From the Principal's Desk - Week 1, Term 4 2018


Dear Parents, Staff and Students

Mark Sly1 

Term Four begins and we prepare for the busy time ahead.


I particularly welcome new students and their families to our College. I am sure you will enjoy the experience of being here.


From early next week, you should receive an email from MYP Corporation regarding our School Results Survey. This company will conduct the online survey on our behalf. They will email you the survey link and ask you to complete the survey. The survey is anonymous and will include a number of statements that you will be asked to rank on a five-point scale, and you will also have the opportunity to respond to some more open ended questions. They will send you reminder emails every few days to ensure that as many parents, staff and students (Yrs 4 - 12) as possible complete the survey. The purpose of the survey is for us to hear from you; to ascertain what you think and to benefit from your experience as parents, staff or students.  As part of our Strategic Agenda, it is important for us to listen to our community in order to continue to improve as a College. Obviously, we cannot be all things to all people and it would not be possible to take up everyone’s specific ideas, as they will no doubt cover a wide range of suggestions and may even be potentially contradictory. It is important that we adhere to our long-term vision as a College, but feedback from our parents, staff and students helps to shape that vision. Thank you in advance for your involvement in our survey. I look forward to reading the feedback that MYP Corporation will collate from the completed surveys.


Over the break we had two overseas trips for students. The Year 12 Chinese Extension class travelled to China to assist in making a promotional Tourism video for Jiangsu Province. This was a wonderful opportunity for our students to practise their Chinese and was funded by Jiangsu Province Tourism Board. I understand the video, which was made in conjunction with Coomera TAFE, will be used across the world to promote Jiangsu Province as a holiday destination. Thank you to Mrs Cheung and Mrs Liu for organising this trip and for accompanying our students. In addition, a group of Basketballers and Netballers from our Academies travelled to New Zealand on a sports tour. The students had great fun and enjoyed the experience of representing our College on and off the court. Thank you to Mr Hall, Ms Young, Mr Goldfinch, Mr Price and Ms Grant for organising the tour and accompanying our students. These are big commitments for staff and I appreciate them giving up their own time to make this experience possible for the students.


Tomorrow 5 October is World Teachers' Day. On behalf of the College community I thank all of our teachers for their professionalism and dedication to their students and the College. Thank you to PAFA for supplying morning tea to all staff. The rest of Queensland will celebrate this occasion on 26 October.


I want to take this opportunity to thank and farewell Mrs Heather Morris who leaves our College tomorrow after 15 years of service to the Accounts Department. Mrs Morris has played a key role in our Administration for many years and has overseen some major projects including refurbishment and furniture and asset acquisition.  We will all miss Mrs Morris. I thank her for her wonderful service to our College and wish her well for the future.


I trust you all have a great term.


Thank you for your continued support.



Yours sincerely

Mark Sly - Principal