by them. The reality is we all feel sad at times, but there is a big difference between feeling sad and being depressed. Sometimes it is easy to jump to the worst case scenario when there is so much talk about mental health. In a proactive manner, it is far more helpful for us as teachers and parents to be working with our students on developing resilience, a positive self awareness and an understanding of how to identify different emotions. Sometimes things don’t go as we planned, and that is the time to face up to the disappointment and deal with it positively. Throughout the College we have a range of activities and programmes that are assisting our students to become more aware of themselves and their emotional and mental health. It is important that this is reinforced at home and that students are encouraged to focus on their wellbeing as well as their studies. Our approach is to develop students who are flourishing in mind, heart, soul and strength. Without this element of their education, then students will find the going much harder. Let’s continue to work together to assist and develop our students in this way.


Thank you for your continued support.


Yours sincerely

Mark Sly - Principal


Dear Parents, Staff and StudentsMark Sly1


Last Thursday to Saturday I attended the ASCent conference in Noosa. This state Anglican schools conference occurs every two years. Our Chaplain, Reverend Mary-Anne Rulfs, was a member of the organising committee who did a wonderful job of creating an excellent conference. The theme was Life in Abundance and the impressive speakers really enhanced this theme. Keynote speakers included Dan Gregory (founder and CEO of The Impossible Institute), Professor Peggy Kern (Senior Lecturer University of Melbourne), Aaron Birkby (Queensland Chief Entrepreneur), Stephen Scott (CEO/Principal Laurus Enterprises), Professor Ellen Charry (Princeton Theological Seminary, USA) and Dr Michael Carr-Gregg (Adolescent Psychologist). These keynote speakers explored the theme well, providing the audience with much to think about in seeking to live Life in Abundance. Congratulations to all involved in planning such an excellent conference.

Next week I will be in Melbourne for a two-day forum exploring ‘What it means to be an Anglican School’. The forum will be facilitated by The Reverend Dr Daniel Heischman, Executive Director of the National Association of Episcopal Schools, USA and will involve a series of sessions and short keynote addresses. The outcome of the forum will be a paper by Dr Heischman which will be published by Anglican Schools Australia and distributed across schools and dioceses. It is important to have these opportunities to reflect on our purpose and mission as Anglican schools, and to be reminded about what sets us apart from other independent schools. As we often remind the students and staff, while Coomera Anglican College is unique, we are part of a much larger state and national association of Anglican schools.

This week our Cross Country runners competed in the APS Cross Country carnival at Runaway Bay. Congratulations to all students involved and special thanks to Mrs Taylor and the coaches who prepared our athletes so well. The cooler weather for running on Tuesday was welcome I am sure. Our Primary and Secondary teams both performed well, with Primary finishing second and Secondary fourth overall. Both teams came second in the percentage trophy, which measures performance against school size. These are very impressive results and we are proud of the efforts of all runners.

Our Coomera Community Fair is coming up in just over two weeks on Sunday May 27 from 10am - 3pm. Fair Coordinator Nadine Fairweather has been working hard to ensure everything is ready and Class coordinators have been busy organising their stalls. The Music staff have prepared students to perform and everything seems right to go. The community fair is always a great occasion to invite members of our community to the College to have some fun and enjoy some time on our campus. Please make sure you have this date marked in your diaries and bring along your family and friends to support this important PAFA event. This is PAFA’s biggest fund raising event and is only held every second year, so please support them. While we would rather see you there in person, if you are unable to come along, we would happily accept a donation in lieu of your attendance.


Thank you for your continued support.


Yours sincerely

Mark Sly - Principal


Dear Parents, Staff and StudentsMark Sly1



On Tuesday, I was invited to attend the Annual Loaves and Fishes lunch in the Cathedral in Brisbane. This is a fund raising event with all money raised going to a worthy charity. This year’s recipient of the funds raised was Aunties and Uncles Queensland. Tim Horan AM is their Ambassador and was the MC for the lunch. The Aunties and Uncles programme provides support to families by linking eligible children with a volunteer Auntie and/or Uncle. The children who are aged 1-11 years are referred by social workers, community or government agencies or their parents for assistance. They often live in sole parent families with no extended family networks. Ticket sales from the 600 people in attendance at the lunch raised $35,000 and the Archbishop challenged the crowd to double that by completing donation forms on each table. Within 15 minutes, the total had risen to $56,000 and was climbing. The donation window was to remain open for a week so if you would like to donate to this worthy cause you can do so by contacting Aunties and Uncles Queensland through their website  and ‘make a big difference to a little life’. 

By now I imagine you would have either seen Hannah Pearce (Year 11) on The Voice on Sunday evening or have been made aware of her spectacular performance via our social media network. We are obviously very proud of Hannah and her fabulous singing. On the Blind Auditions show, Kelly Rowland chose to mentor Hannah. We wish her well in the next stage of the competition. I believe Hannah will perform again this Sunday evening.  We have many students currently involved at the highest level in the arts, sport and community activities. Our College is full of very talented young people.

There was a lot of media hype surrounding Monday’s release of the latest Gonski report entitled Through Growth to Achievement: Report of the Review to Achieve Educational Excellence in Australian Schools March 2018. Perhaps not surprisingly, there were sensational news stories about how we have failed generations of students given that Australia’s rating on the international PISA testing has slipped in recent years. This of course is not true, we have not failed our students. I have a copy of the 130 page Report which makes 23 recommendations regarding the current education system. Some of these have been reported through the media in emotive terms which is unfortunate. When you read the recommendations carefully, they are mostly sensible and reinforce much of what we have been doing at Coomera Anglican College for some time. Let me illustrate just two. Recommendation Three – Ensure all students have the opportunity within schools to be partners in their own learning. Our Inquiry approach has focused on increasing student engagement in their own learning. Recommendation Ten – Accelerate the development of contemporary pedagogy though the use of collaboration, mentoring, observation and feedback, including from colleagues and students, by incorporating these practices into the core role of teachers and creating the conditions to enable teachers to engage in them. It is reassuring to know that our approach to inspiring excellence in teaching and learning is being recommended as an important change to current Australian education. For years, our teachers have been observing each other’s practice and providing professional feedback while also seeking feedback from their students. This is part of our pedagogy and forms an important part of our ongoing professional development for teachers. The changes suggested in the Gonski Report should also give parents a great deal of comfort and confidence in our teaching and learning programmes.


Thank you for your continued support.


Yours sincerely

Mark Sly - Principal


Dear Parents, Staff and StudentsMark Sly1


Yesterday, ANZAC Day continued the Centenary of Anzac 2014 to 2018, which is Australia’s most important period of national commemoration. Marking 100 years since our involvement in the First World War, the Anzac Centenary is a time to honour the service and sacrifice of our original ANZACs, and the generations of Australian servicemen and women who have defended our values and freedoms, in wars, conflicts and peace operations throughout a Century of Service. This year (almost to the day) also specifically marks the 100th Anniversary of the Battle of Villers-Bretonneux, that signalled the end of the war. In November, we will celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the First World War Armistice in Australia, London and France. While 100 years seems such a long time ago, in our history it is very significant, and there are still so many Australian families who were directly affected by the events of the First World War. In the second decade of the twentieth century, Australia was still a very young nation with a population of fewer than five million. Almost 420,000 Australians enlisted to serve in the First World War with 60,000 killed and 156,000 wounded, gassed or taken prisoner. This remains our most costly conflict in terms of deaths and casualties. While ANZAC Day is not a time to celebrate war, it is certainly a time for us to stop and remember those who were courageous enough to leave the safety of their homes to fight for their country, with many not returning.


The significance of the sacrifices made by these young Australians is what we remember and give thanks for, as we continue to live a good life in a free country. I hope many of you were able to attend one of the many ANZAC services around the Gold Coast. We involved all students in ANZAC Services at the College on Tuesday and many also attended one of the two services in Upper Coomera yesterday.

Anzac Day 2018


The Secondary Parent/Teacher interviews this week have provided a great opportunity for students to be involved in discussions about their progress. This encourages them to take responsibility for their own learning and to plan with their teachers and parents the changes they might need to make to become more effective. The mood around these interviews is always very positive and I thank the teachers and parents who take the time for this most important interaction. Parents and teachers are working together to provide the best learning environment for students at the College and at home. Consistency is the key to achieving the best possible outcome.


APS sport is well underway with our teams training hard and playing well in the various competitions. The camaraderie amongst our teams and their opposition is always a good indication of games played ‘In the Right Spirit’ that is the motto of APS. Last week I enjoyed watching a number of our teams playing their games at the College. The spirit in which the teams interacted was the same across a range of sports whether our teams were winning or losing. While this same good sportsmanship was on display during the Commonwealth Games, unfortunately this important element is often lacking at the professional level of sport. These are important lessons for our students and form part of the reason we are involved in APS.  This aspect of education is sometimes called the hidden curriculum, and is equally important as it teaches students about being a good person with strong values and a sense of fair play. I am proud of the way our students engage in APS sport.



Thank you for your continued support.


Yours sincerely

Mark Sly - Principal


Dear Parents, Staff and StudentsMark Sly1


Welcome back for Term Two. Having enjoyed two weeks of beautiful weather and the excitement of the Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast, I trust you are well rested and ready for another busy term. I hope many of you were able to attend some events of the Games and experience first class performances from world-class athletes.


There were many wonderful performances from dedicated athletes from across the Commonwealth, and some even better examples of sportsmanship on display. I was fortunate to be near the finish line at the athletics last Monday evening and witnessed the three Australian female Games pic10,000m runners, Celia Sullohern, Madeline Hills and Eloise Wellings, waiting to greet the final runner from Lesotho finish four minutes after everyone else. I was also impressed by how gracious Australian race walker Claire Tallent was in congratulating her race winning young team mate Jemima Montag moments after being disqualified herself in the 20km road walk, and of course who could forget Kurt Fearnley’s interview after finishing second in the 1500m having given his all. He was so positive and thankful for the opportunities he has been given in life, and so full of praise for his young team mate Jake Lappin who finished third. These are the moments that provide such prominent role models for our students. It is not always about winning, but how you participate, and how you react to adversity that builds character and the admiration of others. There would be hundreds of similar stories over the past fortnight all of which serve as powerful life lessons for us all.


Fortunately, the traffic flow over the period of the Games was nothing like the chaos that was anticipated and Monday’s pandemonium did not eventuate as predicted. Nevertheless, we had to listen to all the warnings we were given last term, in making the decision to close the College on Monday. I apologise if this created difficulties for anyone.


With all the extra television coverage of the Games, I imagine many spent more time on the couch watching TV than normal, perhaps even late into the evening. I read with interest this week, an article by Siobhan Banks (Associate Professor University of South Australia) and Melinda Jackson (Senior Research Fellow RMIT University), about the importance of sleep. This is always important to remember at the start of a new term as students are getting back into their routines. The article listed the following problems due to sleep loss:


  • Long term memory loss - when we sleep our brain replays activity patterns to help information stick
  • Anger – we tend to focus on negative rather than positive, and cannot regulate feelings
  • Impaired wit – sleep loss affects cognitive processes like divergent thinking
  • Hallucinations – a well-rested brain filters stimuli and prevents sensory overload
  • Head in the clouds – brain activity linked to attention lapses changes when sleep deprived
  • False memories – a sleep-starved brain may fail to encode memories successfully
  • Cerebral shrinkage – lack of sleep can decrease brain volume
  • Slurred speech – language processing is less active in exhausted people
  • Junk food binges – sleep loss leads to neural activity which creates brain mechanisms that dull judgement and increase desire
  • Risky decisions – a good night’s sleep aids in making sensible decisions
  • Brain damage – brain stem cell damage due to sleep deprivation may be irreparable

It is important to note that sleep deprivation during the week cannot be caught up by sleeping longer on weekends. Sleep needs to be regular and consistent.
I have written about the importance of sleep before, but after two weeks of such exciting television viewing or event attendance, I imagine many are feeling a little weary, and it is timely to remind parents of the importance of sleep in developing brains



Thank you for your continued support.


Yours sincerely

Mark Sly - Principal

Tuesday, 27 March 2018 04:32

2018 Entertainment Book

In week three of Term Two, the College Art Department will be sending home a copy of the 2018/2019 Gold Coast and Northern NSW 'Entertainment Book' for viewing.

However, if you would like to purchase prior to the Easter holidays you can purchase a digital copy now for your mobile device. Please follow this link below for this option. 2018/2019 Entertainment Book

If you do not have a student attending the College, you are more than welcome to order one through us.

Both the books and digital membership are just $60 and represent absolutely amazing value on an enormous amount of products and services across the Gold Coast and Nationally!

All proceed of the sales go to the College Art Department.

Over the weekend seven College students competed at the QLD Little Athletics Championships in Brisbane.


All the students did extremely well, with both Dylan Devine and Nathan Perry winning medals. Dylan won the under 13 years boys, 400m, 800m & 1500m and has now been selected in the QLD Little athletics team to compete at the Australian titles in late April on the Gold Coast! Nathan won silver in the under 17 years boys 110m hurdles.


Other results included –

Nathan Perry  - 6th U17yrs 200m, 6th U17yrs Long Jump

Haru Steele - 5th U12yrs 1500m, 6th U12yrs 800m

Connor Hopgood – 6th U10yrs Discus, 8th U10yrs Shot Put

Anastasia Neumann – 6th U14yrs 200m

Jack Neumann – 4th U12yrs 100m

Tabitha Laurie – 9th U10yrs 60m hurdles, 11th U10yrs Long Jump


Congratulations to all these students and we look forward to more great results from them at this year’s Track and Field events competing for CAC!

Congratulations to all our teams that competed in the Summer Grand Finals. The following teams were fortunate to win their final.


CAC Girls U/12/14.1 (CAC Bobcats)

14.1 CAC Bobcats Premiers


CAC Boys U/14.1 (CAC Spurs)

14.1 CAC Spurs Premiers


CAC Boys U/14.3 (CAC Heat)

14.3 CAC Heat Premiers


Well done also to these teams that were Runners-Up in their competition:


CAC Boys U/16.2 (CAC Kings)

16.2 CAC Kings Runners Up


CAC Boys U/18.2 (CAC Lakers)

18.2 CAC Lakers Runners Up


A big thank you to all the coaches and supporters that came along and cheered our teams at the finals.

Bring on the Winter Season! - CAC Basketball

Monday, 26 March 2018 23:52

Student Sporting Achievements

Congratulations to the following students who have been selected in representative teams:

Candice Parziani – South Coast Open Girls Football Team

Liam Thiesfield - Hinterland Open Boys Touch Football Team

Henry Sprott - Hinterland U/12 Boys AFL Team

Riley Johnson - Hinterland U/12 Boys AFL Team

George Dean - Hinterland U/12 Boys AFL Team

Hayden Jones - Hinterland U/12 Boys AFL Team

Jessica Bonnitcha – South Coast U/11 Girls Netball Team

Imogen Hanley - South Coast U/11 Girls Netball Team

Georgia Lea’aetoa – Queensland Primary Swimming Team   


Dear Parents, Staff and StudentsMark Sly1


First Term has been and gone in a rush! This week the students and staff have enjoyed Festival of Gifts with many new initiatives such as the College Picnic, Prayer spaces and more inter Year level activities. On Monday at the Opening Ceremony, I reinforced the purpose of Festival of Gifts, as our opportunity to celebrate many things, but three in particular:


  1. The life of our College
  2. God who makes and creates
  3. Our human giftedness – being and doing, loving and serving.


We celebrate the life of our College through The Telling, which is the story of our College. It is the story of how our founders worked together – Gibbs with his vision, Smith with his determination, Morris with his mastery and Lane with his perseverance. This is not only a story about our College, but also provides a template by which to live our lives.


We celebrate God who makes and creates. The world is full of so much beauty and awe; cloud formations, the stunning colour of a flower, the miracle of life. We are children of God. His perfect creation is in us all.


We also celebrate our human giftedness. God gave us the capacity to be who we are. We have enormous potential to be wonderful and to do amazing things. God also gave us the ability to love and serve. To love God, each other and ourselves. In celebrating human giftedness, we are called to love and serve others.


Festival of Gifts has provided many opportunities for students to engage in different activities and to love life together. It has been a great week.


New Year 7 Class

Demand for entry into the College has been high for a number of years, and we have been under pressure to create more places. After much careful consideration and planning, the College Council recently determined that the time is right for us to commence a new Year 7 class in 2019. Since the additional Primary classes were added in 2012, there has been no entry point into the Secondary campus. This has created difficulty for us to cater for all siblings let alone others on our waiting lists. The much anticipated new Year 7 class will provide that essential entry point. We are currently the only P-12 school that I know (and certainly the only APS school) with more Primary students than Secondary students. This has created a challenge for us. As they move through the College, the extra secondary students will enable us to be more competitive in APS, but far more importantly will allow us to further develop subject choices for students and provide us with the capacity to potentially fast track facilities, in much the same way we were able to do so after we added the fourth Primary stream. The Pod would not have been possible had we remained at three streams in Primary.  Any change always takes some getting used to, but I can assure parents that we have planned this additional class at Year 7 very carefully and will continue to work on the detail throughout this year.  The positive opportunities of having extra students far outweighs anything else. Our College growth has been steady and sure since we commenced with 60 students in 1997. We have planned carefully from the start and continue to do so today. That is a hallmark of our College. If you are aware of people who are waiting for entry to the College, please direct them to the website to complete an online application.


I apologise that the extra class was inadvertently mentioned on a Facebook site prior to me announcing it to parents through this page.


Change to Monday 16 April

As the Commonwealth Games approach, we have received many official warnings about the predicted chaotic traffic situation on Monday 16 April as the majority of athletes, officials, media and visitors are expected to leave the Gold Coast together on that day. Our College is in the heavy traffic flow area and the predictions are that transport around our College will be extremely difficult on that day. We have been informed that government schools will be closed on that Monday and we are following this lead. Monday 16 April is marked as a student free day on our calendar for Staff Professional Development. We will now be closed. This means that the College, Early Learning Centre and Vacation Care will be closed and unavailable to parents on Monday 16 April. While this may create some inconvenience, I am announcing this now so that alternative arrangements can be made. This is indeed an unusual situation, and we are having to make this decision before the heavy traffic starts. However, every indication and warning suggests that having less traffic on the road on 16 April is sensible. Our teachers will still complete their professional development requirements online, so they are not missing the opportunity to learn.


I apologise if this situation causes concern for any family, but we have to respond as advised by the Games organisers.


I take this opportunity to wish everyone a very happy Easter. I hope you enjoy the break with your family and if you are lucky enough to be attending some Commonwealth Games events, I hope you enjoy seeing the world-class athletes in action.


Thank you for your continued support.


Yours sincerely

Mark Sly - Principal

The College recently held a parent information evening regarding Cybersafety and positive online behaviours. The evening was well received with positive feedback and several requests for more sessions. Extra sessions will be available in Term 2 to address a number of areas.


The initial session will also be repeated for any parents who missed the presentation. Upcoming sessions will cover a range of digital topics to help parents and students navigate the Internet safely.
Many activities and resources are available via the College website focusing on educating ourselves and our children around safe online use.


Please check out our update Cybersafety Net site CLICK HERE-

The Cyber Safety Net


and the NEW Anglican Schools site dedicated to Child Safety and Wellbeing – CLICK HERE

Cybersafety and wellbeing


Supporting these resources, the College runs activities to promote the student skills and raise awareness. Earlier in the year we ran Safer Internet Day, along with Friday March 16th, National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence. These day are very important to our school and pupils, promoting understanding about both online and offline behaviours and their consequences.


We believe that internet safety education is a crucial element of the curriculum and an essential part of young people’s development. These activities and resources are provided to enable you to strengthen and reinforce the safety message that your children receive in school, as well as in the home environment.  


Please feel free to discuss these activities with your children and promote the positive use of digital technology and the importance of remaining safe online.


Warren McMahon - eLearning Manager

Thursday, 22 March 2018 03:49

Student Sporting Achievements

Rowing Achievement

Congratulations to Jack Bowser (Yr. 12) who went to New Zealand over the Christmas break and competed at one of New Zealand’s largest Rowing regattas.  His Quad managed to score a second in the quad with a time that was only 6 sec of a world qualifying time. Jack also managed to pick up a 5th place in the doubles final and 6th place in the final of the single scull event. Recently, Jack participated in the State club competition and came home with 3 silvers and a bronze. One silver for his single, one for the double, one for the Quad. Well done, Jack!

Student Achievement

Congratulations to the folowing student who has been selected in the following team:

Brody Smitka – South Coast U/15 Boys Rugby League Team

Coomera Anglican College held their inaugural MathsCraft event on March 20 in The POD. Eight of our Junior Secondary students joined fifteen students from four local schools to explore maths problems collaboratively.  Our four Year 12 Academic Prefects joined us and helped to inspire the students and provoke mathematical thinking. We were also fortunate enough to be joined by four Mathematicians, including Dr Anita Ponsaing who joined us from Melbourne.


MathsCraft is an event supported by ACEMS (the Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence in Mathematical and Statistical Frontiers). Dr Anita Ponsaing travels nationally to support schools in hosting and running MathsCraft events and has an expansive network of Mathematicians who were willing to join us for the event.


Students who participated worked on three problems across the afternoon.  The exploration of the problems led to some great discoveries as well as some unique and imaginative thinking.  Many of the student’s solutions led to even greater questions and so students were encouraged to take their questions away and explore them further.

MathsCraft 1

MathsCraft 2

We hope to run further events such as these in the future to engage students in mathematical thinking, broaden their horizon beyond the curriculum mathematically and allow them to network with mathematicians and peers.  The afternoon was filled with engagement, laughter and joy (yes I said it, joy) as the students discovered, pondered and played with mathematics.

MathsCraft 3

Gareth Manson and Allison Beeforth


Dear Parents, Staff and StudentsMark Sly1


Yesterday I had the opportunity to travel to Canberra for the Independent Schools Council of Australia (ISCA) National Consultative Group Meeting. I was there in my role as Anglican Schools Australia (ASA) President, as Anglican schools represent the largest sector of Independent schools in Australia. The three-hour meeting covered many items of national importance including discussion around funding, the political environment, NAPLAN, students with disabilities and the Australian Charities and Not-for-profit Commission (ACNC). The meeting was attended by educational leaders from all states and all sectors of Independent schools. The purpose of the meeting was to brief us on what is happening nationally regarding a range of educational projects. The ISCA team meet regularly with the politicians to discuss educational issues and often to advise the Government on such matters. For example, NAPLAN online will be phased in over the next three years with 150 schools trialling the online NAPLAN this year. This is to test for readiness in the system and to determine the capacity of connectivity required for NAPLAN to be completed in this way. Our College is not involved in these online trials in 2018. By 2020 all students will be completing NAPLAN online.


There is also a review being conducted on the method used to determine funding of non-Government schools. The current funding arrangements have been in place for almost two decades, although there was some fine-tuning done recently. This has given schools some certainty about funding so they can plan effectively. While the current system is sound, transparent and fair, there are potentially some improvements that could be made to make it even better. It is unfortunate that the funding of non-Government schools has become such a political issue. You will probably have read in the newspapers regarding promises made about funding to one sector in the lead up to the next election that has the potential to undermine the integrity of the current funding arrangement.


Earlier this week the Year 9 students attended their leadership and team building day off campus. As leaders in the Junior Secondary campus, we believe that this time invested in developing them as a cohesive cohort is most important. Year 9 students provide leadership and it is important that they understand the benefits of their positive role modelling in the College. This team building day also provides a strong foundation for their service activities later in the year. Thank you to Mr Ristic for his organisation of the day and to Mr Golder and the Year 9 teachers who accompanied the students.


You may have seen a news story or two about The Pod this week. We are very proud of the facilities and learning opportunities available to students in this building and I have been impressed with how the teaching and learning is changing across the campus as a result. It is wonderful to see students so engaged in their learning and excited about what The Pod provides for them. However, while it is very special, The Pod is just a building. It is what happens within the building and beyond that is the important element. I am grateful for the way the Primary staff have embraced the challenges of changing their approach to teaching and learning. The Pod has provided the catalyst.


Yesterday was Harmony day celebrating cultural diversity in Australia. This follows on nicely from last Friday’s Anti-Bullying day, with a similar sentiment. We are all different, yet have far more similarities as humans than differences. The orange ribbons worn by students and staff are also used for Harmony day and provide a visual reminder of the importance of respecting each other. That should be easy for our community given that respect is the cornerstone of our College.

Thank you for your continued support.


Yours sincerely

Mark Sly - Principal

Extended Opening Hours for final week of Term 1


Monday 26 March - 7.30am to 4pm

Tuesday 27 March - 7.30am to 4pm

Wednesday 28 March - 7.30am to 4pm

Thursday 29 March - Closed

Friday 30 March -  Closed

Please ensure that you have purchased Winter Uniform requirements before the end of Term 1.

Online orders placed over the term break will be processed and ready for collection from Secondary Admin on Monday 16 April after 12pm.


Opening Hours for the first week of Term 2


Tuesday 17 April - 7.30am to 11am

Wednesday 18 April - 7.30am to 4pm

Friday 20 April - 7.30am to 11am


College Winter Uniform Requirments - Term 2


Year 7 to 12

  • The College Blazer is compulsory in Terms 2 and 3 for Boys and Girls. 

  • The College pullover may be worn with Formal and Sport Uniforms for Boys and Girls.

  • Boys wear long navy trousers

  • Girls may wear navy (not black) tights. (Please note that these must be purchased from the Uniform Shop to maintain consistency across the College.)

  • College Microfibre Trackpants and Jackets may be worn only with the College Sports Uniform

  • Cacaburra Hoodies may be worn with the College Sports Uniform.

Prep to Year 6

  • Prep students may wear the new Tracksuit Jacket and/or Trackpants.

  • Boys in Years 1 to 3 may wear navy trousers instead of shorts however, this is optional.

  • Girls may wear navy (not black) tights. (Please note that these must be purchased from the Uniform Shop to maintain consistency across the College.)

  • The College pullover may be worn with Formal and Sport Uniforms for Boys and Girls.

  • College Microfibre Trackpants and Jackets may be worn only with the College Sports Uniform by students in Years 4 to 6.

  • Cacaburra Hoodies may be worn with the College Sports Uniform.

College Uniform Presentation requirements are clearly outlined in the College Handbook.  Please ensure that Uniforms are in good condition and meet with these requirements.  Of particular concern is the length of girls dresses and skirts (these should be below knee), the condition and fit of Formal Hats and the faded nature of many uniform items.  Please organise replacement or repair of uniforms if necessary to ensure all students are looking their best. Hair below collar length must be tied back with navy ribbons or a navy scrunchie purchased from the Uniform Shop only. 


Dry Cleaning of College Blazers is available from Helensvale Dry Cleaners or Coomera Dry Cleaners located in Kohl Street, Upper Coomera.  A Formal Hat Cleaning/Repair Service is also available.

Congratulations to the following students who have been selected in the South Coast Swimming team to compete at the State Titles:


Primary Team

Emerson Jones

Georga Templeton

Caitlin Brown

Haylee Reid

Georgia Lea’aetoa

Max Templeton

Lani Stasiaskowski

Daniel Prinsloo

 South Coast Swimming Primary CAC Students


Secondary Team

Eden Rieck

Mia Feltham

Scarlett Young

Taylor Butler

Kyle Bartlett

Dylan Cole

Renae Wieser

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