From the Principal's Desk - Week 9, Term 4 2018


Dear Parents, Staff and Students

This year we have been Loving Life Together and have enjoyed a most successful year for our College. The 2018 Year Book that students will take home this afternoon is filled with happy memories and many photos to remind us of the various events throughout the year. I always enjoy seeing the happy faces that reflect the fun had by students. I commend this Year Book as a must read publication for the upcoming holiday period.


Tuesday evening saw the final of our eight Celebration evenings and events completed. While this is a marathon effort for staff and some families who attend multiple events, having this number enables us to keep them relevant, age appropriate, relatively short and fun. I know some schools have only one or maybe two of these events, but we have found this a good way to engage with our community and to celebrate our students’ growth throughout the year. Thank you to all families who supported these events and to the staff who worked so hard to ensure they all ran smoothly. While the work of most staff in preparing students is obvious, the unsung heroes for these events are the maintenance staff who ensure that everything is set up and ready to go for each event, and Mr Griffith who operates the sound and lighting with his tech crew of students. Without their attention to detail, we could not achieve the high standards witnessed by all who attend. Thank you to all staff for your tireless work for these celebrations.


Our two bridge crossings this week have provided special moments for the Pre-prep and Year 6 students as they transition to the next phase of their education. As a relatively young College, these opportunities to celebrate such important milestones for students are invaluable. We know that they become highlights for students as they reflect back on their time at the College once they have left. Thank you to all who make these rites of passage so special.


Yesterday the Farewell Assembly for Mr Kirkpatrick was lovely. To see so many people there to pay tribute to the great Mr K was fabulous. Members of the College Council, past staff, students and parents as well as our current community and Mr K’s family all came for this surprise farewell. There is no doubt that he has played a significant role in our community and has had a profound influence on many people. It was a special moment when the entire student body and most of the staff did the Cha Cha Slide for Mr K and then he led us all in the College War Cry. We wish Graeme well for his year away and look forward to hearing more of his stories in the future. Mr K, we salute you and express our sincere gratitude for all you have given to our College and the community.


I also take this opportunity to thank all families for your support in 2018.
There have been many wonderful moments this year where the support of parents has been invaluable. Thank you for all you do in partnership with us in the education of your children.


Best wishes to all families for Christmas and the New Year.


Thank you for your continued support.


Yours sincerely

Mark Sly - Principal