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Thursday, 27 April 2017 01:52

Student Sporting Achievements

Congratulations to these students who have been selected in the following teams:

Cade Birrell - Queensland Open Secondary Boys Tennis Team

Mitchell Rust – Hinterland U/12 Boys Football Team

Sam Davidson – Hinterland U/15 Boys Rugby Team

Max Brown – Hinterland U/15 Boys Rugby Team

Grace Hermansson (Yr. 9) and Wilson Page (Yr. 12) who both have been selected in the Queensland U/15 Emerging Basketball team and the Queensland U/18 Boys Emerging Basketball team respectively.. Both will be heading to the USA in the June/July holidays to compete in a number of fixtures against teams from the USA.

A recent article published by UQ School of Veterinary Science explains the dangers associated with rescuing baby birds. The report highlights the importance of leaving baby birds alone, unless they are in danger. Well-meaning people are unaware of the implication associated with the action. The article suggest that fallen baby birds are usually undergoing important instinctive lesson in which their parents are usually not far away. Therefore, if in danger the bird’s parents will be in close proximity to rescue their offspring.

The article encourages citizens to:

  1. Place fallen nests into nearby trees or shrubs to remove chicks from danger, allowing the parents to locate their offspring.

  2. If the chick is injured or sick take it to your nearby vet or call a wildlife carer to look after it.

  3. Leave the chick where it lays, if out of danger, in order for its parents to rescue and/or locate their offspring.

The article suggests that by helping these birds, well-meaning citizens are depriving the chicks from learning essential natural behaviours only the parents are able to teach their offspring.

Therefore, the next time you spot a fallen baby bird please leave the chick alone unless it is injured or in danger and consider the suggestion highlighted within the article.

For further information on the topic follow the link to the article published by UQ veterinarians:

Dear Parents, Staff and Students
Mark Sly1


What a pleasure it was to attend our first ever Baptism service last Sunday at St Matthew’s Church. Reverend Mary-Anne baptised 11 students in a beautiful service. It was lovely to see the families and friends supporting this special event in the life of their children.


ANZAC Ceremonies have dominated this week. Our College held three services on Monday:


8.45 am for Years 2-6, 10am for Pre-Prep – Year 1, and 10.50am for Secondary students. These were moving services as always and provided our students with an opportunity to reflect on the meaning of ANZAC Day, the sacrifices made by many Australians and the resulting freedom we enjoy today. We were delighted to have some special guests including Major Graeme Palmer, Mr Adam Cass, Mr Bill Dent and bush poet Mr Dennis Scanlon. Mr Scanlon was very entertaining and knowledgeable as he recited some of his ANZAC inspired poems, including one about the Australian Light Horse that celebrates its Centenary this year.


In addition, our College was well represented by many students and families at two community services: The RSL Service in Reserve Road Upper Coomera and the Rotary Service at the Cenotaph in Oxenford-Tamborine Road Upper Coomera. We have been supporting the latter service for 21 years now and have become a major part of that event, as it has become an important part of our calendar. Thank you to the many staff, students and families who support these important events. It is important that we continue to remember the heroic deeds of our forebears with sincere gratitude.


This week has also been a busy one for our parents, with a Parent Volunteer Induction session, the PAFA meeting, NAPLAN information sessions and a Sport Academy motivation session. We are keen to have our parents involved in the College as much as possible and it is wonderful that we can provide so many different avenues for parent support and engagement. From sessions like these to the many opportunities to attend events during the year, there is plenty of scope for parents to be actively involved in whatever capacity they can manage. This is not only rewarding for parents, but reinforces the positive interest they have in the education of their children. There is plenty of research to confirm that children benefit significantly when parents are actively engaged in their education.


Hairspray tickets have been selling quickly so be sure to buy yours this week if you intend to see the Musical. Click this link to book your tickets.


Thank you for your continued support.

Yours sincerely

Mark Sly - Principal

Wednesday, 19 April 2017 22:18

Student Sporting Achievements

17554569 1298701596890676 3245490747401160086 nCongratulations to Kane Hurley (Yr. 10) who was recently awarded  the Gold Coast District Senior Cricket Under 19 Player of the Year Award. This was particularly special as he Is the youngest recipient to have ever received this award. He ended up being the fourth leading wicket taker in first grade on the Gold Coast.  Well done Kane!



Congratulations to Jack Jordan (Yr. 8) who has been selected in the Queensland Under 17 Men’s State Netball Team. Jack is currently playing in the National Men’s and Mixed Netball Competition being held on the Gold Coast this week. They will be competing against under 17 men’s teams from other states in Australia. Well done Jack!

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Dear Parents, Staff and Students
Mark Sly1

Welcome back for Term Two. I hope you were able to enjoy Easter and your plans were not impacted too much by the weather at the end of March. It is nice to see everyone back after an extended break, eager to commence work in a busy second term. It was good to welcome back Mark Heaney and Michael Profitt after their long service leave break.


This term we also welcome Jeremy Thewliss and Stephanie Lampante who will cover Natasha Materne while on Long Service Leave, and also Katie Watson who will cover Vikki Rees for the rest of the year. As you would have read in the Welcome Letter for Term Two emailed out last week, Penelope Elaine Jackson, first child for Kirsty and Steven Jackson was born on 31 March. Congratulations to them both.


Term Two sees the change of seasons as we move deeper into autumn. This means formal uniform including blazers are to be worn by all secondary students and long trousers for secondary boys.


It was lovely to have the whole Secondary cohort together on Tuesday afternoon for our Easter Service. It is unusual for us to be at school just two days after Easter, and this provided the ideal opportunity to gather Years 7-12 in the Ivan Gibbs Centre to share in this special service. Pastor Michael Hands was a guest preacher who spoke to the students about Easter and what it means for each of us today. His manner is very accessible for secondary students and he was well received by all present.


The combined Years 2-6 Primary service on Wednesday was also a lovely event and provided a similar opportunity for Reverend Mary-Anne to speak to students about Easter. Her appointment as full time Chaplain in our College has indeed been a blessing over the past two years, and Reverend Mary-Anne continues to engage students in the important area of faith development. This Sunday at 2pm, the first ever College Baptism service will be held at St Matthew’s Church, adjacent to the College in Billinghurst Crescent. Families are encouraged to come along to support those students being baptised. If you are curious about baptism, this could be a good way to find out what it is all about.


Secondary Parent-Teacher interviews on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings were well attended. As always, this opportunity reinforces the importance of our partnership with parents in the education of our students. It is a pleasure for me to witness the positive conversations between teachers, parents and students about the learning processes and their outcomes. The deliberate approach to having students more actively engaged in their own learning has led to some very positive conversations this week.


With ANZAC Day approaching, we will have our own services in the College next Monday prior to our involvement in the community services on Tuesday. This is a special time when we pause to remember those who have made sacrifices for us as a nation. The significance of ANZAC day this year being so close to Easter, is not lost on many who see the strong parallels around sacrifice. As always, the College will be strongly represented at both local community services with Junior Secondary leaders involved in the RSL Service on the corner of Reserve Road and Abraham Rd Upper Coomera, and College leaders and other students at the Rotary Service at the Cenotaph on Oxenford-Tamborine Road Upper Coomera. It would be good to see many students in uniform representing our College on Tuesday.


Thank you for your continued support.

Yours sincerely

Mark Sly - Principal

Wednesday, 29 March 2017 00:21

Student Sporting Achievements

Congratulations to these students who have been selected in the following teams:

Wade Robertson – Hinterland U/12 Boys AFL Team

Riley Johnson – Hinterland U/12 Boys AFL Team

Henry Sprott – Hinterland U/12 Boys AFL Team


The House Cross Country carnivals held this week were very successful events. Congratulations to Lane House in the Primary and Morris House in the Secondary for winning the House trophies. Results from each carnival include:

 CCountry runner 2017

Primary House Champion Secondary House Champion
1st – Lane - 2472 points. 1st - Morris - 2170 points
2nd - Morris - 2290 points 2nd - Lane - 2131 points
3rd - Gibbs - 2179 points 3rd - Smith - 1987 points
4th – Smith – 1992 points 4th - Gibbs – 1347 points
Age Champions Age Champions
U/9 Girls U/12 Girls
1st  -  Maddison Cooke 1st  - Bowie Hawk
2nd – Isabelle Houghton 2nd – Amelia Coetzee
3rd – Zara Courtney 3rd – Mikayla Maudsley
U/9 Boys U/12 Boys
1st  - Daniel Evans 1st  - Dylan Devine
2nd – Connor Hopgood 2nd – Hamish Obermann
3rd  - Hayden Johnson 3rd  - Finnley Woodcock
U/10 Girls U/13 Girls
1st  - Jessica McConville 1st  - Sophie Miller
2nd – Maddison Hauch 2nd – Emmi Callaghan
3rd – Madelynn Bemrose 3rd – Indiana Templeton
U/10 Boys U/13 Boys
1st  - Daniel Prinsloo 1st  - Emile De la Rey
2nd – Lukas Andrews 2nd – Edan Tighe
3rd  - Ethan Moore 3rd  - Lachlan Sheppard
U/11 Girls U/14 Girls
1st  - Haru Steele 1st  - Kala Wahono
2nd – Peri Tighe 2nd – Elisha Hurley
3rd –  Maddie Febey 3rd – Keeley Banks
U/11 Boys U/14 Boys
1st  - Hayden Jones 1st  - Jordan Rieck
2nd – Jack Neumann 2nd – Adam Baxter
3rd  - Benjamin Glesson 3rd  - Lucas Crummer
U/12 Girls U/15 Girls
1st  - Saffron Williams 1st  - Mackenzie Cullinane
2nd – Jasmine Mallard 2nd – Aqua Cunningham
3rd – Alannah Hopgood 3rd – Brooke Whiteley
U/12 Boys U/15 Boys
1st  - Llewellyn Coetzee 1st  - Samuel Davidson
2nd – Mackenzie Hall 2nd – Edward Williams
3rd  - Jack Perkins 3rd  - Ethan Blom
  U/16 Girls
  1st  - Imogen Noon
  2nd – Chloe Geyer
  3rd – Zoe Ayres
  U/15 Boys
  1st  - James Murray
  2nd – Lachlan Devine
  3rd  - Nicholas Williams
  Open Girls
  1st  - Tayla Cornish
  2nd – Charlotte Brown
  3rd – Ella Goodman
  Open Boys
  1st  - Cameron Cubit
  2nd –  Ethan Owen
  3rd  -  Cade Birrell

Each week, we will feature a “Business of the Week” from our 2017 Family Business Directory, with details of special discounts or offers available for CAC Families. 

This week our Business is Barkroyale.


Details of all businesses in our Directory are available on the College App or website:


If you would like to list your family-owned business, please contact Lynne on 5585 9976.

Tuesday, 21 March 2017 00:25

Reading for Pleasure - By Meg Beddows

As an English teacher, I know research suggests that it is incredibly important to cultivate a love of reading within my classroom. Personally, I have always loved to read and I hope that my students will too. I am well aware that I face some challenges, however, I believe that there are some simple strategies you can do at home that can help encourage your child to develop a love of reading.


  1. Make reading a part of your child’s daily routine. In Year Seven it is an expectation that students will read for one hour per week as part of their homework requirements. Encourage students to read for pleasure for at least ten minutes before they fall to sleep at night. In the morning, speak to them about what they read the night before.

  2. Share you own reading experiences with your child. The students I teach love to know what I am reading currently and what I enjoyed as a teenager. I very intentionally tell my students what I am reading, read passages to them in class and encourage discussion about books. As parents, you can do the same.

  3. Listen to an audio book in the car. Audio books are a great way to encourage reluctant readers. Even though they are not reading the text themselves, students are still developing vocabulary and fluency skills. Also, students who have difficulty reading are free to visualise the scenes that are being described.  

What is the 7@7 Blog?

In Year Seven all students participate in a formal reading program. Throughout the year students are expected to read a minimum of seven texts of their choice, in addition to those studied within their English classes. The program aims to enhance reading opportunities and reading skills of our students including their fluency, comprehension, range and appreciation of texts. Students are taken to the library at least twice a term, however, each room has a well-stocked classroom library the students can borrow from.


Once a week students are required, as part of their homework, to complete one blog activity. The blog encourages students to go beyond retelling the book and engage in an activity that is of interest to them.


Some of the activities they can choose to complete include:


  1. Build a model of a favourite scene from the story.

  2. Draw a map or plan based on parts of the story.

  3. Create an advertisement for the book. This could be a print advertisement, or a commercial.

  4. Rewrite a chapter of the book as a dramatic script.

  5. Write a publisher’s blurb to sell the book.

    Examples from this year:

Example 1

Each week, we will feature a “Business of the Week” from our 2017 Family Business Directory, with details of special discounts or offers available for CAC Families. 

This week our Business is Bark Busters.


Details of all businesses in our Directory are available on the College App or website:


If you would like to list your family-owned business, please contact Lynne on 5585 9976.

Dear Parents, Staff and Students
Mark Sly1


Last Friday, as you know, we celebrated National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence. Congratulations to the SRC and their staff mentors for doing such a great job of raising awareness of this issue that threatens our society. The orange ribbons, the regular videos and questions for discussion all helped to bring the scourge of bullying and violence to forefront of our attention.


Our Diocese is very much aware of the importance of Child Protection. The Royal Commission into Institutional Response to Child Sexual Abuse has been ongoing for a number of years and the public hearing into the findings for the Anglican Church of Australia took place in Sydney last Friday. For years we have been implementing Diocesan policies to ensure that the terrible abuse that occurred in the past in so many places cannot ever happen in our College. We have many policies and procedures in place to ensure that our students are safe. Our staff are trained regularly and students educated often on what is appropriate conduct in our College, and what constitutes abuse or likely abuse.  Staff are familiar with signs of abuse or likely abuse, and are mandatory reporters of abuse. We have three trained student protection officers across the College covering each campus. This week we have also undergone an Independent Student Protection Audit. This involved two days of intensive interviews of 14 people across our community conducted by an independent auditor. The auditor was given full access to our policies, documents, website and intranet and will produce a written report of the findings which will be presented to the Diocese. It should be comforting for parents to know the extensive infrastructure around student protection in our College.


Everyone is excited about Festival of Gifts next week. This is a unique experience that is not found anywhere else. Festival of Gifts is an opportunity for all of us to explore and celebrate our God-given gifts. It also celebrates the life of our College and our Christian faith. There have been some changes made to this year’s Festival, including the Opening and Closing Ceremonies, which will enable greater student involvement, and some fun activities during the week. In response to the Archbishop’s message to schools for 2017, we have also included a sustainability theme this year. Parents are welcome to attend the Opening Ceremony on Monday morning in the Rod Lane Sports Centre starting at 9am. There will be limited seating and plenty of standing room available.


The House Cross Country Carnival is scheduled for tomorrow. As I write this the sun is breaking through and we are planning to go ahead with the event, despite the recent rain. The rain has made the track softer than it was two weeks ago but also greener! I’m sure the students will enjoy the weather being a bit cooler as they complete the course. Good luck to all runners.


The College Musical - Hairspray is coming up early in Term Two. The cast and crew are certainly working hard on the production and Mrs Brown’s prep area in the Science labs is filling up with costumes. Tickets go on sale on Monday morning at 7am, so be sure to go online to the booking page to book your tickets. You will be sorry if you miss such a great show. You can even pre-book your food and drinks. Click link below for tickets.


Hairspray Logo


Thank you for your continued support.

Yours sincerely

Mark Sly - Principal

The new 2017 Entertainment Books will be going home with students in Term 2 - From Wednesday 27 April 2017
Digital copies can be ordered now for your mobile phone if you prefer - Click here to order NOW!

Both the books and digital membership are just $60 and represent absolutely amazing value on an enormous amount of products and services across the Gold Coast and Nationally!

If you do not wish to keep and purchase the book simply return it in the envelope provided ASAP back to the class teacher.
If you do decide to keep the book please return only the envelope provided with payment either cash or credit card details written inside.

This is an annual College Primary and Secondary Art fundraiser and funds from this year as well as last year will be combined to conntribute to the 20th Year Anniversary Sculpture created by artist Jules Hunt

EB 2016

Available as a traditional Entertainment™ Book -or- Digital Membership on your smartphone, your Membership gives you over $20,000 worth of valuable offers

"The Entertainment™ Book is such a great way to try new restaurants. It's also a great opportunity to help community organisations.
It's been a big year for Entertainment™, with the Digital Memberships as well – just when I didn't think it could get any better!"

- Ali M. (Member since 2009)

Entertainment Book Vouchers

Thursday, 16 March 2017 03:59

Uniform Shop News

Extended Opening Hours for final week of Term 1

Monday 27 March - 7.30am to 4.00pm
Tuesday 28 March - 7.30am to 4.00pm
Wednesday 29 March - 7.30am to 4.00pm
Thursday 30 March - Closed
Friday 31 March – Closed

Please ensure that you have purchased Winter Uniform requirements before the end of Term 1 as the shop will NOT be open during the break.


College Winter Uniforms

  • Students in Years 7 to 12 will wear a College Blazer in Terms 2 and 3.  Boys will wear long navy trousers with the Blazer, while girls may wear navy (not black) tights.  With only three weeks remaining of Term 1, please organise the purchase of these items soon as all sizes are now in stock

  • Students in Prep to Year 12 may wear the College pullover with Formal and Sport Uniforms.   Girls in Prep to Year 12 may wear navy tights with the Formal Uniform. (Please note that these must be purchased from the Uniform Shop to maintain consistency across the College.)   The College Navy Trackpants previously worn by boys in Prep to Year 3 have been replaced by Elasticised Navy Trousers.
  • College Microfibre Trackpants and Jackets may be worn only with the College Sports Uniform by students in Years 4 to 12.

  • College Uniform Presentation requirements are clearly outlined in the College Handbook.  Please ensure that Uniforms are in good condition and meet with these requirements.  Of particular concern is the length of girls dresses and skirts (these should be below knee), the condition and fit of Formal Hats and the faded nature of many uniform items.  Please organise replacement or repair of uniforms if necessary to ensure all students are looking their best.  

Dry Cleaning of College Blazers is available from Helensvale Dry Cleaners or Coomera Dry Cleaners located in Kohl Street, Upper Coomera.  A Formal Hat Cleaning/Repair Service is also available.

“He doesn’t pay attention in class” “She just doesn’t seem to care about school” “The trouble is he is lazy” “She just isn’t interested in school” “He just doesn’t try at all”


Many parents and teachers have either heard, or indeed used, such words to describe their children and/or their students. Parents and teachers may feel frustrated and helpless when their child or student appears to lack interest in schoolwork. A concern for many parents and teachers is how to motivate students to learn. This may become particularly relevant for older students, students who have difficulty learning or those who have experienced repeated failure. It is important to recognise that a student’s lack of engagement and interest in school may actually be the result of a learning difficulty. To best help these students it is essential that the underlying learning difficulty be addressed rather than simply applying strategies to increase motivation.


What is motivation and why is it important? A motivated student is one who has the energy and drive to learn, work effectively and achieve at school. Motivation plays a key role in a student’s interest, engagement and enjoyment in school and associated tasks such as homework and study. Motivation also underpins a student’s achievement. As they move through their school years, very few students can succeed on simply talent alone. Success also takes drive and commitment.


When students are motivated they tend to work more effectively at school, persevere through more difficult tasks, make the most of their abilities, behave well and enjoy what life has to offer. On the other hand, if a student is not motivated to learn, they may become disruptive, apply minimal effort and as a result are more likely to perform poorly. In more extreme cases a lack of interest and achievement may lead to truancy and dropping out in later parts of senior school. Moreover, the journey through school may not be a particularly happy one.


After reading some work by Dr Andrew Martin, I came to understand the concept of motivation a lot clearer. There are a number of thoughts and behaviours or Boosters that motivate students and enhance their achievement. There are also a number of thoughts and behaviours or Guzzlers that reduce motivation and achievement (Martin, 2008). These are presented in the diagram below. Students improve their motivation by increasing their Booster thoughts and behaviours and reducing their Guzzler thoughts and behaviours.


Attached is an information sheet for parents, caregivers and teachers that will assist us all in understanding motivation, and engaging, helping and encouraging our young people with the motivation required to succeed in this challenging and competitive world. Our number one priority is to do everything we can in allowing young people to develop a healthy, positive mind set to be the leaders of tomorrow.


Motivation Booster


Parent Information Sheet: The Motivation to Succeed Academically


  • Underachievers are those whose:

    Poor academic performance is due to indifference or failure to try rather than a lack of ability – their actual mastery of school work is below what would be expected on the basis of their intelligence and learning ability.

  • Motivational Problems may include:

    Poor academic self-concept, low morale, school phobia, and giving up / avoidance.

  • Pioneering study by Carol Dweck (1978) found:

    - Differences in the ways children processed feedback from teachers about their academic performance.
    - One group displayed pessimism about their academic ability and the others took feedback constructively, displaying a strong sense of their ability to succeed.
    - Dweck called these groups Mastery-Oriented and Learned Helplessness

  • Mastery-Oriented pupils:

    - Maintain a self-confident, productive outlook even in the face of failure
    - Confront obstacles by focusing attention on strategies for solving the problem
    - Did not tend to contemplate the causes for their difficulties nor dwell on the fact that they were experiencing difficulty
    - Explain failure as being due to not having tried hard enough
    - Consider success to be undeniable testimony to their intrinsic aptitude.

  • Children displaying Learned Helplessness:

    - Take a passive, self-defeating attitude to most of the tasks faced
    - Typically opt out of any tasks that seem at all challenging academically
    - Give up quickly when experiencing difficulty
    - Use the excuse the work is “boring” but masking an irrational fear of failure
    - Adopt an unrealistically pessimistic perspective on their own ability and success (e.g., radically underestimate test results)
    - Even when told they have done well often imagine the test was too easy or that most of the classmates had done better
    - Find ways to deny their achievements (self-defeating beliefs such as it was a fluke or pure luck)
    - When failure is experienced cause perceived due to irremediable lack of ability
    - Pessimistic about chances of success so less persistent when faced with challenging tasks
    - Given the choice of problems to work on they select boring or repetitive tasks that are far too easy to suit their level of ability and knowledge.

  • Parents, children and academic achievement:

    Parental beliefs about the causes of academic success and their offspring’s probability of succeeding at school have a strong influence on their children’s feelings about academic success, their motivation to do well and their beliefs about the value of effort and their own talents for school. According to Dr Martin Seligman, the author of The Optimistic Child (a must read for all parents), optimistic parents tend to have optimistic children. In addition, he states, it is vital that we foster optimism in our children because “pessimism is an entrenched habit of mind that has sweeping and disastrous consequences: depressed mood, resignation, underachievement … it hardens with each setback and soon becomes self-fulfilling” (p. 7).  Seligman warns of the many ways parents can hinder the development of an optimistic outlook toward school achievement. For example, “if you criticize your child for being lazy, rather than as not trying hard enough today, your child will believe not only that he is lazy, but that his failures come from permanent and unchangeable factors” (p. 63).

  • Judith Cashmore (1982) found

    - Parents typically attribute academic ability as the reason for their child achieving well in a range of school subjects
    - Unfortunately, effort is a more readily modifiable attribute than skill so this attitude is less constructive for children to heed than the notion of ability

  • Internal versus External Locus of Control (Rotter & Lefcourt, 1990):

    The extent to which individuals believe that an outcome is contingent on their own behaviour or personal characteristics versus, the extent to which they believe that an outcome is a function of luck, chance or fate or is simply unpredictable and beyond their control.

  • People with an internal locus of control believe:

    - Misfortunes result from the mistakes they make
    - With enough effort, anything is possible
    - There is a direct connection between how hard I study and the marks I get
    - What happens to me is my own doing.

  • People with an external locus of control believe:

    - Many of the unhappy things in my life are partly due to bad luck
    - It is difficult to have much control over the things that happen to me
    - Sometimes I can’t understand how teachers arrive at the marks I get
    - Sometimes I feel I don’t have control over the direction my life is taking.


Through a rainbow doorway and past a garden of shamrocks, 14 teams of Trivia buffs entered the Ivan Gibbs Centre last Friday for an entertaining night of tricky trivia with an Irish twist.  Thank you to all teams for your incredibly creative team names and for going to such effort with costumes.  Well done to the winning Best Dressed Team award, the ‘Guinness Geniuses’.


ShenanigansAfter 6 quiz rounds, a hotly contested tie-break saw the winner’s trophy finally presented to the ‘Shenanigans’ team with ‘Slainte!’ awarded 2nd place, while the Next To Last placed team was ‘Les Quizerables’.  Other winners on the night included Ingrid Singleton from ‘The Lucky Charms’ team with a correct guess of 121 gold coins in the Pot O’Gold; as well as Rob Goodwin and Terry Anderson in the Whiskey Toss.  Our lucky raffle winners were:



Purple D03 – Leonie Blue D42 – Gary
Red D92 – Neil Green F03 - Lynne
Blue D41 – Shirley Purple D64 – Tanya
Green C64 – Linda  Green C27 - Davina
Red B32 - Rosemary Red D95 – Leigh
Green D35 - Elda Red B32 - Rosemary


Thank you and congratulations to all prize winners, successful auction bidders, and to our brave Irish jig participants in the dance-off!

We would like to gratefully acknowledge the many prize donors who generously supported PAFA’s fundraising efforts at this event:


Amcal Chemist – Coomera & Pimpama Junction
Amelex Project Management Pty Ltd
Bamboo Nails
Bargain Mania Pimpama
Barkroyal Boutique Pet Resort
Bombay Bliss Indian Restaurant
BWS Pimpama Junction
Chef’s Cuisine Chinese Restaurant
Combe & Hair Coomera Waters
Commonwealth Bank Coomera
Coomera Tavern
Coomera Waters Sales Centre
Coomera Waters Pharmacy
Cre8tive Nails Pimpama Junction
Dan Murphy’s Coomera City
Days Road Pool Shop
Egans Group
Elite Supplements
Ella Bache Coomera
Eyes On You Optical
Exotic Wok & Grill
Fins At The Junction
Gold Coast Embroidery
Hair Rocks Pimpama
IGA Coomera Waters
Intimo Lingerie
Lattetude Café
Legends Café
Metro Carvery
Oriental Grill
O’SHE Pimpama Junction
Paradise Country
Pearly Whites Australia
Pimpama Dental
Pizza Temptations Upper Coomera
Repco Southport
Rough Draft Home Design
Springbok Foods Oxenford
Super Saver Variety Coomera
Sushi Break
The Athletes Foot Helensvale
The Press Café Coomera Waters
Woolworths Coomera West
Zarraffas Upper Coomera

VolunteersA big thank you also to our Trivia host, Helen Coghlan, and to our Trivia team who volunteered their time to ensure a successful night – there was much planning work behind the scenes, from cutting out shamrocks and leprachauns, to making rainbows, sourcing prize donations and creating jelly shots!  Our warm thanks to Nadine, Maria, Tracey, Paula, Amanda, Amber, Fiona, Natalie and Tammie for their wonderful contribution.  Thank you also to Dr Mark Sly - Jig Adjudicator and Marker; Graeme Kirkpatrick - Auctioneer Extraordinaire; Elda Koro for capturing the night in photos; and to Andy Griffiths for technical support.


Finally, our grateful thanks to all the teams for participating and supporting Trivia Night, and for helping us put the ‘fun’ in fundraising.

Trivia 1

Trivia 2

Dear Parents, Staff and Students
Mark Sly1


 The very welcome rain this week has almost certainly come because the builders have commenced work on The Pod. I’m sure I have written a similar sentence on many occasions over the last twenty years. It is uncanny how often the rain comes just as we start a building project. Of course we are delighted with the rain and from my office I can see the oval almost greening before my eyes. I was amused to see students walking around in jumpers yesterday morning, saying that the rain made them feel cold, when the temperature is still the mid-20s. The good news on the building front is that at this stage the rain will not cause a significant delay in the construction time line.


If you have been in the Coomera Shopping Centre recently you may have noticed the new billboards advertising Hairspray – our upcoming Musical. The Cast, Crew and Musicians have been working very hard over many weeks to prepare for this production and it is going to be fabulous. Tickets will be available online within the next couple of weeks, so keep an eye on this announcement, so you can book your tickets.


Many thanks to Lynne Tarlinton and the mighty PAFA team for organising the Trivia night last Friday evening. As always the night was full of fun and plenty of laughs. Congratulations to all involved and thank you to all who attended this great event.


At present we are working with the Architects on the College Master Plan. This is a lengthy process that requires detailed concepts of what may be required in the future so that we can apply to the Gold Coast City Council to have future development approved. There are a lot of codes and regulations to work through, including zoning, traffic, noise, environmental, hydraulic, building codes and others. A complication we are working through is the terrain of the newly acquired land adjacent to the original College property. This land was acquired for additional sport facilities and the architects are working with us to ensure we can maximise the available space given the amount of cut and fill required to create large level ground in zones across the precinct. We are excited about the possibilities this new land provides us.


Tomorrow, 17 March, is National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence. This will be marked in our College by the distribution of orange ribbons which the Secondary SRC have been preparing this week. SRC Chair Isabel Croker and her team have also created a series of topics and questions that staff have been asking during Pastoral Care time each day this week to raise awareness of the issues surrounding bullying. I am sure that all parents would know that Coomera Anglican College is an accredited eSmart school. This means that our work in anti-bullying and cybersafety has been recognised by the Alannah and Madeline Foundation. All of our policies have been written under the eSmart guideleines and we conduct an annual audit of our policies and operations. We constantly remind students about looking after themselves and each other and we also run cybersafety sessions in assemblies each term. We hold information sessions for parents, and promote the online material available to all Anglican school parents. This excellent material is tailored for parents of specific age groups- lower primary, upper primary, lower secondary and upper secondary. Here is the link to access this material.

Action Against Bullying
Student Representative Council Chair - Isabel Croker,
presenting an Action Against Bullying and Violence Day Orange Ribbon to Dr Sly


There are currently only three Anglican Schools with this accreditation and the Anglican Schools Commission is looking at our example to apply across all Diocesan schools in the next few years. I am grateful to Matthew Jorgensen and Warren McMahon for the work they have done with cybersafety, to raise awareness and work towards ensuring our students are safe on line. All College bullying policies are designed to empower and protect students, in a safe, happy environment.

Thank you for your continued support.

Yours sincerely

Mark Sly - Principal

Wednesday, 08 March 2017 23:11

eSmart Parent Resources

The College is focused on providing child safety for our students.  Part of that process is making parents aware of online dangers and their responsibility to provide a safe environment at home.  


Here are 3 easy ways for parents to do a quick eSmart check-up:



The Office of the Children's eSafety Commissioner has curated a great resource called iParent.  There are some links in here to helpful content to help you support the College’s effort to keep all our students safe.


The big issues

Wednesday, 08 March 2017 22:32

Student Sporting Achievements

Congratulations to the following students who have been selected in the South Coast Swimming team to compete at the State Championships later this month


Primary Team

  • Caitlin Brown
  • Eden Rieck
  • Haylee Reid
  • Max Templeton
  • Mia Feltham
  • Lani Stasiakowski
  • Scarlett Young
  • Daniel Prinsloo
  • Sam Henningsen


Secondary Team

  • Clayten Fowler
  • Taylor Butler
  • Amber Davidson
  • Jordan Reid
  • Kyle Bartlett
  • Renae Wieser
  • Lachlan Napier


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