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Wednesday, 15 November 2017 23:32

Our eSmart Life

Coomera Anglican College is proudly an accredited eSmart School.  We are unmistakably proactive about educating our community to be safe online.  The eSmart Schools Strategy is an initiative of The Alannah and Madeline Foundation, an organisation dedicated to protecting children. 

“eSmart Schools is making a real difference in schools across all sectors and year levels, equipping them with the resources and knowledge to effectively create a school culture that embraces the positives of the ever-changing cyber-world.”  (eSmart Schools, The Alannah and Madeline Foundation)

Please check these valuable links and resources:

The CyberSafety Net The Alannah and Madeline Foundation Facebook Guide for Parents
esafety Iparent
ACMA Stay Smart Online
Thinkyouknow Digizen
Stay Safe Online snapchat support 

To report any inappropriate behaviour online (e.g. adults who you believe are acting inappropriately with or towards a child or seeking a child for inappropriate contact), please use the Australian Federal Police (AFP) Online Child Protection Form.

We recommend that all families create a technology plan so that family members can participate in an online world and minimise the safety issues that they can potentially face.  A family technology plan can address everything from health issues related using mobile devices to rules about technology use outside of the family home.  Some ideas for a technology plan include:

The Golden Rules

  • Internet access and the use of digital devices is a privilege, not a right
  • If I report unsafe incidents, and I have not done the wrong thing, I will not lose access
  • Nothing I put on the internet is private, including my emails, and mum and dad have the right to access any and all of my digital content
  • Just because a movie or song is on the internet, it doesn’t mean it is free (NO illegal downloading)
  • If you are deleting your internet history, you must have something to hide


  • Technology1  Technology2

Hardware and Data Protection

  • Hide your Wifi name and have a strong password (see below)
  • Download MS Security Essentials and regularly update/run scans
  • Steer clear of peer to peer sharing sites, flash games and bit torrent sites
  • Delete dodgy, unsolicited emails
  • Don't click on the 'You just won …' type links
  • Filters - K9, Windows Live Family Safety
  • Parental Control Bar - block sites
  • Backup your important stuff in two other locations – external hard drive, SkyDrive, etc
  • Always ask before downloading programmes or apps


  • Ctrl + H - check internet history
  • Alt + Tab - toggle between open windows
  • Click and hold back arrow - current session sites visited
  • PrtScn / Snipping Tool - screenshot
  • Press windows key for taskbar - shows communication tools running in the background
  • Windows key + D for desktop


  • All devices turned off and in common place for charging after agreed time at night
  • Social networking only allowed on handheld devices, not school computer
  • If a child wants to have an account, mum and dad must have access - friend, log in details, etc
  • Stick to age restrictions - no compromise
  • No personal info like full name, location, phone number, etc
  • Report all dodgy stuff or lose access
  • Read privacy policy, find out what happens to your content
  • Establish maximum screen time access amounts
  • No access until homework is finished, chores completed
  • When is it acceptable to be using our devices? (NOT: at dinner, when we have visitors, in bed, before 7:30 am, after 8:00 pm, when watching TV, etc)
  • Whatever rules I have at home will be observed everywhere else

Account Security

  • Don't share passwords with anyone but your parents
  • I must get permission before signing up to a site or filling out a form
  • Do not use credit cards to sign up or pay for stuff
  • Create and use strong passwords:

            - 8 characters
            - Capitals and Lower case
            - Digits
            - Symbols


  • I will always be respectful, honest, truthful, courteous and use the manners my family has instilled in me
  • Never, ever meet with someone you met online unless mum or dad comes along too
  • Do not discuss, post or send without permission of all parties
  • No chatrooms - ever
  • Following or friending nasty or dodgy people makes me guilty by association, and reflects poorly on me and my family

Social Networking

All social networking sites have a 13 + age limit.  This includes Facebook, Twitter, Kik,, Snapchat and Google+. If your child is not over 13 years of age, the College strongly recommends that you do not let them have an account.  Children under this age are not equipped with the necessary maturity and skills to use these tools safely. They are essentially mixing in an adult world and can be exposed to anonymous adults with nasty intentions and inappropriate digital content.

COPPA, or the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act, applies to children under the age of 13. It is an act initiated in the United States of America, but all website operators must comply with the act if they want their sites to be accessible in the USA.  It was designed to protect the information of minors and their privacy.  

If your son or daughter has a social networking account and they are under 13, they are breaking the policy guidelines of the sites. Messaging apps like iMessage may have no age limit but still, need to be monitored.

Many parents think they are doing a nice thing by letting their child sign up to Instagram or another social networking tool. They think that it will allow them to stay in touch with their friends, and besides, all the other students use those sites anyway.  Then they wonder why their child is upset when they are bullied, excluded or they witness explicit material that is violent, sexual or abusive.  If your child is in Primary school, they are not mature enough to have a social networking account. Children also need to realise that just because they have turned 13, it doesn’t mean that they automatically have the right to join Facebook.  

One way to ensure that your child is using social networking tools correctly is to have access to their account on your phone or tablet. When you are ready for them to join up, have them sign in on your device as well so that you can keep an eye on the content being shared. Another way is to follow their account with your own account.

If you have any questions about anything to do with CyberSafety or our eSmart Schools Strategy, please contact Warren McMahon or visit our

Wednesday, 15 November 2017 05:37

Reminder: Stationery Pack Ordering for 2018

This year all Stationery Packs ordered on-line before Friday 1 December 2017 will be delivered to your nominated residential address between Monday 8 January and Friday 12 January 2018.  Alternately, Stationery Packs may be collected from the Campion Education Retail Store, Unit 5, 121 Evans Road Salisbury QLD 4107, during business hours after Monday 8 January 2018.

You will be able to access booklists from Year Three through to Year Twelve and place your order via the Campion website:

  • Go to
  • Select ORDER NOW
  • Select State
  • Select School
  • Enter the 4-digit code of XDG9
  • Select Year Level.

Please note that Prep, Year One and Year Two 2018 Stationery Packs should be paid for at the Uniform Shop or online through this link.  These will be delivered to the College for distribution by Teachers.

Campion Education will accept and process on-line orders, but please note that any orders placed after the ordering deadline of 1 December 2017 will incur a higher delivery fee (up to $19.95).


Dear Parents, Staff and StudentsMark Sly1


It is hard to believe that we will farewell the Year 12 students tomorrow. This week there have been a number of rehearsals and events that have been leading up to their final day tomorrow. Not only has their final year gone very quickly (although some of them may dispute that statement), but their whole 13 years at school seems to have passed in a flash. Tomorrow I will make reference to 33 students who have completed their entire schooling at Coomera Anglican College. That number is the largest number we have had in this situation, and is significant given that there were only three Prep classes when they commenced in 2005. In fact back then Prep was not offered in most Queensland schools, so our students were ahead of their time right from their first school day. It is always sad to farewell the Year 12s, particularly when many of them have been part of our College for so long. However, it is also a time for celebrating this important milestone, and I look forward to shaking their hands tomorrow at the end of the Guard of Honour. I imagine each of them will leave tomorrow with mixed feelings; happy to have completed Year 12, yet sad about not returning next year. One very positive aspect of our College is that many of them will come back to visit us in the years ahead as tends to happen with each departing cohort. I take this opportunity to thank each departing student for their contribution to Coomera Anglican College and to wish them well for the future. I look forward to the final function – the Valedictory Dinner tomorrow night.


The final Worship Service for Year 12 took place on Tuesday afternoon. This was a lovely way to start the farewells and was very capably led by the 2017 Faith Prefects Carla Coetzee, Kate Tonkin and Conor Bronson. There were three ‘special guests’ who came to sing for the senior students: Year 1F sang Hosanna complete with actions, Year 2J and Mr Davis sang Bless the Lord and a vocal group of Year 9 students sang True Colours. All three were beautiful performances and made the Year 12s in particular feel very special. The singing by all students throughout the worship which was led by Year 12 was impressive, and indicated just how much their cohort really appreciate their time in Worship.


Last Friday we enjoyed the Prep, Year 1 and Year 2 Celebration Events and they were followed by a very enjoyable Senior Secondary Celebration Evening last night. Congratulations to all involved and to the award winners in particular. Each student should be striving for their personal best at all times, with any award won being less significant than the effort and the gains made by each individual. Every student can and should be celebrating their own gains and achievements each year, and setting new goals for the following year. The remaining Celebration Evenings to be held over the next two weeks will be equally enjoyable I am sure.


Thank you for your continued support.

Yours sincerely

Dr Mark Sly - Principal

Thursday, 09 November 2017 01:02

From the Principal's Desk - Week 6, Term 4 2017

Dear Parents, Staff and StudentsMark Sly1

From my office this week I have heard a number of Celebration Evening rehearsals with many excited young children coming and going to the Ivan Gibbs Centre to practise their moment on stage. I love this time of year when the enthusiasm seems to exude from every pore of many youngsters as they fine tune their singing, dancing and movement onto and off the stage. Credit must go to the diligent teachers who create such great opportunities for each child to shine throughout these Celebration Events. Tomorrow we will see the culmination of all the patient work of teachers, and the talents of the students from Prep, Year 1 and Year 2 as they enjoy their Celebration Events, at 9am, 11am and 1pm respectively. Traffic flow in the main car park could be problematic given that there will be 17 buses in that area taking secondary students off to APS sport finals from around noon. Please be patient, and follow the directions of staff in the car parks to avoid any potential incidents. I understand that Mr Kirkpatrick has suggested that parents coming to the Celebration Events should park in the Primary campus where possible.

Student Leaders Elect for 2018

This afternoon the announcements were made for the Year 12 Leaders Elect for 2018.
Congratulations to these students:

College Captains Kiera Banks Kyle Bartlett
SRC Chair 
Deenie Mansfield
House Captains
Gibbs Tayla Cornish Jack Bowser
Smith Piper Williams Amber Davidson
Morris Chloe Geyer Amber Hurley
Lane Jasmine Ruck Connor Pryce
Academic Riley Hickey Kelly Lee Bobby Melhem Benjamin Wieser
Cultural Bree Gulyas Liam Owen-Jones Alexa Ripsher
Faith Annastasia Black Rebecca Osborne Nicole Slabbert
Service Hunter Heck Lily Tiley-Sayer Jebranca Spies
Sport Zoe Ayres Imogen Noon Ethan Owen Saxon Want

I am very confident that these students will lead the College well in 2018. The handover of leadership symbols will take place at the Senior Secondary Celebration Evening next Wednesday, and the formal leadership induction ceremony takes place early next year.

At the moment, Junior Secondary Leaders are about to be announced and Primary students are preparing to deliver their leadership speeches. While it is an exciting time for students stepping into formal roles, all students in Years 12, 9 and 6 are regarded as leaders in the College. Informal leadership is very significant in a community like ours.

Thank you for your continued support.

Yours sincerely

Dr Mark Sly - Principal


Dear Parents, Staff and Students


Mark Sly1

The next month at the College will be extremely busy. November is always an exciting time as we get to see the culmination of the year in a wide range of activities. The final camps take place, our sporting fixtures come to an end, the final carnivals are held, we farewell Year 12 and enjoy the Celebration Evenings and events. Meanwhile students are completing assessment and preparing for 2018 by starting next year’s work. It is a time of great celebration and a time to stop and reflect upon how much each individual has flourished throughout 2017.


While some may feel they have more to celebrate than others, it is important for all staff and students to take a moment over the next month and beyond to really think about their personal growth this year and to set some goals for 2018. A growth mindset requires us to continue to look at ways to improve upon our previous performances.


As we head into the second half of Term Four, it is important that students and families do not start to think that the year is over, when clearly there is so much left to do. It would be foolish to think it is time to slow down and coast towards the end of term. It would be equally foolish, and even against the law, to start planning an early holiday. Our students continue to work right through until the final day of term. Our Primary session up day and the Secondary timetable rollover in the final week are designed to continue working and give students a taste of what is to come in the following year, so they can fully prepare the correct mindset to do as well as possible.


We do not have muck up days and end of year parties like many schools as this sends the message that work has ceased and a strong finish to the year is not important. I remind parents that our College year for students finishes at least a week ahead of the government schools and there is plenty of time for a holiday break from the start of December when the term ends.


The flourishing theme we adopted for this year will continue to be an important core concept and vision for our College in the years ahead. Flourishing captures the essence of what we want for all individuals in our College community. For students to flourish in mind, heart, soul and strength is a worthy ambition and prepares them well for a fulfilling future. Flourishing as a vision will find its way into our ongoing strategic agenda.


Congratulations to all students and staff involved in the Cancer Council Relay for Life last weekend. It is great for our College to host this community event and I am always pleased to see so many students and staff selflessly giving their time to support such a worthy cause.



Thank you for your continued support.

Yours sincerely

Dr Mark Sly - Principal

Please not that the last day of trading for the Uniform Shop 2017 is 4pm on Wednesday 29 November 2017. The shop will then not re-open until Tuesday 22 January 2018.

Online orders can be made at any time and will be delivered to the Secondary Admin for collection on Friday 19 January from 12 Noon onwards.
Please click this link for all items and to make purchases. Uniform Shop

Extended Uniform Shop hours November 2017




•    Prep Boys and Girls in 2018 will wear sport shorts with the College polo shirt, white CAC socks and predominantly white joggers with Velcro.
•    Year 1 girls in 2018 will wear the dress and white hat.
•    Year 1 boys in 2018 will change to the checked shirt and formal hat.  Navy shorts remain the same as worn in Prep.
•    Year 1 boys and girls will need College sport shorts to wear with the polo shirt for P E lessons in 2018.
•    Year 4 boys in 2018 will wear navy formal shorts and belt, chambray shirt, knee high navy socks and a striped College tie.
•    Year 7 boys in 2018 will wear a College logo tie and fur felt hat.  They will also wear long trousers in Terms 2 and 3.
•    Year 7 girls in 2018 will wear the navy pleated skirt, checked blouse and navy cross-over tie.  Navy tights can be worn during Terms 2 and 3.
•    Year 7 girls and boys in 2018 will wear the College blazer during Terms 2 and 3.  
•    Year 10 boys in 2018 will wear the College white shirt with the navy formal shorts and senior boys tie.
•    Year 10 girls in 2018 will wear a College white blouse with the navy pleated skirt and senior girls tie.
•    Year 7 to 12 students will also have the option of wearing a College cap instead of a yard hat.



•    All 2018 Prep students are required to attend a Uniform Fitting appointment before the end of this Term where the Uniform requirements will be explained and Stationery should be purchased at this time.
Please click this link to make an appointment - Prep Uniform Fittings

•    You are not required to make an appointment to purchase Uniforms for current students who are changing Uniforms.



Information regarding the ordering of Stationery Packs for 2018 will be sent to all families via email.
Prep, Year 1 and Year 2 Compulsory Stationery Packs are paid for at the Uniform Shop and delivered to the College in 2018. 
Stationery Packs for students in Years 3 to Year 12 may be ordered online and will be delivered to a specified address.

Thursday, 26 October 2017 03:59

Jazz Jam by Kelly (Hyun) Lee - Year 11 student

Over the September holidays, I was privileged to work with the Jazz legend James Morrison, alongside 15 or so other talented musicians as well as James’ band. Open to senior high school instrumentalists, Jazz Jam was an exclusive five day residency program designed to give young, talented players a chance to immerse themselves in all elements of being a jazz musician.

After two stages of the application process, I was thrilled to know that I was accepted to be a part of this amazing experience. Designed and led by world renowned multi-instrumentalist, James Morrison, the program covered everything from jazz history, theory and improvisation to large and small ensemble rehearsals, repertoire selection, professional etiquette and jam sessions. I was selected to play the alto and baritone saxophone and invited to play my flute for a solo. In addition, I was selected to do a small ensemble with James Morrison himself!

Throughout the week, we were also mentored by students from the James Morrison Academy of Music, gaining insight and getting advice from the next generation of Jazz students as well as receiving tuition and advice from James. What made it better was the fact that I was sponsored to do this program. Many people from the community were happy to sponsor a few students to do this program and luckily, I was chosen.

At the end of the week, we held a massive gig at the Arts Centre Gold Coast with a full house. By this point, all students were sad about the end of the residency, so recently, we formed our own big band called Jam Wire so that we can continue to play together! Till this point, we continue to meet up once in a while to jam and play music. Overall, this was an experience of a lifetime. There are no words to describe how amazing this experience was.

NOTE: It was my birthday on one of the days so James Morrison and his Academy students played the birthday song in a Jazzy way! Just amazing.


Jazz Jam

Kelly (Hyun) Lee - Year 11 student


Dear Parents, Staff and Students

Mark Sly1
On Tuesday evening this week we completed the last of the House BBQ and Worship services for 2017. By all reports the Lane House Worship was a lovely occasion and highlighted the specific character of Lane House and its students. It was particularly pleasing for those present to hear from Year 4 teacher, Tom Batty about perseverance. He reminded everybody that it is not needed so much on easy days but rather on the tough days, and that friendship can be one of the greatest gifts to inspire us to keep going when we feel like giving up. Congratulations to all involved in this and all the other House Worships throughout the year.


We are currently in the midst of the leadership selection process for students in Years 6, 9 and 12 for 2018 and I will be interviewing some of the prospective leaders in the next few weeks. On my behalf, Mr Heaney was fortunate enough to spend a few minutes yesterday afternoon speaking to the Year 5 leadership candidates about servant leadership. They were quick to recognise the servant leadership they see practised by Mr Kirkpatrick every day in the Primary Campus and identified such examples as shoe polishing, picking up rubbish and endless positive encouragement – to name just a few. Leadership is obviously also about modelling the way we want others to behave and there is no doubt that Mr K does this very effectively indeed.


This weekend is the Cancer Council Relay for Life. Year 11 and 12 students representing the four Houses, Gibbs, Smith, Morris and Lane, will participate in the overnight walk around the College oval, in this community fund raising event for cancer research. It is wonderful to see our staff and students supporting this event and joining such a worthy cause. This year the students have raised a total of $5870 to add to the $20,000 raised in previous years. It is always a great pleasure for the College to host this event. Thank you to all students who make a small sacrifice to support this worthwhile cause.


Tomorrow is World Teachers’ Day – a day to celebrate the commitment, reliance, passion and care of teachers everywhere. It is also a day to acknowledge the important role that teachers play in shaping the lives of young people. We are blessed with a very talented and dedicated teaching staff, and I thank them most sincerely for the excellent work they do every day to ensure that our students, your children, receive the best possible care and education.


Finally, while there is some time to go before the end of the year it is important that you are aware of some confirmed staff changes for 2018.

  • Anita Ramsay (Head of Junior Secondary) – has secured a position on the Sunshine Coast which will enable her to live with her husband
  • Amanda Shuttlewood (Primary Teaching and Learning Coordinator) – has accepted a position at All Saints Anglican School
  • Matthew Jorgensen (eLearning Specialist) – will leave our College and move to St Stephens College
  • Kellie Ayton (Junior Secondary Teacher) – has resigned to spend more time with her family
  • Nicole Findlay (Secondary Continuous Learning Coordinator) - has secured a position at All Saints Anglican School to be closer to home.


The fact that other established and well-respected schools are seeking our experienced staff, who have been part of Coomera Anglican College for many years, for significant promotional positions - is evidence of the maturity of our College and its standing in the wider educational community. We will be extremely sorry to be farewelling these staff at the end of this term and of course appreciate the important contribution that they have each made to the College over a number of years. We are currently working on finding suitable candidates to fill these important roles next year.


Thank you for your continued support.

Yours sincerely

Dr Mark Sly - Principal


IMG 2998Clear skies and the well-watered, lush greens at Gainsborough Greens greeted a record field of 28 teams of golfers for the 10th Annual Corporate Golf Day last Friday, 20 October.  What a fantastic day filled with a warm sense of community spirit, excitement and fun!  Thank you to everyone who came and along and contributed to an outstandingly successful event … from our sponsors and golfers to our magnificent volunteer team, to Michelle Bristow and the staff at Gainsborough Greens, and former Australian Cricket Team Vice Captain Ian Healy who teed off for teams on the 1st hole.  


With plenty of on-course games and challenges at the ready, players enjoyed a relaxing round of golf before meeting at the 19th hole to be entertained by talented College songstresses Hannah and Mckeira, before a buffet dinner, prize presentation and auction.  Keep an eye out on the College facebook page for the photo gallery.


Congratulations to all the prize winners, listed below:

Team Prizes:

 1st Place Taylor Made
 2nd Place Helloworld
 3rd Place Finesse Property
 Last Place The Hacks
 Best Gross Score Hall Finance
 Survivor Ball Eaton Services Group
 First Team In Springbok Foods
 Fast Ball Big Bertha's
 Team Approach Four!!! (Cameron Wells)
 Best Dressed Fore-Strokers


Individual Player Prizes:

 Longest Drive Darren Rieck (Four!!!)
 Straightest Mark Anderson (Taylor Made)
 NTP #3
Rob Marsden (Addictive Technology)
 NTP #8 Andrew Fyfe (Higgins Coatings)
 NTP #15 Chris Graham (Veracity Wealth)
 Speedy Driver Shane Gooneratne (Plae International) - with a speed of 195kph
 It’s Not Cricket
David Everson (Programmed Property Services)
 Golf Pong Matt Robertson (Veracity Wealth) – with a score of 10
 ASI Jellybean Guess David Watson (Four!!!) – with correct guess of 385
Kate Stephenson (Programmed Property Services) – nearest Ladies guess


Business Card Draw - Matt Robertson (Veracity Wealth)


Raffle Winners:

 Tool Chest Set Purple D24 – Ken
 Jeep RC Car Blue A38 – Bruce
 Pizza Stone Black C24 – Mark
 Wine/Cooler Green D11 – Stu
 Car Wash Pack Blue A45 – Dennis
 Avon – Mens Green D8 – Rory
 Avon – Ladies Green D66 – Steve
 Aust Post Pack Black C13 – Matt
 Golf Lesson Orange F58 - Jeremy


IMG 3036


Auction: Congratulations and thank you to Andrew Davis, Phil Fairweather, Matt Robertson, Cameron Garnham and Darren Dumbleton for their successful bids


We are very fortunate to have incredible backing for our Golf Day each year, and I would like to acknowledge the following supporters for their generosity:

Hole sponsors: ASI Solutions; Burling Brown; East Coast Lubes; Higgins Coatings; Hoppy’s Car Wash; Programmed Property Services; QIEC Super
Drinks Cart sponsor: Eaton Services Group
Hole In One sponsor: Alder Constructions
Survivor Ball sponsor: Aussie Home Loans (Mat & Amanda Oliver)


Prize donors and other supporters:
Australia Post (Craig Taylor); Avon (Maria Twin); Bert van Manen MP, Bonfire Oxenford, Bunnings Oxenford; Coomera Grand Car & Dog Wash, Dracula’s Cabaret; EquiGroup; Golfezy (Neil Wall & Jason Oberman); Kate Nott Photography; Links Hope Island; Panther Data; Sanctuary Cove Golf Club; The Athletes Foot Helensvale Westfield; Village Road Show Theme Parks; Zarraffa’s Upper Coomera.


Golf Club Staff: Special thanks to Michelle Bristow and her team at Gainsborough Greens who put in a huge effort to ensure the success of Coomera Anglican College’s Golf Day each year.


Event Crew: Each year, a team of volunteers are out on the course running various games and challenges for the golfers.  Thank you to Courtney, Elda, Jaime, Maria, Monette, Nadine, Paul, Peta, Tammie and Tracey for your help!

IMG 2993


Many thanks also to Brian Duncombe who is not only our MC-extraordinaire each year, but has been working behind the scenes for the last 10 years to ensure our Golf Day is always a success.  Thank you also to the wonderful Mr K who always does a fabulous job as the auctioneer.


Finally, on behalf of all of us at Coomera Anglican College, I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank all the players – your support is much appreciated, and I hope you can join us again next year!

Monday, 23 October 2017 01:24


Cybersafety and online security are a continuing fact of life.
Each and everyday our children are using and connecting online.
In our own lives we are interacting with many different platforms, websites and apps as part of work and play.
All of our online activity leaves a ‘digital footprint’.  Watch this eye opening clip to see how easy it can be – CLICK HERE.


Coomera Anglican College is committed to ensuring that we assist our students to develop the skills and knowledge to effectively and appropriately use technology.
Through our eSmart activities and in class programs we endeavour to engage students in many aspects of digital tools and  Cybersafety for themselves, as well as informing family and friends.
It is very important that parents and caregivers become aware of when, how and how long their children are using devices and connecting online.
There are many alarming reports of inappropriate behaviour and the risks associated with being connected online.
We as parents and caregivers must take the time to keep learning and understanding the online areas our children are a part of, as well as who they may be connecting with.


Please find below the link to see the Cyber Bytes newsletter with tips and information to help parents guide their children in good online decision making.
The section regarding ‘10 Tips for Social Media’ is a great place to check for yourself how you might be doing when keeping CyberSafe online.

Cyber Bytes Issue 3 - October 2017


Keep a look out for upcoming PARENT INFORMATION sessions for CYBERSAFETY.


Warren McMahon - eLearning Manager

Huge congratulations to all of our finalists in this year’s AB Paterson Public Speaking competition.
The following students have competed in the preliminary finals this week:

Year 7 – Lataya Oweis and Bailey Summerland
Year 8 – Shaye Bardsley and Shanelle Murray
Year 9 – Christina van Aswegen
Year 10 – Parker Newlan, Claire Wilson, Christine Fairweather and Genaya Bardsley

From the preliminary finals stage, Lataya Oweis, Shaye Bardsley, Christine Fairweather and Genaya Bardsley were selected to proceed to their respective year level’s grand final.

Grand Final results:

Year 8 – Shaye Bardsley – 3rd overall
Year 10 – Genaya Bardsley – 1st overall

What a wonderful night for the Bardsley sisters and their family!

This concludes the public speaking events for 2017.  I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all students who have participated in Debating and Public Speaking co-curricular activities this year (and to thank all volunteer staff coaches) and I look forward to another excellent year in 2018.

Ms Cathy Hallewell
Head of English

Thursday, 19 October 2017 00:46

2017 CAC Film Festival Winners

Thank you to everyone who came and supported the CAC Film Festival, it was an epic night. Thank you to the students, parents, friends, grandparents, neighbours and all those who were involved in the many hours taken to produce the films. Every year the quality of productions increases, and I look forward to seeing what talents and stories unfold in 2018 – Mrs Hands.


Congratulations to our 2017 CAC Film Festival Winners:



Year 9 Short Film Semester 1 Cambria Hunt
Year 9 Short Film Semester 2 Christina van Aswegen
Year 10 Short Suspense Film Semester 1 Shayla Hall
Year 10 Short Suspense Film Semester 2 Hannah Pearce
Year 11 Trailer Jasmine Ruck
Year 11 Short Film Hannah Jones
Year 12 Awards  
Best Documentary Ella Goodman
Best Original Screenplay Carla Coetzee
Best Editing Ella Goodman
Best Sound Tegan Ward
Best Visual Effects Jason Guy
Cinematography Tegan Ward
Directing Adam Bekkari
Best Short Animated Cody Guy
Best Live Action Tegan Ward
CAC Best Aspiring Filmmaker Sian Callaghan
CAC Filmaker of the Year Tegan Ward


Film Collage 1

Film Collage 2

Film Collage 3

Film Collage 4

Film Collage 5

Thursday, 19 October 2017 00:42

2017 Secondary Art Show Prize Winners

Congratulations to the following students who are the price winners at the 2017Secondary Art Show.



Year 7 Art Prize Renae Wieser
Year 7 Highly Commended Eden Rieck
Year 9 Art Prize Christina van Aswegen
Year 9 Highly Commended Leilani Sowter
Year 10 Art Prize Mackenzie Brown
Year 11 Art Prize Mackenzie Pitt
Year 11 Highly Commended Natasha Yin
Year 12 Art Prize Emily McFarlane
Year 12 Highly Commended Annaleise Brown
Year 12 Highly Commended Jordyn Corbett
Year 12 Highly Commended Jordan Palmer
Painting Prize Nicole Slabbert
Painting Prize Highly Commended Emily McFarlane
Junior Secondary Drawing Prize Mikayla Melhem
Senior Secondary Drawing Prize Mackenzie Brown
Photography Prize Mackenzie Pitt
Digital Imagery Prize Adam Bekkari
Sculpture Prize Angus Hughes
Ceramics Prize Olivia Lines
Printmaking Prize Mackenzie Pitt
Overall Art Show Winner Nicole Slabbert
Acquisition Art Piece Jordyn Corbett


Art Show 1


Art Show 2


Art Show 3


Art Show 4

Wednesday, 18 October 2017 23:13

Principal's Desk - Week 3, Term 4 2017


Dear Parents, Staff and Students


Over the past week our secondary students have displayed their amazing creative talents in Drama, Art and Film.

Last Friday and Saturday, at the Shakefest in Brisbane, there were approximately 5000 entrants from across the state. After the heats on Friday, this was narrowed to 170 State finalists competing across 8 categories.  In the finals we had 7 Coomera Anglican College students who performed in:

•    Dance (Bree Gulyas- Yr 11)
•    Scene (Andre Urech, Harrison Hanley, Shaye Bardsley and Jada Melham- Yr 8)
•    Duologue (McKeira Cumming and Emily Cason- Yr 12).

ALL students were outstanding and it is a wonderful result that McKeira and Emily’s exceptional (and hilarious) performance won them SECOND PLACE!  The other students narrowly missed out on a place but were impressive in their categories.  Congratulations to all students and to Mrs Terry for mentoring them.


Friday evening also saw the Annual Secondary Art Show where the talents of many students were on display. The quality of the work produced by our students is truly spectacular and a great credit to them as young artists and to their teachers Ms Hampson and Mrs Warren who guide them. It was fantastic that we had around 8 past students, who have progressed as artists in their own right, return to our College to judge the current students’ work. Congratulations to all prize winners and to everyone whose work was displayed in the galleries. It was lovely to also combine the talents of our musicians and hospitality students in this wonderful event. For a complete list of the category winners, please refer to our news page: 
2017 Secondary Art Show Prize Winners


Last night the Annual CAC Film Festival was held at Reading Cinemas at Harbour Town. The quality of the student films was again wonderful and it was fitting to have the red carpet approach for such quality films. Congratulations to all students whose work was chosen to be shown on the big screen, especially congratulations to the category winners. I would also like to acknowledge Mrs Hands, who does such a fabulous job mentoring her students. Unfortunately, illness prevented me from attending but by all reports this was another spectacular night. For a complete list of the category winners please refer to our news page:
2017 CAC Film Festival Award Winners


  Film Festival Award Winners 2017


I trust our golfers will enjoy the PAFA Corporate Golf Day tomorrow. It looks like we have a record turn out and we thank you for your support. This is our final fundraising event for the year. Thank you to all families who continually support our College events.


Thank you for your continued support.

Yours sincerely

Mark Sly - Principal

Norovirus gastroenteritis is vomiting and diarrhoea caused by a virus in the digestive system. There are many viruses that can cause gastroenteritis, but norovirus is one of the most common. It often occurs as outbreaks where many students get sick at the same time.


There have been a number of students over the last week return home with symptoms of the virus. Common symptoms of viral gastroenteritis include nausea, diarrhoea, vomiting and abdominal cramps. Other symptoms may include headache, chills, low-grade fever, muscle aches and tiredness. The illness often begins suddenly, and symptoms last between 24–48 hours.


Noroviruses are usually spread from one infected person to another. Noroviruses are often associated with outbreaks where people are in close living spaces, such as Aged-care facilities, hospitals, cruise ships and community sporting events. There are different ways in which people become infected:

  • Eating food or drink that is contaminated with norovirus. This can occur in two ways:
    • When the food may become contaminated during growing or processing, especially oysters
    • when a person who is ill prepares food for other people.
  • Touching surfaces or objects contaminated with norovirus and then putting their hands in their mouth
  • having direct contact with another person who is infected (for example, caring for someone who is ill)
  • small particles of vomit settle on people or food in the same room and result in infection.

As the virus is so infectious, we ask that student's that have had any of these symptoms to please stay home for 24 hours after the last occurrence.


Thank you for your assistance
Rosemary Brown - College Nurse

Congratulations to all entrants in the AB Paterson Public Speaking competition heats last week.  The Coomera Anglican College students performed with distinction and a large number of our entrants were selected to proceed to the finals series, occurring tomorrow night (Year 7) and Thursday night (Years 8-12).

Finallists include:

•    Year 7 – Lataya Oweis and Bailey Summerland
•    Year 8 – Shaye Bardsley, Shanelle Murray
•    Year 9 – Christina van Aswegen
•    Year 10 – Claire Wilson, Genaya Bardsley, Parker Newlan and Christine Fairweather

We wish these students the very best of luck this week.

Ms Cathy Hallewell – Head of English

On Tuesday 10 October, eighteen students from years five and six competed in the AB Paterson College Public Speaking Competition. The students are to be commended on their performances and should be tremendously proud of their achievements. Five of these students were successful to make it through to the finals which will be held next Tuesday 17 October. Congratulations to:

Jasmine Mallard
Mikayla Callow
Olivia Dwyer
Tahlia Hanley
Imogen Hanley

We wish you the very best next week in the finals. Thank you to all participating students for your dedication and hard work.


Carley Penberthy - Primary Public Speaking Coordinator

Tuesday, 10 October 2017 22:16

Principal's Desk - Week 2, Term 4 2017


Dear Parents, Staff and Students


You may have seen that we have been in the news this week. On Monday evening, A Current Affair ran a story on solar energy in which a number of household users of solar power were featured. We were also featured as a school that is doing big things and leading the way with solar energy. As you would have read elsewhere, we are about to undertake stage two of our solar programme by adding another 170kw system to our existing 100kw system. The savings generated for us by utilising solar energy are significant and will enable us to continue to develop our resources and facilities for students despite the rapidly rising cost of electricity. Last night, Channel 7 Gold Coast News also ran a story on our virtual tour which is on the College website. This virtual tour enables people from all over the world to take a tour of our College when they cannot physically get here. The virtual tour is a fly through trip around the College with several stopping points where you can watch a short video, look at still images or use the 360 degree tool to look around the area. I encourage you to take the virtual tour. It not only gives a good overview of our College, but also enables the viewer to gain a feeling of what it is like to be here. This tour provides us with information about the viewing audience, where they are viewing from, and how long they are spending on the site. It will be invaluable for us to focus our marketing to the need that is being identified. I am grateful to our marketing team and others who have put a lot of work into developing this innovative and useful tool.


On Tuesday evening, Reverend Mary-Anne conducted a Confirmation Service with Bishop Len Eacott at St Matthew’s Church for nine of our students. This was a lovely service attended by many family, friends and College community members. Rev Mary-Anne had been working with these students for some time in preparation for this special event. Congratulations to Confirmees: Kate Tonkin (Faith Prefect), Alana Harris, Amy Stirling, Danii Mathee, Savannah Bruns, Kyle Chapman, Emma McNally, Harrison Hanley and Shanelle Murray. Thank you to their families, sponsors and others who came along to support them.


Confirmation is an important step in the life of young Christians, as it makes a statement about their commitment to their faith. It is wonderful to have such a supportive Chaplain who is continuing to assist our students and staff to grow in their faith.


This week, the Year 11 Biologists have been down at Hastings Point studying the marine ecosystems as part of their practical work. We are blessed to have such a beautiful environment on our doorstep where students can study the rocky shores, mangroves, estuaries and dune succession in their natural state.


Don’t forget the Secondary Art Show tomorrow evening in the Art Studios. Come along and see the amazing work of our talented students. You may even be able to purchase a piece of original artwork from one of our budding artists. Who knows it could be worth a fortune one day.


Turn your trash into cash or come along to bag a bargain at PAFA’s Car Boot Sale this Sunday 15 October in the College Main Carpark.  Gates will open at 5.30am for cars to set up; please note - no trailers.  Spaces are limited and must be pre-booked online.  The Car Boot Sale will then be open to the public from 6.00am - 10.00am.  A delicious barbeque breakfast, cold drinks and cappuccinos will be available throughout the morning, plus a jumping castle and face painting for the kids.  Bookings are essential, so please go online to reserve your space or contact Nadine Fairweather on 0414 789581.


2018 Orientation Day will take place on Monday 16 October. The following students will be involved:

  • All students commencing Preparatory in 2018.  Meet in the Preparatory Classrooms at 8.30am. The orientation will conclude at 12 noon.
  • All students commencing Year 7 in 2018.  Meet in the Ivan Gibbs Centre at 8.30am. The day will conclude at 3.00pm. 

 Ms Ramsay will be conducting a tour of the Secondary Campus for all current Year 6 parents as part of the orientation activities.

Please note that Monday 16 October is a student free day for all other students.


Next Wednesday, 18 October the Annual CAC Film Festival will be screened at the Reading Cinema Harbourtown. This event is open to our community and I encourage families to enjoy a night at the movies and witness some talented student productions. Tickets are just $10 per person and available here - 2017 CAC Film Festival    


Thank you for your continued support.

Yours sincerely

Mark Sly - Principal

Wednesday, 04 October 2017 21:56

Principal's Desk - Week 1, Term 4 2017


Dear Parents, Staff and Students
Mark Sly1


Welcome back for Term Four.


Over the break a number of activities took place including the combined Chinese and Music trip to China. Thank you to Mrs Janette Liu for her great organisation of this wonderful trip and also to Mrs Liz Smith who prepared the musicians so well and Mr Mark Heaney who also accompanied the 18 students to China. By all accounts this was a fabulous experience enjoyed by all. It showed that while some are able to communicate in Chinese and English, music is indeed an international language. The students and staff enjoyed visiting our sister school in Yangzhou as well as two other schools, as part of their travels. Thank you to the parents who provided this opportunity for your children, and also to Mrs Liu, Mrs Smith and Mr Heaney who took such good care of the students throughout their time away. These valuable experiences can be life changing and are not quickly forgotten.


Over the last four weeks I have also had the opportunity to travel overseas. I attended the International Confederation of Principals (ICP) Conference in Cape Town, South Africa in September. There were 1300 Principals from around the world in attendance; 1000 from Africa. The array of international speakers was impressive, yet it occurred to me throughout the conference that we are well advanced in many areas including technology by comparison with many countries. The final day of the Conference was held on South African National Heritage Day. It was fascinating to see the African male and female Principals dressed in their national costumes. The colour and variety was amazing. At one stage they all broke into song and that was awe-inspiring. To hear 1000 Africans spontaneously singing in beautiful unrehearsed harmony in a large auditorium is something I will never forget.


Prior to this conference, I took some leave to travel with my wife to Zimbabwe, Botswana and Namibia. Africa is a fascinating continent and we were fortunate to experience seeing a huge number of animals in their natural environment. It was interesting to see that in reality there are fewer differences between humans and animals than we might imagine. Watching three young male elephants playing in the Chobe River in Botswana, ducking, spraying water and wrestling each other, testing their strength by clashes of tusks and an entangling of trunks reminded me of adolescent boys jostling each other in the playground. The lioness protecting and caring for her cubs while allowing them space to play and learn by experience was reminiscent of our families here, while the matriarch elephant was instrumental in keeping the young males in line while they learnt how to behave appropriately before being evicted from the breeding herd to make their way in the world and join a male herd to commence the process of developing dominance. This reminded me of the important role our grandparents play in the growth and development of children.


Last week I was in Queenstown, New Zealand for the Association of Heads of Independent Schools Australia (AHISA) Conference. This was a great opportunity to catch up with many national colleagues in a beautiful setting. As part of this conference I got to study Plato and Appiah, a contemporary Ghanan, American Philosopher, through the Cranlana Programme, dedicated to fostering wisdom in leadership. This involved a distinct method of shared enquiry using these influential texts as a springboard for moderated discussion on the nature of leadership in contemporary Australia. I found this to be a good challenge and a pleasant change to be actively engaged in thinking about philosophical matters rather than sitting passively listening to Keynote Speakers. There were also some impressive speakers at the conference including Former New Zealand Prime Minister Dame Jenny Shipley, Steve Munby from the UK, Dr Tony Fernando (a Sleep Specialist) and Andreas Schleicher, Director for Education and Skills from the OECD. It is always a great opportunity to hear from world experts in a number of areas. It helps to put things into perspective for what we are doing at our College.


I am grateful to the College Council for allowing me to attend these two international conferences over the past month. The most educationally successful countries are those that are outward looking, aware of what is happening around the world, not just in their own setting.


Term Four has a habit of passing very quickly, so I encourage all students to brace themselves and put their heads down to work hard for the remaining 8 weeks.


Thank you for your continued support.

Yours sincerely

Mark Sly - Principal


Dear Parents, Staff and StudentsHeaney Mark

On Monday evening, the Secondary Ensemble Concert took place in the Ivan Gibbs Centre and it was very heartening to see a large number of parents and friends on hand to experience what was a wonderful showcase of musical talent. The night certainly displayed the amazing musical groups that our College music staff and their talented students are producing. A special mention must go the hard working music teachers who are doing terrific work in assisting our students to develop and display their many diverse musical talents. The audience was entertained by an eclectic mix of performances ranging from the beautiful and evocative sounds of: the Senior String Orchestra, the Senior String Quartet, the Flute Ensemble, the Senior Concert Band and Saxophone Ensemble through to the more upbeat and contemporary sounds of the ‘fiery’ rock bands (Smoking Violets and Highly Flammable). The vocal performances were no less impressive with Bella Voce and a number of soloists entertaining the audience with their vocal abilities. From a personal point of view, however, the highlight of the evening was the outstanding rendition of Sweeney Todd by the brilliant Vox Collective, conducted by Mrs Celisa Urech. It is no surprise that the ensemble placed first, in their section of the Gold Coast Eisteddfod, earlier in the term.


Last Friday evening a group of eleven Senior Secondary Drama students performed at Emmanuel College as part of ‘Shake Fest 2017’, the Queensland Youth Shakespeare Festival sponsored by the Shake & Stir Theatre Company.
This drama competition provides a unique opportunity for students across Queensland to celebrate the works of William Shakespeare. The festival combines multiple art forms from across numerous competitive categories including Monologue, Duologue, Scene, Dance, Music, Design, Photography and Film.

Seven of the eleven competitors who performed in the “ShakeFest” regional finals won their categories and now progress to the State finals in Brisbane in October. There they will be vying for a spot in the top thirty performers - who will create a fully realised Shakespearean Production in a professional venue. Mrs Terry, our inspiring Senior Secondary Drama teacher, was greatly impressed with the students’ effort, attitude, energy and skill on the stage.  All of our performers were excellent, however, the seven acknowledged with individual awards were :

•    Bree Gulyas (dance)
•    Mckeira Cumming and Emily Cason (Duologue)
•    Andre Urech, Shaye Bardsley, Harrison Hanley and Jada Melhem (Scene)

As an English teacher myself, I am of course delighted with students performing the works of William Shakespeare to such a high standard. However, what is even more satisfying is the enjoyment that doing so brings to the student actors themselves. Not to mention the audience members who are fortunate enough to witness their wonderful talents.
On Thursday evening, the Senior Drama class performed their Gold Coast Drama Festival prize winning production of Bare Witness, in the Ivan Gibbs Centre to a small but appreciative audience. Once again, the many talents of the students were on display for all to see and they handled the at times controversial subject matter with sensitivity, passion and great skill.
Congratulations to Alyssa McCarthy for winning Best Supporting Actor, and to Mckeira Cumming for winning Best Actor. The Ensemble all got a Highly Commended Award, and their use of Multimedia and Stage Work, also gained them a Highly Commended Award. They can be deservedly proud of these excellent achievements.


On Friday evening, the combined China Study and Music Tour will be departing from Brisbane Airport for a twelve-day tour of China. The nineteen students and three staff will be visiting schools and taking in the usual tourist attractions. But most of all, they will be experiencing a very different culture and language which of course if the primary purpose of this educational excursion. We wish them a safe a rewarding journey.


Public submissions call to achieve educational excellence in schools

The Turnbull Government is seeking feedback from school communities in order to determine how best to fund schools so that teachers will have the support and resources they need to focus on the programs best suited to their students. The public submission process for the Review to Achieve Educational Excellence in Australian Schools led by Mr David Gonski AC will be open until 13 October. Parents, teachers and students are invited to take this opportunity to help shape the future of Australia’s education system.
An Issues Paper is now available which frames the call for public submissions with key questions relating to the Terms of Reference for the Review.
The Issues Paper and information on how to lodge a submission are available from:

What has been a very busy and productive Term Three will end on Friday (tomorrow) and I wish all members of our College community a safe and happy family break. We look forward to seeing all of our students back on Tuesday 3 October.


Thank you for your continued support.

Yours sincerly

Acting Principal - Mark Heaney

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